You: Season 1/ Episode 6 “Amour Fou” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Between meeting Claudia, Paco’s mom; Candace, Joe’s ex; and Peach’s reaction to what Joe did? There is so much to be excited about. Network Lifetime Director(s) Marcos Siega Writer(s) Adria Lang Air Date 10/14/2018 Characters Introduced Claudia Victoria Cartagena Candace Ambyr Childers Nico Michael Maize Raj Gerrard Lobo Images and text in this post may…

Between meeting Claudia, Paco’s mom; Candace, Joe’s ex; and Peach’s reaction to what Joe did? There is so much to be excited about.

Director(s) Marcos Siega
Writer(s) Adria Lang
Air Date 10/14/2018
Characters Introduced
Claudia Victoria Cartagena
Candace Ambyr Childers
Nico Michael Maize
Raj Gerrard Lobo

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A Favor For a Friend: Claudia, Joe, Peach, Beck

Luckily for Joe, Peach doesn’t know who assaulted her. At this point, she just thinks she has a stalker. Unfortunately for Joe, this inspires Peach to want to head to Paris. Not to visit but live and seemingly, to practice what it would be like to live with Beck, she wants to first have them spend a few days in Greenwich as Beck decides whether to live with her in Paris.

As you can imagine, Joe isn’t going to let this happen. But, before he can be on his way, he runs into Claudia. You know Claudia, right? Paco’s mom we have yet to see until now – a nurse. She apologizes on behalf of Ron and asks of Joe not to press charges. Which, to keep Paco’s cocktail from being revealed, he agrees to and Claudia says she owes him one. Though, before going their separate ways, Joe plants the seed that people don’t change. One sentence which has a profound effect on Claudia.


Claudia (Victoria Cartagena) talking to Joe about Ron.
Claudia (Victoria Cartagena)

Between what is noted in this topic and the next, to say Peach is confusing is an understatement. First and foremost, if she has loved Beck in a romantic or sexual manner, then why is she continually trying to hook her up with men? I’ve said in a past episode maybe she is trying to turn Beck off from men, maybe even find her someone who will be too busy for her, if they get married, so she’d have to turn to Peach. However, with the Greenwich idea, then Paris, is this just her being desperate? Is she really not the savvy rich girl she came off to be?

You’d think, with the way Peach has been shown, she’d like a challenge. Especially from someone like Joe. Though, perhaps, maybe she felt she was beginning to lose and to save face, she wanted to change the venue? Make it where Beck would be forced to realize, for all of Peach’s crazy, she brings you to the world of the rich and glamorous. As Peach says, puts her in inspirational places where the locale and people are all worth writing about.

Maybe that was her plan?

A Dream Within a Dream by Edgar Allen Poe: Raj, Peach, Beck, Joe, Nico, Candace

With Peach trying to stay away from male energy – Joe – she gets her wish of whisking Beck away and, naturally, Joe follows. Oh, what about the bookshop? Well, at this point, you know Ethan is basically running things. Probably mad as hell Joe doesn’t hire more people if he is going to randomly take off like he does. Though maybe I’m projecting?

Anyway, on the way to Peach’s family house, or castle if you go by Joe’s description, he gets pulled over by a cop named Nico. Someone who Joe lies to about his name and about why he looks beat up, which includes a nice scar from a car accident. However, with coming off like someone rich, the cop lets him go but does take down his license plate number. Getting back later on that the car belongs to Mr. Mooney. The man whose fate we assume is a graveyard somewhere.

But, bringing things back to Peach, Beck, and Joe, for a good part of the episode, Joe is wandering around Peach’s home and hallucinating about Candace. He sees their good times, and also what might have been Candace’s final moments in which Joe believes she was cheating on him. We don’t see him kill her though. All we see is Peach invite her drug dealer, soon to be med school graduate Raj, and she tries to initiate a threesome but Beck taps out. Leaving Raj alone with Peach and getting something glass put up his rectum (TMI?)


