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Vida: Season 2, Episode 7 – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

by Amari
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As Emma deals with Lyn’s betrayal, Marisol and Eddy are trying to handle being rejected by their assumed family.

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Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Gladys Rodriguez
Air Date5/23/2019

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Exposed: Mari, Johnny, Tlaloc

Johnny just learns about Tlaloc video of Mari giving him fellatio and, well he beats that dude to the point he is unrecognizable. Leading to a few things: The first being Tlaloc breaking up with Mari. Secondly, Mari’s dad kicks out Mari and makes her homeless effective immediately.

Tlaloc after Johnny beats his ass.

Trying To Get Back On The Good Foot: Marcos, Nelson, Lyn

After the credit card reveal, Lyn figures the only way to get back on Emma’s good graces is going after Nelson. Someone who, with Marcos’ help, she plans to expose. You see, Marcos and Lyn were talking about colorism in the Latinx community, and then Marcos mentions his tia got rejected by Nelson. So they make a profile, taking advantage of his love of white girls, and decide to take the chat and a dick pic, and send it to Mari’s group. Because, you know, if you want to ruin a local Latinx figure, who else would you send it to?

It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay: Marisol, Emma, Nico, Eddy, Lyn

Despite what seemed like the young version of Vida reaching out to Emma, seemingly that wasn’t the case. Assumingly, due to lighting, Nico’s hand just looked darker than it is and what ended up happening is Emma went to her house. Mind you, nothing happened between them. Nico slept on the couch and Emma in the bed. But, with getting a good night sleep came a bit of clarity, and her headache gone.

Leading to Nico bringing up she knows a brand ambassador and the option to lease wall space being available. Something Emma goes for despite seeming dismayed when another mural was taking down within one or two episodes. Yet, money is money, it is her property, so she decides to do it.

Eddy drunkenly talking to Nico who is trying to prevent Eddy from drinking and driving.

However, Eddy loses her mind, so Emma shuts her down and reminds her she wasn’t married to her mother, and that will don’t mean jack. Which, as you can imagine, blows Eddy away and leaves her devastated. I’m talking to the point of, later on wanting to drink and drive – maybe commit suicide even. Though Emma doesn’t seem to really care.

Well, it is assumed she doesn’t care. Yet, you could argue, to keep her karma in balance, she helps Mari so no darkness circles her head. Something that is a bit of a problem for Lyn since she gets told about herself, and told she is ugly inside. Leading her to do a bruja remedy that may or may not have taken since she didn’t follow directions.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. So was that Nico who offered their hand at the end of the last episode?
  2. Based on Emma saying Lyn took a month, does that mean the bar and apartments make 14K a month?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Nelson is 34
  • The show takes place in Boyle Heights, Los Angeles


Conversation About Colorism In The Latinx Community

Lyn and Marcos talking about colorism.

As noted in an earlier episode, culture is a serious focus on Vida since it is like how many classic comedies of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, were for Black people. Yes, there is this sense that a lot of things are general, relatable, and universal. Yet, every now and then, there is a scene which is personal, and you would need to be of the culture, or adjacent, to get. For while colorism is a big thing amongst many cultures, especially Black and Brown, to see two characters have a casual conversation about it, void of an after-school special vibe, is important. Plus, being that it is not just in this episode, but multiple episodes, it is noted, you’re reminded it is not something that just suddenly is a thing and then it doesn’t matter. Being lighter, in many communities, means a vast amount of privilege beyond what is often given credit for.

So whether it is Marcos and Lyn, Emma with a good portion of the reoccurring members of the cast, or whoever, you have to applaud the show not running through a list. Never mind presenting an issue then suddenly backing off from it.

Emma Being There For Marisol

I just want them to hug once. To see them have a deep conversation about life, where they see each other’s going, just once. They do live together now so it should happen, right? After all, it isn’t like Emma has friends really. She does have Nico, but with that being a potential partner, I’m sure she’ll need someone else to talk about relationship stuff – or am I just being corny?

On The Fence

Eddy Is A Mess

Don’t get me wrong, I feel for Eddie, I do. But I’m starting to see why shows jump weeks and months ahead. There is a serious need to know what is next for Eddy since her posturing and trying to assert herself is getting seriously old. Surely there is something else that can be done with this character, right?

Lyn’s Revenge

Is Nelson trash? Yes. Yet, I don’t how to feel about the possibility of Lyn sharing his dick pic. On the one hand, he did inappropriately touch Emma. But, on the other, while the picture won’t ruin his personal life, his professional life? More than likely. Plus, I really don’t like Mari’s group’s way of handling things since there isn’t seemingly room for discussion. They just react like immature pinches.

