Westworld: Season 1/ Episode 5 "Contrapasso" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview More and more people venture toward the maze and as this is done it is hard to not begin to question who are some of these newcomers outside of the world of Westworld? Review (with Spoilers) Community Rating: 0.00% (0) – No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below) The maze. What is at the…

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

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More and more people venture toward the maze and as this is done it is hard to not begin to question who are some of these newcomers outside of the world of Westworld?

Review (with Spoilers)

Community Rating: 0.00% (0) - No Community Ratings Submitted (Add Yours Below)

The maze. What is at the center of it? One theory lurks in my head, especially as Arnold’s name continues to linger, but what the maze may have gets eclipsed but something vastly more interesting. The fact that some of the hosts are now becoming violent against newcomers. Well, at least in the case of one of them.

Main Plot (with Commentary)

Felix Lutz (Leonardo Nam)

What is it like working at Westworld? No, not the glamorous jobs which have you tinkering and configuring the minds of the hosts, but having to deal with the damage that guest and newcomers do. In this episode, it is made to seem like grunt work. The type of work which pays bills but isn’t necessarily something you want to do for the rest of your life. Enter Felix. A butcher who seemingly has been teaching himself how to code to maybe move up to the behavioral department. He is starting with a bird and with that success he feels accomplished. At least until Maeve wakes up.

The Man In Black & Ford

We know he saved lives in the past and are told by Logan the park is hemorrhaging money. On top of that, we learn that formerly the design of hosts were the more gears and bolts type of robots than the seemingly more complex beings they are now. As for what does this have to do with the MIB? Well, it seems, 30 some odd years ago, he became part of the reason the park didn’t die with Arnold. His money, or investment, is what allowed the park to stay open, for updates to be made, and Ford’s dreams to continue after Arnold’s death.

A man who perhaps never truly died for his name is still spoken. Heck, more and more Ford almost makes it seem like Arnold was his brother. But, so it seems, no matter who you ask, while Ford maybe the one who is alive, the MIB, who curiously I believe Ford refers to Mr. Flood, makes it seem Arnold was the brains behind the operation and perhaps Ford just a storyteller. One who increasingly isn’t fond of MIB though he knows he is financially powerless against him.

Logan, William, and Dolores

It still isn’t clear what business Logan and William are in, but what is made clear is that part of their business in Westworld maybe purchasing it and that these two men don’t have the best relationship. From what we are told, William worked his way into an EVP position and Logan inherited his piece of the company. Though their squabbles aren’t what makes their storyline noteworthy as much as the hosts really doing a number on Logan.

Thus far it seemed the hosts can’t really put their hands on newcomers. Shoot at them, yes, but to have a fist fight or choke them? Logan experiences both as his wicked ways get the best of him. Leading you to wonder how many deaths or accidents may have come to newcomers over the years? Granted, Stubbs, and Theresa, likely haven’t found any, or else the board would have been notified, but while Stubbs seems like an all seeing eye with that hologram map, who is to say he can’t miss something?

But, the possible evolution of hosts aside, it seems Dolores is slightly going mad. Nevermind Bernard tinkering with her, but Arnold seems to be speaking to her as well. Which leads you to slightly wonder, would Bernard and Arnold get along? Much less, whose side will Dolores take? From what we are told, Arnold seems to have thought he created a monster and wanted to destroy everything. Something Dolores was supposed to help with but apparently didn’t. Yet, he speaks to her and many of the others. Well, he did until most of them got locked away. Now, based off a conversation Ford has with Dolores, it seems she maybe one of the few left who had contact with Arnold.

Leaving you to wonder if maybe, assuming there is a way, Arnold’s consciousness was uploaded somewhere in the maze and that is how he continues living. He is now part of that world and perhaps his need to be a god took on a form he learned he didn’t want. Now all he wants is someone to kill him. Likely meaning death to the software which runs the hosts perhaps?

It is all rather hard to say but what is known is that William isn’t putting up with Logan’s mess anymore and he is running away with Dolores to find the maze. All the while sharing a train with El Lazo, who is Lawrence but not Lawrence. For the Lawrence we know, who was with MIB, his throat was slit so apparently there are duplicates in the park.

Things To Note

It seems outsiders, as Elsie finds, are trying to smuggle data outside of the park. As for to do what with? Well, who knows?

Question(s) Left Unanswered

We know hosts can have gun battles with newcomers but, when it comes to putting their hands on them, how far can they actually go? Logan was having the life choked out of him before William snapped and shot a bunch of them. Then, later on, they were beating the hell out of him and restraining him. So, is it just on the outlying lands they are capable of this or have they always been able to do this type of violence but Logan is one of the few to really push them, or discover, what they are capable of?


Violence Against Logan

It’s inevitable, as previews show, that the hosts will rebel against their creators, maintenance folk, and even newcomers. To me, the violence against Logan was just a taste of what is to come.

Butcher and Hosts

Considering what we learn about many of the butchers having sex with unconscious hosts, and who knows what else, it makes Felix, dear Felix who seemingly wants to do more with his life, perhaps one of the few who isn’t perverted. With that, and Maeve waking up and asking for a conversation, it seems he may be a tool for the hosts’ revolution. That or at least an ally. One which could be one of the few to survive once everyone comes online.

The Mystery Which Is Arnold

While the show remains in a realm of predictability, you do have to wonder which lane will be chosen when it comes to Arnold aka the ghost in the system? Will he still be alive in the maze, just simple having faked his death? Will his consciousness have become virtual, part of an update, so his influence remains, or could it be someone we already know is just using Arnold’s name to mask their own intentions? Either way, probably for the first time since watching this show, I feel just a bit intrigued.

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