Title Card - Vida Season 3 Episode 5

As Lyn continues to rewrite her narrative, Emma is forced into a vulnerable position, and someone flirts with Eddy!

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As Lyn continues to rewrite her narrative, Emma is forced into a vulnerable position, and someone flirts with Eddy!

Directed By Tanya Saracho
Written By Jenniffer Gomez
Aired (STARZ) 5/24/2020
Introduced This Episode
Monica Karen Sours-Albisua

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Old School vs. New School – Eddy, Monica

While Emma is sick, Eddy finds herself having to deal with drag king performers who are very modern in terms of their adjectives in regards to gender presentation and sexuality. Which for Eddy, it is all a bit much since Eddy sees herself as a woman. So being called masc, non-binary, or whatever, it isn’t insulting enough to pick a fight, but being told you look like a 90s PE teacher is hurtful.

However, amongst the bunch is Monica, who seems to like Eddy’s look and perhaps Eddy. Leading to the rarely flirtatious Eddy having a healthy back and forth, and you left wondering if she is ready to move on from Vida?

Distinguishing Between My Own Shame And That Imposed By Others – Victor, Lyn, Karla, Silvia, Johnny, Rudy

Lyn didn’t have this grand epiphany then changed in a snap. Her dealing with shame is a long process, and as she deals with Silvia, Johnny, Karma, and even Rudy, she still has to fight back perceptions of herself. Karla may forever see her as the woman who Johnny kept leaving her for. Silvia will likely always think Lyn isn’t good enough for Rudy and as for the golden boy? Well, considering he refuses to acknowledge the bar, he may just see her as a pretty face to have on his arm and keep his secret of liking ass play.

Lyn staring down Silvia.

But Lyn wants so much more. She has been exposed to so much in life, and with that comes knowing better. It has just taken this long for everything to click in place.

So now the challenge is figuring out, when it comes to the bar, her life, and her relationships, if there is a sense of shame, is it from an external or internal source? Then, if it is internal, is it because she wants better, and has to be patient, or is she still working through what she was taught to feel?

When Things Come To A Head – Lyn, Emma, Victor, Nico

With Emma taking an abortion pill of some kind, her stomach is kicking her ass, and she vomits most of the day. This leads to her having some alone time with Nico, who addresses what she felt was a rapey situation in the last episode. However, Emma makes it clear she did what she wanted, and there are no regrets.

And speaking of no regrets, Nico reveals her regrets about getting caught up in distractions and pretty things, and with noting that she gives her two week’s notice. For with her selling a collection of essays, but having yet delivered them, it’s time to make that move and possibly move on. But not before making sure Emma is alright.

Which she isn’t, but not just due to the physical damage of the pill, but the emotional and mental toll so many are having on her life. For if it isn’t the protestors, who protest her business while standing in front of a place to share office space, it’s Victor. Someone who Lyn blew Emma off for, so that’s one strike against him, then he has the audacity to approach her, strike two, and then he talks about waiting for her until she is ready?

Let it be noted, Emma is way past wanting or needing her dad, and unlike Lyn, she’d rather be approached. So Victor trying to put the onus on Emma was insulting on multiple levels.


Being Reminded Eddy Is A Hot Commodity

While there is a need to reminds oneself “Vida” doesn’t really do time jumps, it has been a long time since we’ve seen a queer woman, besides Emma, get any sort of play or action. Eddy especially, despite being rather dependable and a teddy bear. So her getting sexualized a bit, reminded that she is a catch, you have to love to see it.

Monica (Karen Sours-Albisua) flirting with Eddie.
Monica (Karen Sours-Albisua)

Where Gender Meets Sexuality And Confusion

It’s a two for one special when it comes to Eddy and their dealing with the youth. But, while Monica brings a positive spin to things, her friends remind you how label intensive some are, and in trying to be progressive, they can also be oppressive as well. Hence Eddy not just leaving the room but us hearing them talk about her “PE Teacher” style. The idea here is to remind us that, no matter how many terms are made acceptable, and how people try to be respectful, in private, there is a chance they’ll still be ass****s. All due to the same shallow mindset they claim to fight against.

Lyn’s Journey of Self Discovery

There is a need to note all the conflicts Lyn mentally deals with. As noted earlier this season, she is Mexican American and feels not enough for both sides. As noted in a previous season, she recognizes her youth and privilege is what separates her from being in a less than advantageous position. Also, with her access to the wealthy, yet having the economics of the working class, she is torn in more ways than one.

Which is why her trying to reconcile all the things that make her, and the perceptions people have on her, is such a wild journey to be on. Particularly how she is moving forward despite trips here and there that could easily throw her off or lead her to question herself more than necessary.

Emma Confronting Her Dad & The Protestors

Here is the thing about Emma, all her life she has had to fight, and it is primarily because no one else steps up to do so. Lyn clearly isn’t going to address Emma’s feelings about Victor abandoning them or expecting his girls to do all the heavy work. When it comes to the protestors, Mari isn’t going to do anything, Lyn isn’t, Eddy, no one. They are just going to be the eternal nats who, as Emma says, are too afraid to take on a real company, true gentrifiers, so they aim for the easy target.

Emma in the bathroom, with Nico, dealing with being sick.

And with everything that is going on, including Nico leaving soon, it makes you wonder if Emma is coming close to her wits end?

Showing Drag Kings

Drag Kings aren’t as popular as Drag Queens since the idea of a man performing as a woman, be it for comedic effect or not, has always been more controversial. Such is shown by men like Billy Porter being in dresses and other feminine attire getting more outrage than any woman in a suit. But, that aside, it was nice for there to be a nod to an underseen community.

On The Fence

So, We’re Going To Sidestep The Brown/Black Face Monica Did?

Even if Monica was doing Blackface or Brown face. Which, considering the loops the group went through to justify some of their costume choices, I guess we’re skipping over if or how problematic this is.

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Being Reminded Eddy Is A Hot Commodity - 82%
Where Gender Meets Sexuality And Confusion - 82.5%
Lyn’s Journey of Self Discovery - 86%
Emma Confronting Her Dad & The Protestors - 85%
Showing Drag Kings - 80%
So, We’re Going To Sidestep The Brown/Black Face Monica Did? - 74%


As Lyn continues to rewrite her narrative, Emma is forced into a vulnerable position, and someone flirts with Eddy!

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