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Vida: Season 2, Episode 8 – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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While Emma continues to avoid any and all hard conversations, which don’t make her the victim, Lyn is beginning to realize how hard she makes life.

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Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Esti Giordani
Air Date5/23/2019

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Someone To Hang With: Lyn, Emma, Nico, Marcos

As show, Emma isn’t much for making new friends, so Nico has pretty much became her go to for everything. For example, scouting for local Latinx talent? Rather than take Lyn, she goes with Nico. Someone who is far more social, and of course this makes Emma uncomfortable.

As for Lyn? Well, she has attached herself to Marcos who loves the company and fully supports Lyn. Now, whether it is because she is an entertaining hot mess, I can’t say. However, on their way to a doctorate or not, Marcos is a bit messy too so they are a match made in glitter heaven. Especially since both are into the dance scene and with Marcos knowing San Cha, who Emma is trying to recruit, this leads to all parties ending up in the same underground queer club.

Scorched Earth: Lyn, Emma, Nico

One that leads to Emma blowing up. Not just on Lyn, who comes about just as Emma and Nico were about to kiss, but Nico gets the business as well. Mostly due to Nico trying to dictate how Emma talks and treats Lyn.

Someone To Love Me: Lyn, Emma, Nico, Johnny

But, thanks to Nico being apologetic and consistent, the two make up. Mostly due to the fact they get trapped out of the club with no clear way to get back in. Leading to Emma revealing how people violating her trust are immediately out of her life but with Lyn, since that is her only family, things are complicated. Nico returns this openness with revealing her own fears of connecting with people and them possibly disappointing her.

As for Lyn? Well, while Marcos is off having a grand time, Lyn finds herself looking to pee and ending up peeing in a sink which actually was part of an art exhibit. Leading to her, promptly, being kicked out and on the street. Oh, and did we mention she is on MDMA or another party drug? Yeah, it makes the fact some kids are stalking her, threatening to follow her home, a bit worrisome. Yet, with a check-in call to Johnny, who decides to show up, it is like feeling needed strangely erases all he has said thus far this season.

You know, him calling Lyn a detour, saying they can’t be friends, calling her out for manipulating people with her looks. All of that becomes forgiven since he shows up and it seems Johnny allows himself under Lyn’s spell again.


Nico Challenging Emma

Emma is the type of person who doesn’t like being held accountable and takes criticism to heart. Whether it is warranted or not, she will see it as the beginning of the end, and it makes you wonder how many, if any, serious relationships has she had? But, then again, maybe her exes just aren’t like Nico?

For example, Marcos tells us, not in this episode but another, how Cruz has issues just like Emma, and that probably played a role in their breakup. As for Nico? Well, from what we’ve seen, yeah they have a past, but they aren’t as burdened by it like the rest. Not to say she is so mature and has worked through all their issues, the wedding episode made it clear, alongside this one, there are some things to work on. However, unlike Emma, it seems Nico is at least willing to have those challenging conversations which deal with being held accountable for their actions and how they make someone else feel.

Emma and Nico talking outside the party.

Emma Not Being Jealous When Nico Gets Close To Lyn

In the back of my mind, there is this slight worry that Emma could be the jealous type and seeing Nico hug and be cool with Lyn could trigger something. Luckily, Emma pays Lyn and Nico being cool no mind, even when she sees them hug.

On The Fence

Johnny & Marcos

Maybe I’ve missed something, but it makes no sense how Johnny is now cool enough with Lyn to be back to having sex and romantic again. That is, unless we’re just to believe they are so OTP that their emotions, well Johnny’s, ebbs and flows to the point he almost always ends up back with her. No matter how toxic they can be towards each other.

Though the big issue isn’t even him returning but us not seeing the lead-up and him having no storyline besides the lingering ex. After all, wasn’t he still trying to get his ex back just a few episodes ago? Didn’t she eye him in a way where he could maybe regain her trust? Something seems off about this reunion to me.

But switching to Marcos, for him too I need him to have a life outside Lyn. I get that he isn’t a main character so him being seen on his day to day isn’t happening. Never mind this isn’t an ensemble cast type of show. However, between his relationship with Cruz and being as fabulous as he is, surely there is more to be said and explored, right?

