You: Season 1/ Episode 8 “You Got Me Babe” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Closure, and the ability to fix past wrongs, are in play as Candace’s name is brought up for a slightly surprising reason.

Director(s) Erin Feeley
Writer(s) Caroline Kepnes
Air Date 10/28/2018

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It’s Been Three Months: Dr. Nicky, Joe, Beck, Karen, Blythe, Ethan

It seems Joe and Beck are quite good for each other, when split apart. Beck can really hone in on her writing, take advantage of the press that Peach’s death got her – as in a book deal. As for Joe? With Karen, he gets normalcy. However, both can’t let the other go. Joe still checks Beck’s social media and Beck? Well, thanks to Blythe and Ethan, she has a way to keep tabs on Joe.

Something which neither are comfortable about so they bring Dr. Nicky into it. Who reminds Beck that she felt trapped by Joe and he reminds Joe he now has a happy home. Which, considering his upbringing, not mentioned in the sessions but between you and me, you’d think he’d appreciate. Yet, it’s hard to know what love is when you think, without drama between you two, something is wrong.


Ethan being quite smitten with Blythe.
Ethan: I don’t know. I mean, you love who you love

One of the things you have to like about You is that it does put a bit of a magnifying glass on what an unhealthy relationship looks like. Maybe even shows how the media put out, books, tv shows, movies, set unrealistic expectations no real person could sustain. Perhaps even achieve. Not as strongly as Don Jon, but you get the point.

Though, I must admit, I enjoy Blythe and Ethan. They are opposites in so many ways but they seem cute together, for the rare moments we do see them together. It seems that relationship, especially for this episode, was made to taunt Joe and Beck, bring them into each other’s space, more than anything else. But, I have to say, Blythe’s eccentricities are growing on me. Her whole scene with Beck, disconnecting her from the outside world, could be made into almost a half dozen memes and .gifs.

The Difficulties of Detox: Karen, Claudia, Paco, Joe, Beck

Apparently, Claudia is a heroin addict. Yeah, came out of nowhere for me too. So, with her sister Karen being a nurse like Claudia, she finds herself in Joe’s book basement to help Claudia detox. Just so there aren’t any records available that could lose to Claudia losing her job. While this is happening, Joe finds himself really taking on a role in Paco’s life as he tries to keep the kid in ignorant bliss.

Yet, be it being in a relationship that has Joe equally needed and taken care of, or just Beck being a wrecking ball who ruins lives, she decides to be a source of constant temptation. Not to take away Joe not saying anything to her, such as “Move your knee away from mine.” Don’t think I’m painting him as the victim. For both sides, it is weird that, after that stalking incident, both aren’t uncomfortable in the other’s presence. Yet, with Beck being all work and no play, she goes to what is familiar.

Leading to Joe cheating on Karen for the flesh is weak and Joe is a punk ass lil b****. All the while, Karen knows something is up, even with her focused on Claudia getting well.


Beck and Joe being whores.

Is it wrong that I expected more? At least from Joe anyway. A lot of times he seems like he tries to not let extremes get a hold of him. His internal dialog, anyway, makes it seem he knows right from wrong. Yet, Beck seemingly does something for him. My thing is, how much of what Beck does for him deals with his own lustful desires vs. being in love with her?

Formerly I thought he just like being needed but Paco needing him, Karen needing him, that wasn’t a good enough fix. So is it lust? Could it be that if the relationship doesn’t remind him of the more messed up parts of his life, it seems like it is missing something? Does he only association passion and love with drama? Something beyond the annoyance of watching Friends or King of Queens with Karen? For Joe, does there need to be heated arguments, distrust, and then passionate lovemaking to quiet his thoughts for it to seem like something he can commit to?

It seems Dr. Nicky has his work cut out for him.

We Always Want What’s Bad For Us: Joe, Beck, Karen, Ron, Paco, Claudia

After cheating on Karen for about a month, Joe decides to break it off to be with Beck once again. Which may benefit him, for now, but pretty much destroys Paco. For one, with Karen leaving comes Ron’s return since, if she can’t have heroin, apparently Ron is a good supplement. Thus leaving Paco quite angry at Joe and whatever relationship they’ve built up? Well, it’s damaged to the point it is hard to say if it could be quickly, or easily, repaired.


Blythe reminding Beck she can take a time out from social media.
Blythe: We’ll all be fine if you take a time out.

I don’t understand Beck. She talks about trust being a major issue yet she gets back with Joe. He stalked her because he thought she was cheating yet got back with him. Joe proved himself capable of cheating on someone by cheating on Karen with her yet she still got back with him. Is she really that lonely? Did no guy give her a second look during those three months? With a book deal and all that press, did she not meet one guy who could take her mind off Joe? Really? Even with being in a college which I’m sure has enough parties and guys where she could have not only learned from her relationship with Joe but moved on?

Though, speaking of wanting what’s bad for us, how about this Ron situation? Claudia makes it sound like she needs him but for what? Paco often times is hanging with Joe or on the stairs so what does he do for her besides knock her around and attempt to not knock her up? Apparently, he isn’t her dealer but really, what does this man bring to her life?

Of course, it could be, similar to Karen, finding a man is hard for her so this one being persistent is seen as romantic? Showing us but another way how the romance we often see in media is toxic yet writers figure a way to romanticize it. Just not this show because it would rather the audience do that for them. Let them allow themselves to lull into this idea that people can change, get better, and truly be in a healthy relationship.

But, what about Paco huh? Paco is still a clean slate and yet look at the instability in his life. The kind which, we know, represents what Joe went through and Joe, unfortunately, has found himself contributing to now. Just when it seems Joe really was Paco’s knight in shining armor since he not only helped his mom get better, leave Ron, and got his aunt to come around more, but he truly got a paternal figure who became family. Said he loved him even. Yet, like others who say they love him, he got hurt and left with feelings of abandonment.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“Babe.” You said, “Babe” was a default for unimaginative lovers.
— Joe

I am, because I must.
— Blythe


  1. Blythe and Ethan.
  2. Paco’s role on this show doesn’t just provide us an idea of what Joe went through as a kid, but really leads to us witnessing a touching performance. Making you almost wonder what an episode would be like from Paco’s point of view.
  3. Nicky really makes therapy seem fun.

Low Point

  1. It did not feel like three months between Beck breaking up with Joe and them getting back together. I could have gone one more episode with them being apart. At least to make the Karen breakup seem bigger. Right now, Paco is the only one making that significant.

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