Wayne before he fights Reggie on a more even fight.
Wayne: So we're doing this?

Reggie and Wayne finally fight, and we learn whether Wayne and Del get to have a happy ending or not.

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Director(s) Steve Pink
Writer(s) Shawn Simmons, Greg Coolidge, Kirk Ward
Air Date 1/16/2019

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She’s Having Puppies!: Principal Cole, Orlando, Maureen, Del

Cole and Orlando, as they have for most of the journey, show up late to the party but do find Maureen. This leads to Del learning Wayne was arrested, as was Calvin, and her heading to the station.

Meanwhile, Cole’s dog Lucky has puppies, and between that and a bunch of Percocet’s, Maureen opens up about Wayne’s childhood. Nothing major, just that she has a feeling he knew she would leave. Just by the way he’d look out the window whenever she went someone, faces pressed to the glass, sometimes banging his head against it.


Maureen realizing Wayne knew she'd leave him.
Maureen: I think Wayne always knew that I was gonna leave him.

There is something kind of poetic about this. Wayne has seemed like a puppy all this time, and we learn, as a kid, he had puppy-like qualities. So Maureen’s memories being triggered by the birth of dogs seems only fitting. Including Cole finding a way to save the puppies and naming them after the dogs his neighbor killed. For, like the dogs, Wayne gets a new life this episode. But more on that later.

You Got To Find Your Skates & Your Strength: Sgt. Geller, Wayne, Del, Reggie

With Wayne chained to a desk, he is forced to listen to Sgt. Geller try to break through to him. He attempts to do so by talking about his father who set aside his life, a competitive skating career for a family. This led to him being a miserable man and his kids knowing he was unhappy. Yet, on the eve Sgt. Geller learned his parents were divorcing, he saw his dad free while skating for the first time.

The point of that story was Sgt. Geller trying to relay to Wayne that, despite Wayne trying to deny his place in civilization, it could just be Wayne hasn’t found his skates yet. Plus, considering how he has positively affected people’s lives, he is not so much the loner or outsider he thinks he is. For whether we speak of Gail or Del, he has had a wonderful effect on many people’s lives and they miss having him.

Wayne is left with that as Sgt. Geller walks away and then gets dragged into a situation Reggie caused. A situation that leaves but one cop to watch Wayne and Reggie knocks out that dude to get his car back. However, with seeing Wayne chained to a desk, he decides to take advantage of the situation. Well, at least he tries to by fighting Wayne so that Wayne won’t try to take his car or attempt to take Maureen either.

This leads to Wayne proving he can do more than take a punch but can really fight. However, Reggie gets the upper hand, and an assault rifle, making it seem it is over for Wayne. But, right before Wayne gets a bullet, Del comes for the save! Well, she at least helps Wayne not get shot. But, eventually, Reggie overpowers her and begins choking her to death. Luckily, despite Wayne being pinned by a file cabinet, he uses his pain tolerance to nearly rip his forearm off to save Del and knock out Reggie.



Watching Wayne’s past fights, one could argue the element of surprise and taking on weaker people is how he won. Even with Reggie’s wrestler looking homeboy, Wayne got in one good shot and arguably got lucky. With this Reggie fight though? Well, Wayne proved that he can go a few rounds! Granted, Wayne is the type to use a weapon to enhance his fighting abilities, so there was a slight handicap in his favor, but that doesn’t take away from him dodging all of Reggie’s swings.

Also, I think we can all agree Wayne further amplified the need to compare him to an animal. The way his arm was to save Del, while romantic in a way, was also disgusting and desperate. But it does make you wonder what the hell is going on with Wayne’s pain tolerance? Was he born this way or did Maureen drop him? Taking a punch is one thing, even the Acetone mention from Maureen, but he damn near pulled his forearm off. He should have been screaming!

First Love: Del, Wayne, Bobby

With Wayne’s arm dangling lifelessly, Del is trying to get him to the hospital, despite his fears of being arrested. But before they get there Bobby’s truck slams into the Trans Am, on the driver’s side, and he has Del taken to the truck. From there, Bobby cuts a slit into Wayne’s nose, spits on him, and leaves him to die.

Which, thankfully, he doesn’t, but he does end up in jail. We aren’t told what specific charge he is in for, to gauge how long he’ll be in, but it is clear he is in juvie. Meaning, when the next season starts, you can fully expect him to get in more fights, have to find a job, and he might be 18.


Wayne with Del's necklace in his mouth.

I’m trying to understand Bobby’s logic. With your truck, going a decent speed, it seemed like a good idea to ram the driver’s side door? What if the car flipped? Heck, considering Del probably barely weighs 100 pounds, what if that car door didn’t protect her at all and you killed her? I knew Bobby was dumb but didn’t realize it was to this extent. Yet, what can you expect over a man who is an alcoholic with anger issues?

Bobby aside, I liked how this ended for it sets up season 2 in the best way. With Wayne saying he loved Del, and her calling him her boyfriend, they’re official. Also, with him going to jail, likely season 2 will feature him getting out and forced to live on the straight and narrow. Something we know is going to be a challenge for while Wayne may get his GED in prison, what can he do from there? Can Wayne clean with his strong sense of smell? Could Wayne be a day laborer again? Also, with only having Del, who will be on the cusp of 17, how will that work out? Well, unless they figure a way to head to LA. A place which Del wanted to go to previously, for reasons not explained.


  1. Wayne and Reggie’s fight has been a long time coming and didn’t disappoint.
  2. While I rushed through it, Sgt. Geller’s conversation with Wayne about finding your passion was touching. I’m not sure it got to Wayne, but it was a good speech.
  3. Wayne and Del are such a cute couple. Twisted in some ways, but adorable.

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Season 1/ Episode 1 “Chapter One: Get Some Then”

Wayne may very well be the first show that makes you want to have YouTube Premium.

Creator Shawn Simmons
Director(s) Iain B. MacDonald
Writer(s) Shawn Simmons
Air Date 1/16/2019
Genre(s) Comedy, Drama, Young Adult
Good If You Like Teenage Debauchery

Teen Psychopaths With A Heart of Gold

Road Trip Shows

Isn’t For You If You Find Bad Ass Kids Annoying

Don’t Like A Lot Of Vulgarity

Aren’t Much For Violence

Introduced This Episode
Wayne Mark McKenna
Wayne Sr. Ray McKinnon
Del Ciara Bravo
Orlando Joshua J. Williams
Gail Lisa Berry
Bobby Dean Winters

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