You: Season 1/ Episode 7 “Everythingship” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Joe’s jealousy gets the best of him and it leads to a very unexpected result. Though, Candace makes it seem Joe may revert to his old ways. Network Lifetime Director(s) Kellie Cyrus Writer(s) April Blair, Amanda Zetterström Air Date 10/21/2018 Characters Introduced Dr. Nicky John Stamos Karen Natalie Paul Lynn Nicole Kang Images and text…

Joe’s jealousy gets the best of him and it leads to a very unexpected result. Though, Candace makes it seem Joe may revert to his old ways.

Director(s) Kellie Cyrus
Writer(s) April Blair, Amanda Zetterström
Air Date 10/21/2018
Characters Introduced
Dr. Nicky John Stamos
Karen Natalie Paul
Lynn Nicole Kang

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I Just Wanted Things To Be Perfect: Lynn, Joe, Blythe, Ethan, Beck

With Peach out of the way, things were good for about a month. Their routine was in place, Beck seemed happy, but then she wanted sex less and felt more distant. So, with her birthday coming up, on December 3rd, there was the question of what to do for it? Beck says she wants something small, intimate, but Lynn speaks on something big for she believes Beck, and herself, need that.

For reasons which can’t be easily fathomed, Joe listened to Lynn. Leading to Beck getting upset for the party sets off Peach memories but something good does come out of this. Ethan, the often neglected, and long-suffering employee of Joe, he ends up meeting Blythe. You remember Blythe right? She is the young woman excelling in Beck’s Master’s program and is very worldly. After Ethan finds himself dumbfounded by her, she approaches him and they seem to hit it off.


Ethan enraptured by Blythe.

Is Ethan going to get a storyline? Better question: Do people want Ethan to get one? Don’t get me wrong, I love Ethan and I would love his take on all things Joe. That is, alongside him get some love in his life for you don’t really see nice guys who look like Ethan get much attention – outside of comedies. So it could create a nice contrast with Joe.

Focusing specifically on the party, considering how well Joe has worked under pressure in the past, did he miss how Lynn clearly needed that party and was using Beck as an excuse? Also, considering Joe has never had a high opinion of Lynn, why take her advice? I guess the only answer is, since Joe’s closest friend arguably is Paco, who might not even be a teenager yet, who else would he turn to but Beck’s sort of friends? After all, even if we talk about dating experience, was there anyone before Candace to inform Joe how he should act or not?

Jealousy Got The Best Of Me: Beck, Joe, Dr. Nicky

Everybody could use some therapy, am I right? Hence why Beck goes to Dr. Nicky because between the Peach thing, an intense relationship with Joe, and so much other stuff which is causing her to avoid living life to the fullest, she needs therapy. Problem is, Joe is jealous that Beck doesn’t feel comfortable just talking to him. Leading to him eventually thinking, because it is Joe, Beck is cheating on him with her therapist.

Come to find out, not only is that not the case but Joe realizes that therapy might be good for him as well. Granted, he does so under a fake name, but him getting help is all that matters right?


Beck breaking up with Joe after catching him following her.
Beck: You and I are over.

My hopes with Dr. Nicky coming onto the show is Joe, through his moniker Paul, talks about Candace, his childhood more, and we can unravel all this baggage Joe has. For while I understand, with this already having a season 2 renewal, that means the writers can plan for the long term, I feel like there are so many pressing issues. Candace being a big one which we’ve gotten the gist of, that is Joe’s insecurities likely leading to her death. However, understanding how Joe ended up being capable of killing, stalking, and all that? Even if we push Candace off to season 2, addressing Joe’s relationship with Mr. Mooney seems like something we could use before the season finale hits.

The Struggle To Move On: Karen, Candace, Joe, Beck, Dr. Nicky, Ron

Two things happen which lead Joe to decide to leave Beck alone, for now. The first being him stalking her, as usual, and getting caught. The second thing is realizing Dr. Nicky isn’t against him but more so Beck is in a place where she needs space. She needs people outside of Joe, and Peach’s friends, and perhaps to rediscover who she is and was to figure out what is her next steps.

So, surprisingly, Joe lets Beck go and apologizes. Leaving him single but maybe not for long? Karen, who is Claudia’s sister, has been staying over since Ron has been getting aggressive. She takes note of Joe, especially after planning Beck’s birthday and going all out. So, upon hearing he got dumped, she makes a move and the two have sex. Most likely rebound sex but with Karen jokingly saying she loves Joe, before hoping in his shower like they have hooked up fairly often, a red flag is slowly raised.

Yet, before you are led to wonder if Karen may give Joe a taste of his own medicine, Candace pushes the idea Joe is not moving on. If anything, Karen is a distraction. One which may not fulfill whatever needs Joe has and is talking to Dr. Nicky about.


Karen (Natalie Paul) and Joe after having sex.
Karen (Natalie Paul): I love you, Joe

I wonder if, with Karen and Joe having sex, maybe becoming more, if this may finally lead to Ron and Claudia becoming more integral to the show? Because, Paco honestly is a very interesting character, who seems to represent Joe’s childhood a bit. So getting into that apartment, hearing Karen vent, it could be a creative way to let us into Joe’s head if we’re not going to do additional flashbacks as we saw earlier in the season.

Yet, with Karen’s introduction, Blythe and Ethan dating, also Dr. Nicky coming into play, it makes you wonder where is this show going? Joe and Beck have broken up, at least for now, so does this mean the show is going to focus more on supporting characters for a bit? Maybe dig into Joe’s past, or will we just skip ahead a few months so certain things can be firmly established and we can move from there?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So is Joe off the hook for Peach’s murder? The cop seemed to be good with checking into Joe using Mr. Mooney’s care quite quickly.
  2. Is Mr. Mooney dead? I would think Officer Nico would have the ability to see whether the man died or not. Much less if he was reported missing by anyone. Unless Joe knew how things worked so well he just kept them running.
  3. Aren’t they dressed a little light in the episode for it to be December in New York?
  4. What led to Joe being off his game so much lately? Between the car accident that got the cops asking questions, Peach catching him snoop around, then Beck catching him stalking her, what’s going on? Is Candace to blame for all of this?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

The more you want me the less I want you.
— Beck


  1. Many of the supporting characters, who haven’t had much development, being set up to have prominent storylines. If not, at the very least, lives when Joe isn’t around.
  2. Beck and Joe’s breakup came as a bit of a surprise but, if it sticks for more than an episode, it’ll lead to this show staying fresh.
  3. Nicky’s inclusion could mean some answers about Joe’s childhood, and the barely spoken about Mr. Mooney.

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