Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist: Season 1 Episode 2 “Zoey’s Extraordinary Best Friend” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Mo feigning sympathy for Zoey.
Mo: My heart breaks for you.

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As Zoey tries to minimize the negative effects her new powers have on her life, she potentially makes a huge mistake.

Directed ByAdam Davidson
Written ByAustin Winsberg
Aired (NBC)2/16/2020
Introduced This Episode
AutumnStephanie Styles
MaggieMary Steenburgen

Episode Recap

Satiating Mo’s Curiosity: Mo, Zoey

Hearing people’s innermost thoughts and feelings through song? Getting to see full-on musical numbers randomly? For Mo, usually, drugs or something else has to be involved for such an experience so Zoey being gifted such an ability is both intriguing and unfair. Hence them coming up with every which way to learn how this happened and, in the process, becoming more than a next-door neighbor but some semblance of a friend. One who plans to bestow Zoey some sense of taste since she seems to not know most of the music being sung around her.

Mo frustrated Zoey was gifted with such powers.
Mo: You think Whit… This power is wasted on you.

The Challenges Of Being The Boss: Tobin, Leif, Zoey, Joan, Simon

Zoey being given the role of manager doesn’t lead to musical numbers from Tobin and Leif speaking of their displeasure, but it is clear as she uses what she read in books and heard in podcasts, she won’t win over these boys through sheer power alone. So, she talks to Simon, who gives some pointers based on how his dad ran his chain of electronic stores.

What does that lead to? Well, for one, Zoey learning that, just because her employees don’t act quick enough or as she would do, it doesn’t mean she has to do it – which Joan makes clear. Also, despite knowing her subordinates, sans Max, don’t like her, it doesn’t mean she can’t take note of their value to the team and maybe change their minds about her. If not, at the very least, while they may think negative things about her, as long as their actions lead to the results she wants, that’s all that matters.

Redirecting Unwanted Emotions: Autumn, Max, Zoey

Zoey is very uncomfortable with Max’s affections, and with that comes her deciding to get the girl who works for their favorite coffee shop, “Golden Gate Grind,” to go on a date with him. One that he set up for him and Zoey, but Autumn ends up going instead – and the two hit it off.

Somethings Can’t Be Answered With Only Two Options: Mitch, Maggie, Zoey, Max

Zoey seeing Max and Autumn on a date.

Which might be a problem for Zoey in the long run. For after helping her parents rekindle things, Max comes to visit her dad, and between seeing how good he is with him and seeing Max with Autumn, Zoey might be regretting her decision.

Review/ Commentary


Being Fine If Zoey Ends Up Single

Considering Simon is engaged, and she hooked up Max with Autumn, who seems lovely, Zoey doesn’t have a viable love interest. And while she has a crush on Simon and may regret not reciprocating Max’s feelings, it’s perfectly fine. All things considered, between this new power, new job, and her dad, Zoey has more than enough to deal with that a man is the thing she needs to focus on the least.


While this is Jane Levy’s show, I’d submit Peter Gallagher does upstage her a bit, if not presents himself as one of the top reasons to watch this show. For as much as the musical numbers are a hook, as well as Mo’s one-liners and personality, Mitch is a balance between all this show offers. With his medical condition, he brings a seriousness to every scene he is in. Yet, also, like with his brand new buzzer, so comes a comedic element, and then when he dances and sings, Gallahjer pushes himself to the forefront and makes you miss Mitch when he isn’t front and center.

Mitch hitting his buzzer.

On The Fence

Zoey’s Power Leading Her To Have To Solve People’s Problems

One of the things I’m not necessarily comfortable with is the idea that Zoey is going to get to the root of Tobin and the rest and try to help them deal with their sexist ways. In my mind, Zoey already has enough emotional labor to deal with when it comes to her dad, so figuring out what is going on with the jerks on her team seems cruel. Joan, Mo, Simon, and maybe characters she considers acquaintances, like Autumn, that’s fine. Heck, even her brother. But Tobin and people at her job like that? They deserve to suffer.

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Being Fine If Zoey Ends Up Single - 85%
Mitch - 86%
Zoey’s Power Leading Her To Have To Solve People’s Problems - 75%


Zoey’s Extraordinary Playlist maintains the rare balance between emotional moments, comedy sure to, at the very least, get you to smile, and song/dance numbers which will make you zoom over to YouTube to watch them on repeat.

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