The ghost of Candace (Ambyr Childers).
Candace (Ambyr Childers)

I’m starting to truly feel like I overestimated Peach. Raj is a dealer, maybe someone for Beck’s past, and Peach’s goal was to, as she has tried before, hook Beck up with a guy and sway her away from Joe? All that education and privilege and she can’t come up with new ideas? Even the suicide thing, which may be routine when Beck gets mad, pushes the idea further of how lazy Peach is. But hey, it might have worked with Benji and it takes only getting it right one time to think it’ll work again.

Oh, and quick question, considering the off-screen fun Peach and Raj had, can we effectively say Peach is either bi or gay for Beck? True, we don’t know if she was just performing for Beck to hear, but she may have actually enjoyed herself. It’s hard to say if Raj did, with how Peach likes to use her toys, but you never know. It’s 2018 and men are becoming more open-minded. Plus they have money so they can explore themselves a bit more.

Weird sex acts aside, we FINALLY get to know Candace and I swear to you the actress gave me serious Isla Fisher vibes. Sweet, comical, kind of weird, but not necessarily one to mess with. And, you know, I appreciate them waiting this long to introduce her for, as said many times, Beck does not seem worth all this attention. So, if Candace, who at least has personality, something to make you do a double take, was introduced earlier on, it would probably make Beck seem like a bigger downgrade than she is.

Though, I must say, now I care less about Beck and more about learning if Candace is dead to Joe or just dead. He pushed the idea Benji was his first kill, but what if Benji was just the first person he planned to kill and Candace was an accident? A crime of passion, if you will?

It Was Bound To Happen Sooner Or Later: Joe, Peach, Beck, Claudia

When Joe enters Peach’s family estate, he is but a few days separated from the beating Ron gave him, has been in a car accident, and has a nice sized gash on his head. On top of that, he is hallucinating and occasionally blacking out. So, put that all together and you’d think, sooner or later, someone would find him right? Well, unlike whenever else I would use that sentence, this time it happens.

After Beck seems to be done with Peach being condescending and anti-Joe, she leaves and as Joe stumbles about, Peach catches him and knocks him out. When he awakes, there is a gun pointed at him and his only defense is confessing to know about Peach’s blackmail material and threatening to release it. However, it’s not enough. He gets a chance to run and gets shot and being that Peach has documentation of being assaulted, a stalker even, and Joe was not invited on her property, killing him would be a case she could beat. I mean, let’s not forget she is rich.

Yet, it is Joe who kills her and makes it look like a suicide. Then, once back in New York, he calls in that favor from Claudia to help stitch up his forehead and help with the bullet wound – no questions asked.



Claudia (Victoria Cartagena) paying Joe back for not going to the cops on Ron by patching him up.
Claudia (Victoria Cartagena): Mm. A favor’s a favor.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t be letting my kid around this bookstore owner who comes into my home with a bullet wound. A need for stitches over the forehead is fine, he could tell me he got robbed and I’d believe him. However, a bullet wound? Major red flag. I don’t give a damn if Joe is the closest thing to a positive male role model my kid has, stay away from the neighbor next door.

Bringing us to Peach. How the show progresses from here is going to be very interesting with her dead. She brought about a serious adversary for Joe and her one lines and insults brought a comedic appeal. With her gone, what is the source of conflict? Joe finding new people threatening to his relationship, trying not to get caught by cops like Nico? Heck, maybe Candace will get developed more? There are good directions this show may go but, at this point, Joe has lost that ability to be on the fence.

That is, be on the fence in terms of you recognizing he is crazy but wanting to romanticize his crazy or maybe downplay it in any shape or form. Benji was an ass and between him and Joe, you liked Joe enough to let him get away with murdering him. However, assaulting Peach for being a nuisance, murdering her and making it look like a suicide? It’s too much. Add on it’s for Beck who remains just a generic blonde living in New York City and so begins the show losing its luster.


  1. We got to meet Candace and get a feel of her, as well as Claudia.


  1. The death of Peach is a major turning point for the show and it will either hold steady without her or begin sinking.

On The Fence

  1. The pending police investigation you know is coming to Joe’s doorstep and how that is handled.

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