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 2, Episode 3As Emma starts thinking about how life can be now that she left Chicago, she comes to some decisions. Of which some don’t make Lyn too happy as she struggles with life.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Nancy C. Mejia, Jenniffer Gomez
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
RudyAdrian Gonzalez
NicoRoberta Colindrez
  • Swallowing Your Pride: Johnny, Tlaloc, Marisol, Eddy, Emma, Lyn
  • When Effort Doesn’t Lead To Results, Beyond What You’re Used To: Lyn, Rudy, Dona Tita
  • Ending What Was Old & Welcoming Something New: Cruz, Emma, Nico
Season 2, Episode 4In a rather emotional episode, Mari makes a mistake with Eddy and Emma has a bit of an emotional awakening.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Chelsey Lora
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Unnecessary Cruelty: Marisol, Eddy, Lyn, Emma, Baco, Johnny
  • Learn To Use Your Feathers: Dona Tita, Lyn
  • When You Know What You Want, But Settle For What You Need: Baco, Nico, Emma
Season 2, Episode 5As more is taken from Eddy and Emma’s memories, one can only hope they realize it is lightening their cross to bear.
irector(s)Gandja Monteiro
Writer(s)Nancy C. Mejia, Elena Crevello
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Inclusion: Eddy, Emma
  • When Bad Turns To Worse: Nico, Emma, Eddy, Nelson, Lyn, Johnny
  • Flaunt Your Feathers: Rudy, Lyn, Emma
Season 2, Episode 6The s*** hits the fan and may drive Emma to a panic attack.
Director(s)Gandja Monteiro
Writer(s)Mando Alvarado
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
LisaDiana Danger
  • He Is Not Your Father!: Emma, Lyn
  • Dismissed: Lisa, Marisol, Tlaloc, Eddy, Emma, Nico
  • Just When They Were In Recovery:Marcos, Lyn, Emma
Season 2, Episode 2As Emma slowly removes the stick out of her bum, Marisol is dealing with some interesting developments.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Evangeline Ordaz
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
              BacoRaúl Castillo
  • Same Old Mistakes: Marisol, Yoli, Tlaloc
  • Let Me Keep Some Dignity: Lyn, Emma, Eddy, Johnny
  • Compatibility Questions: Cruz, Emma, Lyn, Eddy, Baco
Season 2, Episode 7As Emma deals with Lyn’s betrayal, Marisol and Eddy are trying to handle being rejected by their assumed family.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Gladys Rodriguez
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Exposed: Mari, Johnny, Tlaloc
  • Trying To Get Back On The Good Foot: Marcos, Nelson, Lyn
  • It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay: Marisol, Emma, Nico, Eddy, Lyn
Season 1/ Episode 1 [Series Premiere]With STARZ barely featured in “water cooler” conversation, it seems with Vida, there is a push to really be taken seriously as a network which promotes diverse stories.
CreatorTanya Saracho
Director(s)Alonso Ruizpalacios
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date5/6/2018
Noted Actors
VidaliaRose Portillo
LynMelissa Barrera
EmmaMishel Prada
EddySer Anzoategui
JuniperJackson Davis
JohnnyCarlos Miranda
MariChelsea Rendon
Season 1/ Episode 2Emma learns the state of Vida’s books as Lyn searches for some answers out of Lupe about life.
Director(s)So Yong Kim
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho, Santa Sierra
Air Date5/13/2018
Actors Introduced
LupeElena Campbell-Martinez
TlalocRamses Jimenez
NelsonLuis Bordonada
CruzMaria-Elena Laas
  • Mari Got A Lot Going On: Mari
  • It’s So Hard To Really Let Go: Johnny, Emma, Lyn, Juniper
  • Standing Against Adversity: Emma, Lyn, Eddy
Season 1/ Episode 3As Emma hunkers down and starts working on the books, Eddy has a breakthrough with the girls and Lyn? Well, she deals with Karla.
Director(s)Rashaad Ernesto Green
Writer(s)Evangeline Ordaz
Air Date5/20/2018
Actors Introduced
KarlaErika Soto
Doña TitaRenée Victor
  • The Sweet Escape: Mari, Tlaloc, Johnny
  • The Wrecking Ball Meets Steel: Lyn, Johnny
  • The Women You Don’t Know: Eddy, Emma, Lyn
Season 1/ Episode 4We finally get to know the details of Emma’s beef with Vida as Mari learns Tlaloc is not a good dude – despite his excuses.
Director(s)Rose Troche
Writer(s)Chelsey Lora
Air Date5/27/2018
Actors Introduced
JacksonAnthony De La Torre
HarperTru Collins
AuroraLaura Patalano
Little GirlAaliyah Samara Lopez
  • The Grand Betrayal: Mari, Tlaloc, Eddy, Emma
  • One of Us: Lyn
  • Learned Shame: Emma, Cruz, Eddy
Season 1/ Episode 5As Lyn and Emma start planting roots, Eddy continues to try to break through to the girls and form some sort of family. Also, Mari and Emma have a conversation.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Mando Alvarado
Air Date6/3/2018
  • I’m Not Going To Fight No More: Karla, Johnny, Lyn
  • Dealing With Things In My Own Way: Emma, Eddy, Mari
  • Taking Back My Power: Mari, Tlaloc
Season 1, Episode 6 [Season Finale]The world shifts for both Emma and Lyn as two major events mean they have closed a chapter in their life and are ready to begin a new one.
Director(s)Rose Troche
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date6/10/2018
  • The End of an Era: Lyn, Johnny, Lupe
  • I Don’t Stay Where I’m Not Wanted: Emma, Nelson, Eddy, Cruz
  • A Breakdown To Rebuild: Emma, Eddy, Lyn
Season 2, Episode 1 [Season Premiere]As Emma decides to double down on the bar, many question if there is still time to turn their lives around.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
GeorgeAlex Klein
  • Is It Too Late To Get My S*** Together?: Johnny, Marisol, Lynn
  • Going All In: Emma, George
  • Welcome to Vida: Emma, Eddy, Nelson
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Emma Not Being Jealous When Nico Gets Close To Lyn - 80%
Johnny & Marcos - 70%


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