You: Season 2 Episode 9 “P.I. Joe” Recap/ Review

Joe crying, after being maced.

Many questions are answered: Why is Ellie with Delilah, what happened with Joe’s parents, and the big one – Was it Joe who did what was discovered in episode 8?

Many questions are answered: Why is Ellie with Delilah, what happened with Joe’s parents, and the big one – Was it Joe who did what was discovered in episode 8?

Directed By Silver Tree
Written By Michael Foley, Mairin Reed
Aired (Netflix) 12/26/2019

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Protecting Mommy: Joe, Joe’s Mom, Joe’s Dad

Why did Joe end up with Mr. Mooney? Part of the questioned is answered by showing us he murdered his dad while his dad was beating his mother. But what also matters is his mother soothing it over after he killed his father and justifying it – easing him of his guilt, as he would with all the murders that would come after. For when little Joe killed daddy, he did it out of love, and so the pattern began.

Leaving you to wonder, considering Joe never named his father as someone he killed, and instead started with Benji, could there be other names he is omitting?

Buying Time & Trying To Unravel It: Joe, Ellie, Forty, Dottie, Love, David, Will, Candace

With Delilah dead, apparently with her throat cut, which isn’t really Joe’s style traditionally, so comes the question of who, if it wasn’t him, how, and why?

Will is the first suspect, since he knows about the cage, but he is nowhere near Los Angeles and is very much enjoying his life out of the country with his girlfriend, possibly now wife. So, that brings things back to Joe, until he comes to the idea Forty may have killed Delilah. However, he was having sex with Candace and left Joe at the storage unit, with the flower Forty took from the store. Thus, once again, leaving Joe as the suspect.

But then there is Candace, who could frame Joe, use the evidence she thinks she has, to make it seem Joe is who she always said. That’s an idea, right? However, that isn’t who did it either.

Joe holding Ellie after she has a bit of a breakdown.

And as Joe is doing this investigation, he runs into David, who is looking for Delilah, and he has to calm him down. Following that, he has to ease Ellie who talks about running away from home when her dad died, because her mom was too much. Then, following that, talking about how Delilah was distancing herself and the combo sends her into tears for she thinks people don’t want her and leave her, and she doesn’t get why.

Alongside those chats, Dottie speaks with Joe as he goes to Forty’s house, since Forty refused to touch his phone. In that conversation, it is made clear she knows Joe is aware Forty murdered someone. With that in mind, it seems Dottie would rather Joe close than running off with family secrets. Though, let it be noted, while willing and able to convince Joe to stay, she mentions nothing about money to do so. But Joe does think, due to him being paranoid about Delilah, she may know something and could use it to keep him in line.

Siri, Play Sam Smith’s “I’m Not The Only One” – But Just The Chorus: Candace, Love, Joe

This leads us to the grand truth: Love has the ability to murder. To make a long story short, thanks to Forty, as before, Candace is able to track Joe’s whereabouts and ends up coming across him prepping Delilah’s body for removal. With mace in hand, she sprays him and then forces him to unlock his phone so she can get Love to the unit and reveal who Joe really is.

This backfires.

If you recall, either Gabe, Forty, or one of Love’s friends, mentions she’d rather absolute honesty, even if it hurts, overlying. So Joe confessing that all of which Candace said is true, it overwhelms her to the point of tears, but when she gets Candace alone, she kills her. In fact, she kills her with a bottle and stabs her right in the throat.

Love confessing that she handled, murdered, Candace.
Love: I took care of it.

Leaving you to question, where did that bottle come from, and for Love, is this her first time? Heck, considering all the past people Forty has messed with, did she kill them? Could Joe have found himself in a family that enables killers?

Plot Synopsis

  1. Candace is murdered by Love.
  2. Thanks to Forty, Candace discovers Joe’s storage unit and Delilah’s body.
  3. Joe murdered his father to save his mother.
  4. Ellie lived with Delilah due to her father dying, Delilah moving away, and Ellie being unable to deal with her mother alone.
  5. Dottie is aware that Joe knows the family secret.

Comment Down Below

  1. Are there no security cameras in that storage facility that could see Joe bringing in an unconscious person or dragging out a large bag? I get he broke the one outside, but what storage facility has that one camera with no one trying to fix when one goes down?



Answers To Minor Questions

What led to Joe being with Mr. Mooney, why was Ellie with her sister and not her mother? These are answered this episode. For with Joe’s mom seemingly relying on the dad’s money, of course he would end up wandering about in need of shelter and a consistent supply of food. Also, when it comes to Ellie, while we have not met Ellie and Delilah’s mom, we have been told she is a piece of work. So Ellie running away, following her sister’s footsteps, is that really farfetched?

Understanding Dottie’s Love For Forty & Vitriol Towards Love

No matter what show you watch, if it is one that has multiple siblings and their parents involved, usually there is one child that is the favorite and the other seen as the problem. With Dottie, we’re reminded why that is. The “Good” child is the one who needs the parent, praises the parent, is reliant on the parent in ways that adults usually strive not to be. That good kid is Forty.

However, then there is the bad child. The child who sees their parent more so as a flawed adult than the mom or dad who is a superhero. And in Dottie’s life, considering her husband cheats on her, hearing Forty praise her and make it seem like her husband is the crazy one is so much better than Love making her feel like she brought this upon herself. That because of Dottie’s lifestyle or personality, she deserves to be cheated on for even her child can’t find it in herself to accept her and would rather push her away.

And, in many ways, “You” focuses on the whole idea of wanting to be seen at your best and despising when people point out or remind you of when you were at your worse. Especially due to most people we know only being bad when they felt like they were losing the one thing that inspired them to be good.

Oh, So Love Is Crazy Too?

Any form of sympathy aside, surely Love planned this murder outright? I’ve been to storage units quite a bit and while people might bring water bottles and stuff like that, I don’t know too many who’d be drinking anything made of glass and throw it out within the facility. Though, I also don’t know too many storage units where there isn’t a front office with eyes on cameras. Much less, who wouldn’t replace the cameras or have other cameras, as back up, throughout the facility watching what comes and goes.

But, getting back on topic, while Love seemed overwhelmed by the sight of Joe and Delilah, it seemed something snapped in her when she killed Candace. Now, was it something out of place or in place is the question for, like Joe, it could very well be she has hidden her true self for his benefit.

Low Point

Let’s Be Real, Was There Really A Chance Of Joe Going To Jail?

Joe noting he belongs in a cage.

With it being made clear Dr. Nicky didn’t want Candace’s help, and her looking crazy due to trapping her ex with a dead body, can you really say there was a moment where it seemed Joe would go down? We’re in the second season, and with this being one of Netflix’s major series, and them often doing at least 3 seasons, why would they have one whole season of Joe in jail or doing his trial? If not, God-forbid, skipping over his trial and prison sentence, and having us repeat season 2, just without fear of Candace stalking him?

Nope. It would be better to keep him on the path he is on. Free, but slightly guilt ridden, and capable of anything.

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