Overview The threat of the hosts changing seems to no longer be the only thing the people of Westworld have to worry about as the threat of the board coming has now turned into a promise. Review (with Spoilers) At this point in the season, I’m just accepting that the hype was not met and…

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The threat of the hosts changing seems to no longer be the only thing the people of Westworld have to worry about as the threat of the board coming has now turned into a promise.

Review (with Spoilers)

At this point in the season, I’m just accepting that the hype was not met and seeing this solely as entertainment. Trying to dig deeper meaning, trying to see this as some sort of epic, well that was time wasted. For while The Man In Black continues an interesting quest, and Ford seems like the old testament version of god slightly fearful of the people finding new lords and masters, everything else is your usual barrage of gun battles.

Main Plot (with Commentary)


With Bernard still tinkering with her like a science experiment, she has come to the point where she has left her loop. Well, this is really thanks to William (Jimmi Simpson) who has grown attached to her. Almost to the point his brother in law, Logan (Ben Barnes), thinks he may finally partake in what he believes this park is about. Alas, while possibly smitten, William doesn’t lay a hand on her. However, Logan does decide to switch their story from bounty hunter to bandits and seemingly will take Dolores and William for the ride. Leading you to wonder, when the newcomers are on opposing sides of the law, has is that handled? Much less, it is noted that William and Logan share a family business. What in the world could that be? Also, considering William being married, why in the world did his wife, Logan’s sister, allow him to go to a place which is so, for the most part, laissez-faire? I’m sure her boisterous brother had to make her even slightly apprehensive.

The Man In Black

This man, who seemingly has a foundation which saves lives, is just looking for the last page of Arnold’s epic story. Of which his latest acquaintance, Armistice (Ingrid Bolsø Berdal) he believes could help him get that last page. Reason being? The tattoo of a snake made from the blood of the people who massacred her family. The head of the snake is Wyatt, who Teddy was hunting, and it seems Wyatt maybe the key to the maze. Something Bernard has proposed for Dolores soon.

But, refocusing on the MIB, you have to wonder, with how long he has been in the park, and how strange this park is, could it he might be on life support in some sort of matrix like world? I ask because we never see the newcomers in their everyday lives, just in the park. So, even with episode 2 showing part of the process, it still doesn’t explain everything.

Theresa & Ford

With the woodcutter or stray, killing himself, so comes the need for her QA team to take over for Bernard’s team doing break-fix isn’t cutting it anymore. The excuses are no longer wanted or valid to her and, in fact, she is tired of the issues Bernard and Ford are causing period. This is especially because the board is due any day now. Hopefully leading to us meeting Tessa Thompson’s character.

Which could very well be the climax to this slow simmering standoff, or animosity, between the creatives and the people who see the park as a means to make money. For Theresa all but threatens Ford over his decisions and then he reminds her of who he is and whose world she resides in. Leading you to wonder, as noted between the Lee and Theresa conversation in episode 2, Ford doesn’t have much in the way of allies.

Yet, you must be reminded, like Arnold, Ford sees himself as some kind of god. One which has full control over the hosts simply with a look, seemingly without uttering a word. But, it doesn’t end there. Like most theological gods, he is all knowing and he notes Theresa’s would-be secret relationship with Bernard and, just to perhaps play with her, has their meeting where she came to as a child. That is, when she came to Westworld as a child and he has her sit at the exact same table and the exact same chair. Reminding you that this man is very much about memories.

Though, not being the sentimental type, he shows that he can just as easily create worlds as he destroys them. As seen by this monstrous thing coming toward them. Assumingly to destroy this villa they are eating in.


As her memory grows stronger, so does the effects of its trauma. But it is the memory of the men who are the cleanup crew which haunts her the most. So, with hearing one left a bullet in her in a rushed job, she decides to dig it out as Hector is supposed to be doing his raid. She has him bear witness so she knows she isn’t crazy.


The Board Is Coming

I have pretty much given up on the hosts doing anything interesting, so I can only hope that coup that Lee was talking about starting, or being part of, in episode 2 will begin. For, on top of the politics of their world being put on the back burner, I must admit one of the main reasons I started watching this show was Tessa Thompson. So considering she has yet to appear yet, one can only hope she is the board representative and she can bring something to this show worth noting.

Low Points

Things Remain Dull and Uneventful

As noted in the highlights, and the review intro, at this point the show is just blood, guns, occasionally sex, and that’s about it. Yes, we have Bernard tinkering with Dolores, but Bernard isn’t like Dr. Ford. He doesn’t have this mad scientist appeal. Wright plays him as a curious man who, since Dolores was one of his first, has taken almost a parental role toward her. Then, even with the mention of the maze outside of the Man in Black’s storyline, honestly, there is just an utter lack of reason to be intrigued.

I think the best way I could put my feelings about this show is that there is no real conflict, there is no fight against time, and it makes things very ho-hum. Even as the hosts’ memories become stronger and there might be the impending threat of revolution. Especially since, with the woodcutter hitting Stubbs and killing himself, it shows they are capable of both hurting humans and acting in their own interest.

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