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Season/ EpisodeSynopsisEpisode InformationTopics & Focused Characters
Season 2, Episode 3As Emma starts thinking about how life can be now that she left Chicago, she comes to some decisions. Of which some don’t make Lyn too happy as she struggles with life.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Nancy C. Mejia, Jenniffer Gomez
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
RudyAdrian Gonzalez
NicoRoberta Colindrez
  • Swallowing Your Pride: Johnny, Tlaloc, Marisol, Eddy, Emma, Lyn
  • When Effort Doesn’t Lead To Results, Beyond What You’re Used To: Lyn, Rudy, Dona Tita
  • Ending What Was Old & Welcoming Something New: Cruz, Emma, Nico
Season 2, Episode 4In a rather emotional episode, Mari makes a mistake with Eddy and Emma has a bit of an emotional awakening.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Chelsey Lora
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Unnecessary Cruelty: Marisol, Eddy, Lyn, Emma, Baco, Johnny
  • Learn To Use Your Feathers: Dona Tita, Lyn
  • When You Know What You Want, But Settle For What You Need: Baco, Nico, Emma
Season 2, Episode 5As more is taken from Eddy and Emma’s memories, one can only hope they realize it is lightening their cross to bear.
irector(s)Gandja Monteiro
Writer(s)Nancy C. Mejia, Elena Crevello
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Inclusion: Eddy, Emma
  • When Bad Turns To Worse: Nico, Emma, Eddy, Nelson, Lyn, Johnny
  • Flaunt Your Feathers: Rudy, Lyn, Emma
Season 2, Episode 6The s*** hits the fan and may drive Emma to a panic attack.
Director(s)Gandja Monteiro
Writer(s)Mando Alvarado
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
LisaDiana Danger
  • He Is Not Your Father!: Emma, Lyn
  • Dismissed: Lisa, Marisol, Tlaloc, Eddy, Emma, Nico
  • Just When They Were In Recovery:Marcos, Lyn, Emma
Season 2, Episode 2As Emma slowly removes the stick out of her bum, Marisol is dealing with some interesting developments.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Evangeline Ordaz
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
              BacoRaúl Castillo
  • Same Old Mistakes: Marisol, Yoli, Tlaloc
  • Let Me Keep Some Dignity: Lyn, Emma, Eddy, Johnny
  • Compatibility Questions: Cruz, Emma, Lyn, Eddy, Baco
Season 2, Episode 7As Emma deals with Lyn’s betrayal, Marisol and Eddy are trying to handle being rejected by their assumed family.
Director(s)Jenée Lamarque
Writer(s)Gladys Rodriguez
Air Date5/23/2019
  • Exposed: Mari, Johnny, Tlaloc
  • Trying To Get Back On The Good Foot: Marcos, Nelson, Lyn
  • It’s Not Right, But It’s Okay: Marisol, Emma, Nico, Eddy, Lyn
Season 1/ Episode 1 [Series Premiere]With STARZ barely featured in “water cooler” conversation, it seems with Vida, there is a push to really be taken seriously as a network which promotes diverse stories.
CreatorTanya Saracho
Director(s)Alonso Ruizpalacios
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date5/6/2018
Noted Actors
VidaliaRose Portillo
LynMelissa Barrera
EmmaMishel Prada
EddySer Anzoategui
JuniperJackson Davis
JohnnyCarlos Miranda
MariChelsea Rendon
Season 1/ Episode 2Emma learns the state of Vida’s books as Lyn searches for some answers out of Lupe about life.
Director(s)So Yong Kim
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho, Santa Sierra
Air Date5/13/2018
Actors Introduced
LupeElena Campbell-Martinez
TlalocRamses Jimenez
NelsonLuis Bordonada
CruzMaria-Elena Laas
  • Mari Got A Lot Going On: Mari
  • It’s So Hard To Really Let Go: Johnny, Emma, Lyn, Juniper
  • Standing Against Adversity: Emma, Lyn, Eddy
Season 1/ Episode 3As Emma hunkers down and starts working on the books, Eddy has a breakthrough with the girls and Lyn? Well, she deals with Karla.
Director(s)Rashaad Ernesto Green
Writer(s)Evangeline Ordaz
Air Date5/20/2018
Actors Introduced
KarlaErika Soto
Doña TitaRenée Victor
  • The Sweet Escape: Mari, Tlaloc, Johnny
  • The Wrecking Ball Meets Steel: Lyn, Johnny
  • The Women You Don’t Know: Eddy, Emma, Lyn
Season 1/ Episode 4We finally get to know the details of Emma’s beef with Vida as Mari learns Tlaloc is not a good dude – despite his excuses.
Director(s)Rose Troche
Writer(s)Chelsey Lora
Air Date5/27/2018
Actors Introduced
JacksonAnthony De La Torre
HarperTru Collins
AuroraLaura Patalano
Little GirlAaliyah Samara Lopez
  • The Grand Betrayal: Mari, Tlaloc, Eddy, Emma
  • One of Us: Lyn
  • Learned Shame: Emma, Cruz, Eddy
Season 1/ Episode 5As Lyn and Emma start planting roots, Eddy continues to try to break through to the girls and form some sort of family. Also, Mari and Emma have a conversation.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Mando Alvarado
Air Date6/3/2018
  • I’m Not Going To Fight No More: Karla, Johnny, Lyn
  • Dealing With Things In My Own Way: Emma, Eddy, Mari
  • Taking Back My Power: Mari, Tlaloc
Season 1, Episode 6 [Season Finale]The world shifts for both Emma and Lyn as two major events mean they have closed a chapter in their life and are ready to begin a new one.
Director(s)Rose Troche
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date6/10/2018
  • The End of an Era: Lyn, Johnny, Lupe
  • I Don’t Stay Where I’m Not Wanted: Emma, Nelson, Eddy, Cruz
  • A Breakdown To Rebuild: Emma, Eddy, Lyn
Season 2, Episode 1 [Season Premiere]As Emma decides to double down on the bar, many question if there is still time to turn their lives around.
Director(s)Catalina Aguilar Mastretta
Writer(s)Tanya Saracho
Air Date5/23/2019
Introduced This Episode
GeorgeAlex Klein
  • Is It Too Late To Get My S*** Together?: Johnny, Marisol, Lynn
  • Going All In: Emma, George
  • Welcome to Vida: Emma, Eddy, Nelson
Conversation About Colorism In The Latinx Community - 90%
Emma Being There For Marisol - 89%
Eddy Is A Mess - 75%
Lyn’s Revenge - 70%


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A June 20, 2019 - 4:59 AM

Based on Emma saying Lyn took a month, does that mean the bar and apartments make 14K a month?

Don’t know if the apartments rent and bar make 14k, but Emma owes 13k a month for the debt. Nelson makes note of this saying he’s impressed after Emma succeeded for the first payment and says that he’ll go even more aggressively at her property soon enough.


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