You: Season 2 Episode 10 “Love, Actually” Season Finale | Recap/ Review

Dr. Nicky talking to Forty.

While Joe isn’t the luckiest nor smartest, he is adaptable. Hence him making the best of multiple bad situations.

While Joe isn’t the luckiest nor smartest, he is adaptable. Hence him making the best of multiple bad situations.

Directed By Silver Tree
Written By Sera Gamble, Neil Reynolds
Aired (Netflix) 12/26/2019

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Episode Recap

Take Me As I Am: Joe, Love

Love admits to it all. She killed Delilah, killed Candace, killed Forty’s au pair Sofia, and like Joe, she did it to protect someone she loved. But, you know, seeing yourself in the mirror can be frightening when you’re used to rushing to put on your best face. So, at first, Joe is ready to reject Love and even tries to trick her inside so that he can kill her. However, with the reveal she was pregnant, and only let Joe hit it raw, not Milo, it seems Joe is going to be a daddy, and he and Love will get what they both have long wanted: A Family. One that gives them a chance to start anew.

The Truth Should Put You In Prison: Joe, Love, Ellie, David, Forty, Dr. Nicky

Ellie asking where is Delilah?
Ellie: Where is Delilah?

After Candace’s warning, Forty finds himself heading to New York to speak to Dr. Nicky, who talks to him by force. During this, it is revealed Dr. Nicky has no intention of helping Forty, as he did not for Candace. Why? Well, he feels he deserved to be punished for cheating and what he did to his family. So while he warns Forty, as Candace did, to stay away from Joe, he does not want to get involved.

Thus Forty decides he is going to handle Joe on his own but not before helping Ellie, who is about to end up stuck in Love’s plan. A plan which would have it where she gets investigated, and likely imprisoned, for a short time, over Henderson’s death, until the Quinn family scoops in and saves her, and she sues the city to be set for life. This plan Joe never liked, and it was one of the major issues he had with getting back with Love.

But, outside of the murder investigation, how is Ellie doing? Well, David seems suspicious of her in regards to Henderson, thanks to an anonymous tip planted by Love, and then when you factor in Delilah being missing, he takes things a bit far. How far? Well, instead of calling Ellie’s mother, he instead is ready to call CPS. However, he also is prepared to pin the murder on Ellie which is only stopped thanks to Forty’s actions.

Doing What Has To Be Done: Ellie, Joe, Love, Forty, David

So, what are Forty’s actions? Well, after Love taking care of him his whole life, including killing what he has long held as the love of his life, he decides he must protect his sister from Joe. So, with a gun in hand, he planned to kill Joe. However, Ellie, outside, was being followed by David, and he encounters Joe about to be executed and thus kills Forty and Forty inherits the suspicions Ellie was supposed to take on.

Leading you to wonder, what happened to Ellie, right? Well, we get a meek answer. We know Joe did give her money from the safe at Anavrin, where Joe was nearly going to be executed and told her to go east. Since then, she seems to have set up a life for herself, with Joe financially supporting her, but whether or not she may end up a liability is a serious question. Especially since she was told, by Joe, he killed Henderson and that the Quinns are involved with Delilah being killed. Two significant things that, in a third season, will likely bite Joe in the behind.

Joe stalking his neighbor.
Joe: See you soon… neighbor.

But until then, Joe’s focus is on a few things. First and foremost is the arrival of his child, that Love insists will be a girl, and the new home he shares with Love. Following that is their neighbor who, since Joe is with Love for the sake of the child, might become his next love interest. If not, better said when it comes to Joe, obsession.

Plot Synopsis

  1. Joe is still with Love solely due to them having a child together. But he has an interest in their new neighbor, which could cause problems.
  2. Forty was aware Love killed Sofia, and that is what ate at him all this time.
  3. Forty is dead, thanks to David, thanks to looking like he was going to murder Joe. Leading to him getting pinned with Henderson’s murder until his parents took care of that.
  4. Ellie was given quite a bit of money to head east and is well aware Joe killed Henderson and is involved with Delilah’s death.
  5. Love killed Delilah out of jealousy.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

I showed you what I wanted by showing you what I didn’t want.
— Love (You 2.10)

It isn’t hard to convince someone you love them, if you know what they want to hear.
— Joe (You 2.10)

Review/ Commentary


Baby Joe

A very pregnant Love.

The idea of Joe with a child is by no means terrible, but it does make me hope for a time jump. Primarily due to us seeing how Joe was with Paco, and Ellie, and it feeling like it would be a better dynamic if Joe’s kid got exposed to his crazy and could talk vs. them just being a baby. Plus, with that, Love could feel more settled in and stable, which would make her more crazy based on the idea Joe is cheating. Especially if he isn’t working since, the way Joe looked at the end, he seemed like a kept man.

Joe Facing Himself

One of the benefits of showing Love is as off as Joe, is that it may give us the opportunity, in a third season, to explore the idea of a double standard. Specifically, if the leeway given to Joe can translate to women. Now, granted, Love is a white woman, so the likelihood is great, but considering how far down the rabbit hole we’ve gone with Joe, yet brought him back up, there is the need to wonder if Love can kill someone Joe is interested in, the parent of someone who bullies their kid, or what have you, and still maintain this innocence.

On The Fence

The Ellie Issue

So, we’re supposed to believe Ellie is willing to be bought off for her silence? That she isn’t going to mention Joe killing her former mentor, being involved with her sister’s death, or nothing like that? Are we talking about the same Ellie? Granted, Joe is likely giving her more money than she can imagine, and it is likely better than ending up with her mother or in the system. However, there are a whole lot of questions that have gone unresolved here. One major one being, is Love aware of Joe sending, every three or so months, a massive amount of money to a 15, possibly 16, year-old?

All of this is to say that Ellie has to return in season 3.

The Death of Forty

As of now, only Ellie, Love, and of course Joe, are aware of what went down in LA and have an idea of what happened in NYC. Dr. Nicky too has some idea, but it isn’t clear if John Stamos could gain a prominent role in season 3. What is clear though is with Forty dead, Love has nothing to focus on but Joe and their child. This means she also has time to worry and get paranoid, for she’ll have more time on her hands than ever.

That is assuming her friends don’t disappear next season and are still an active part of her life.

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