As Peach pushes the idea that she too is stalking Beck, Joe researches how to get rid of a body.

Director(s) Marcos Siega
Writer(s) April Blair
Air Date 9/23/2018
Characters Introduced
Blythe Hari Nef
Professor Mott Christine Toy Johnson

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Blythe: Blythe, Beck

Beck gets her wish and gets to switch to Professor Mott’s group and that means she goes from being a singular focus to being part of a group. Which sucks for her since it means she has to deal with the worldly Blythe who has tons of stories thanks to her dad being in the state department. Meaning, she had to travel a lot and add in some time in Japan, knowing foreign languages, and seeming like one of the least annoying characters on Girlsir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=7cb838ee5e36616c50dc5e64263a574f& cb=1537787050103, Beck is threatened.


Blythe noting her worse fear is not to be bad but unremarkable.
Blythe (Nari Ned): […] per se, is not to be bad but unremarkable.

With what Blythe said about being unremarkable, it kind of pushes you to realize Beck is only interesting because Joe makes her interesting. Yes her father had substance abuse problems, but so do many girls. She’s a writer in New York, as many are. You run down the list from blonde hair, uses Tinder for hookups, and so much more and you don’t really get a noteworthy girl. She simply exists and somehow caught someone’s attention. Thus making her seem grander than she is.

But, maybe that’s love? Finding someone who many may not think is special but presenting them with the idea they are. Not because of a unique fingerprint but because the mundane things they say or do seem like Maya Angelou to the ears, Basquiat to the eyes, and soul food to the tongue?

Steps To Take To Get Rid Of A Dead Body: Paco, Ron, Joe

Okay, so maybe Joe hasn’t killed someone before. Considering how Candice and Mr. Mooney are handled, you can’t blame a guy for thinking he did them in. Though, who knows? Maybe he just blocked it out. Either way, to get rid of Benji, Joe needs supplies and also needs to minimize the chances of anything leading back to him. So, he uses Paco. Problem is, Paco is a kid and Ron has an eerie feeling about Joe.

So, upon discovering Joe’s list, he calls the cops. Luckily, Joe has a garden in the back which explains his odd list. However, with hinting Paco is neglected, this makes Joe a bigger target for Ron. Possibly makes Paco’s home life a little bit worse. But, items do get secured so goodbye Benji!


Paco trying to show he can be relied on as much as he relies on Joe.
Paco: You can count on me, Joe.

Joe will kill again and it’ll likely be Ron who he kills. I’d even fathom Paco seeing it because there is just something here which pushes the idea Paco is going to know everything. I refuse to believe he is just going to be this adorable kid who naively helps Joe do bad things and repeatedly almost stumbles on the truth. You can’t feed a kid all these books, and give him food, without him wanting to know more. Never mind, with Joe being nurturing like he is, I’m sure Paco will want to help him. Either with his crazy or else he’ll stumble unto something trying to be helpful.

And You Were So Perfect: Peach, Beck, Joe

There is something about Peach which raises a red flag. Not just this vibe she is maybe trying to mold Beck into a minion, maybe a lover, or perhaps being jealous of her in some way. No… I’m starting to think she stalks Beck too. It’s just, as long as Beck is doing things which would make her run to Peach, be indebted to her in some way, she lets it happen.

However, Joe is a different story. He saved her from death, is a consistent name brought up and Peach doesn’t know him. He isn’t on social media, not rich enough to be on anyone radar, and this worries Peach. How does she keep control of Beck if the man she is seeing isn’t predictable? Well, with an oddly quick discover of her Wizard of Ozir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=d81bbb425aa023223e014e922ae6771d& cb=1537787104578 book missing, noting he is a thief helps. Though, ultimately, may not be a card Peach needs to play.

Why? Well, after so much work helping Beck find a bed, nearly eating her out in public, and quite a bit of foreplay, we learn Joe is a less than a minute man. No sooner does he enter Beck does he cum and with the amount of experience Beck has had? Just in the last few episodes, let’s just say Joe seems to now be compensating for his lack of skills. Making you wonder, can he come back from this?


Peach looking towards Beck who is clearly smitten.

If Joe was perfect, he wouldn’t have to stalk girls – they’d be stalking him. After all, look at all the effort he puts in. Granted, as a stalker, but the way he adapts his life to fit Beck’s is damn near like how we often see women in media, especially young teens. Joe has it where his employee opens up the store so he doesn’t have to worry about that. Gains access to all of Beck’s accounts and… let me step back since I’m romanticizing his crazy.

What I’m trying to say is, Joe puts in more effort, taking note he is a stalker, than most guys do – per friends and my media watching habits. So when Beck confronts the idea of Candice, not seeing Joe’s place, also not meeting his friends? Well, it’s not like Ron’s, “You seem off” but because he comes off too good to be true. Which, based off him cumming quickly, he is.

But with that in mind, has Joe had a lot of practice? Is he usually this quick? Joe isn’t like Beck, he doesn’t seem to hook up to kill time or scratch an itch. As seen before, he doesn’t have anything against masturbating, even in public, but maybe it was the lack of using a condom? Maybe Beck has her kegel exercises on lock?

There are so many things to question when it comes to why Joe came in a snap but the big thing to wonder is can he recover? I mean, maybe, as Trina once said, “If you can’t beat it up then eat it upir?source=bk&t=amaall0c 20&bm id=default&l=ktl&linkId=5f55aa23c50fe11b9e0bc249d4d71d10& cb=1537787153829” and that is how Joe can compensate? He was willing and ready in the furniture store so we know he has no qualms about it.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Anyone else find it weird that Peach, who didn’t make herself sound like the biggest reader, just so happen to, days later, notice the book Joe was looking at is gone?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

My worst fear […] is not to be bad but unremarkable.
— Blythe

I don’t know who I am, so how am I supposed to know what I want?
— Beck


  1. Joe still has this ability to make you wanna justify or excuse his actions, even though you know he is full on crazy. I’m talking, murder and burn the body in the woods crazy. Even involving a kid to cover his tracks.
  2. With Joe being someone who cums quick, it keeps him from being perfect.
  3. Paco remains one of the few child characters you actually like seeing around in a show which focuses on adults.

On The Fence

  1. Peach just seems so weird. I don’t know if it is the acting or writing, but while everyone else has a certain flow to the way they talk and act, Peach seems like static at times.

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Season 1/ Episode 10 “Bluebeard’s Castle”

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Introduced This Episode
Ross (The PI) Ryan Andes

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