With Craig due to ship out and head into combat, there is an impromptu wedding that further establishes the new dynamics of the group.

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With Craig due to ship out and head into combat, there is an impromptu wedding that further establishes the new dynamics of the group.

Director(s) Luca Guadagnino
Writer(s) Luca Guadagnino, Francesca Manieri, Paolo Giordano
Aired (HO) 10/5/2020
Introduced This Episode
Valentina Beatrice Barichella
Sole Vittoria Bottin

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

“Right here, right now #4” Recap

Integrated But Not Wanted – Fraser, Sam, Danny

At this point, Fraser is part of the friend group, but this doesn’t mean he is a beloved member. Sam, due to Fraser stealing Caitlin in his mind, hates Fraser. He thinks the boy doesn’t know love and thus hates his guts. Even when Fraser tries to be nice to him.

As for Danny? Well, you already know the situation. Fraser’s introduction caused a splinter in the group, and with Danny not being the biggest fan of Caitlin, Fraser never stood a chance. However, while those two have notable issues with Fraser, the rest are cool with him since it isn’t like he says or does much that could cause problems.

A Wedding To Remember – Craig, Danny, Sam, Britney, Valentina, Enrico, Sole, Fraser, Caitlin

Valentina (Beatrice Barichella) being proposed to.
Valentina (Beatrice Barichella)

With Sarah’s decision, it means Craig is leaving the base and going off to war. Due to this, he decides to rush into a marriage with his Italian girlfriend, Enrico’s sister, Valentina. An idea she is slightly uneasy about, but with the whole friend group (minus Sam) supporting it, and pooling $205 together, 60 of which is Fraser’s, they have a nice wedding.

Now, as for the honeymoon? Well, they break into a villa and have a HUGE party! One that sees Danny have sex, Enrico making out with a girl named Sole, who is interested in Fraser, and as this all happens, Caitlin sulks. One of the reasons? Well, before the nuptials, everyone was playing paintball, and Craig didn’t shoot her. She believes it was because she is a girl, and that teed her off. He says that wasn’t the case, but it doesn’t lessen the fact he didn’t even try to shoot her.

Where Your Loyalty Lies – Caitlin, Sole, Fraser, Sam, Britney, Craig

Sole (Vittoria Bottin) tired, if not temporarily passed out.
Sole (Vittoria Bottin)

But, it might not just be that. Throughout the day, Sam is cutting looks at Caitlin and she, to be petty, holds Fraser’s hand, and one could submit is a bit possessive of him. Hence her stepping up when Sole shows interest and getting slightly mad when Fraser reveals she kissed him and he kissed her back.

Though considering Britney full on makes out with Sam and Craig sneaking away so that the kids can’t give him a tearful goodbye, this could just be the start of something seriously brewing.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Britney notes her father works at the clinic, and that makes me wonder, is he Maggie’s boss or co-worker? Also, will we meet him?
  2. What are the chances Valentina got pregnant, considering there was no condom in sight?
  3. Heck, what are the chances Danny got someone pregnant, considering he too did not seemingly use a condom?




While Caitlin barely says anything the whole episode, there is just this draw to her that is undeniable. For her silence speaks volumes, and it pushes you to think and hope we’ll get a different viewpoint of the day throughout the episode. For whether it is why she took Fraser’s hand, knowing he isn’t the best with intimacy, or her trying to set boundaries when it comes to him being intimate with other people, there are raised flags there.

Mind you, it could be because Fraser has gotten under her skin, and now she has a love, possible dependency, on him. So the hand holding thing could have been to claim him and maybe not in a romantic way, but a protective way. For we know Sam vents to Britney, maybe Danny, and the rest, so this could have been a means to keep Valentina’s people away from Fraser. Either selfishly or to protect him since, while it isn’t clear what Fraser’s sexuality is, it is clear he could be willing to explore it.

Plus, lest we forget, Caitlin is a sister, so even if Danny is an ass now, who is to say she didn’t stick up for him and protect him when she was younger? If not he protect her? Heck, maybe her relationship with Fraser stems from missing having Danny as someone who she clicked with in a way that made her feel like his person, without conditions. Unlike her dad, who, with him being a Trump supporter, she realizes there are likely limits to his love.


I found it interesting that Fraser not only let Sam and Danny shoot him up, with a smile, but extended an olive branch to Sam. We often talk about Fraser’s immaturity and tendency towards violence, thanks to his relationship with his mother. However, there is also this softness when it comes to Caitlin, his desire, and confusion with intimacy shown through her and Sole, as well as him trying to be nice to Sam.

As shown through Richard, the show doesn’t like characters being utterly two dimensional. There is a desire for a lot of gray area, and you being allowed to theorize why for this relationship, or this belief, there is an exception? If Fraser is so violent towards his mom, why is his relationship with everyone else some form of normal, if not supportive? Considering Richard is a Trump supporter, why is he cool with his daughter being the tomboy she is, and he utterly neglects Danny?

Our point is, this episode really pushes you to understand each character has a unique relationship with one person that is an exception to the rest, and watching Fraser really pushes you to that idea.

On The Fence

Multiple Characters Need An Episode Focused On Them

There is a consistent desire to compare this to other teen shows, but “We Are Who We Are” stands out in that it wants to feature people who are different yet not make being something beyond the norm a grand thing. However, one thing I wish it did mimic was having character-focused episodes. Of which we got a taste of early on, with an episode zoomed in on Fraser’s day and another on Caitlin’s. However, that hasn’t happened in the third or fourth episode, even with the third giving us a touch bit more about Danny and this one showcasing Craig’s relationship in a minor way.

Britney making out with Sam.

So here is hoping we tap more into Britney, Sam, Danny, and especially Enrico and Valentina. For those two, I feel they could give us an idea of how locals feel about the Americans. Heck, I’d LOVE to know what Valentina’s family felt about her and Craig’s relationship. Assuming they knew anything.

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