Joe accepting the idea of Ellie working with Forty.
Joe: The devil you know, right?

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Joe struggles to deal with moving on from Love, but between Gabe and Delilah, there was hope.

Directed By Shannon Kohli
Written By Kelli Breslin
Aired (Netflix) 12/26/2019
Introduced This Episode
Milo Andrew Creer

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Luck Is Opportunity + Preparation: Ellie, Joe, Forty

Thanks to reading the trades, Ellie learns Forty has the rights to Beck’s book, and with Henderson gone, she needs someone new to give her a shot. Now, when it comes to working with Forty, Joe is a bit iffy on the idea, but with him knowing Forty is harmless, and Ellie could do so much worse, he doesn’t protest. He does, however, make it clear he wants Delilah fully aware and for Ellie’s schooling to not suffer due to Forty – someone you know can be demanding and all-consuming.

The Rebound: Milo, Forty, Joe, Love

Milo (Andrew Creer) getting into Joe's face.
Milo (Andrew Creer)

While Joe is toiling about, trying to distract himself, Love is messing around with her steady rebound Milo. A man who was her ex-husband’s best friend who has long wanted Love. Problem is, the feeling isn’t necessarily mutual, and while she likes having sex with him and some form of intimacy, she isn’t trying to be official.

And thanks to Forty, who hates Milo, and instigates a fight with him, it seems Milo’s time with Love is short.

It Could Have Been Perfect: Delilah, Joe, David

As Love was getting with Milo, Joe was pushed to try dating apps. An idea that, as you can imagine, was an epic fail since Joe is a bit too particular about what he likes. Well, that and he is generally condescending in nature so swiping makes it way too easy for him to judge people. Yet, he still tries, fails, but does end up with Delilah again.

However, this time it seems like the beginning of something new than someone to have sex with out of convenience. For with Delilah seemingly having no platonic friends, she goes to Joe to report her article might get published in Variety magazine and then goes out with him. Also, they have sex in an alley and get arrested.

Delilah trying to figure a way out of being killed or imprisoned.
Delilah: Just think about Ellie

This is worth noting for that is when David gets a good look at Joe and with him jealous that someone else is having sex with Delilah, he tries to make a connection to Henderson’s murder. Leading to him presenting this theory to Delilah, who gets curious, and with her deciding to go into Joe’s apartment, and her finding the keys to his storage unit, she finds the glass prison. One that she ends up in for not minding her business.

Plot Synopsis

  1. Milo is one of James’ friends who has wanted Love since college.
  2. Delilah and Joe, despite Ellie’s pleas, hook up and grow close until David makes her suspicious of Joe, and she eventually finds his glass prison.
  3. Joe’s mother is pushed to be one of the sources to his desperation of needing to be loved and protect people.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“It’s weird how powerful vulnerability can feel.”
— Delilah (You 2.7)



Joe Seemed Like He Was Ready To Heal And Move On

In the episode, Joe is caught by Gabe stalking Milo and because Gabe likes Joe for Love, he gives him some advice and a free session. One which includes stones, acupuncture, and some kind of therapy. The combination, which Joe was fearful of, ends up making him vulnerable and while he doesn’t divulge all his mommy issues to Gabe, he does to us. Thus pushing the idea we could and should see this as a major breakthrough.

Then with that being followed by him dating Delilah, while you can see this as a repeat of him dating Karen after the Beck situation, which he acknowledges to a point, let’s not pretend Joe and Karen didn’t make a decent couple. Granted, it could just be due to Penn Badgley being good at playing someone’s love interest, but the statement remains.

Respecting Ellie’s Hustle

What you have to love about Ellie is that she recognizes her network, and takes advantage of any opportunity she could get. Delilah had Henderson’s contact information in her address book, so Ellie used it in order to get an internship. Ellie heard Joe was friends with Forty who just bought the book rights to Beck’s book, and was starting production, guess whose job she showed up to so that she could introduce herself?

Ellie husting her way into a internship.

Truly, you got to love this 15-year old who is willing to do the work, venture out to get it and doesn’t forget end game is her getting to the place her mentor is, or beyond.

On The Fence

Must Delilah Die?

Let’s be honest, we know Delilah is going to die. For one, we were told already, two, there is no way out of this. Delilah discovered Joe’s New York treasures and some of the ones he has acquired in LA. So, there isn’t any Will possibilities of being let go. I mean, Delilah is a reporter with evidence, a cop for a friend, and she never trusted Joe in the first place. Plus, considering how far she was willing to go to take down Henderson and all those who allowed him to be a creep, who is Joe? Someone who, at best, has Forty supporting him, but who knows how far Forty would go to protect his producer? Especially when it isn’t a phone call about indecent exposure but murder, kidnapping, entrapment, and who knows what else Delilah could pin on him.

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Must Delilah Die? - 75%
Respecting Ellie’s Hustle - 85%
Joe Seemed Like He Was Ready To Heal And Move On - 86%


Trajectory – Plateau: What could be a problem with “You” is it is giving you what you expect from Joe as he starts to appear predictable, as well as the people in his life. Which isn’t a terrible thing, as of yet, but it does push you to wonder if the only way this show knows how to surprise and shake things up is Joe murdering someone?

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