One major issue Esty had with Yanky is revealed, alongside Esty trying to make the most of Berlin as Yanky and Moishe hunt her down and harass Leah.

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One major issue Esty had with Yanky is revealed, alongside Esty trying to make the most of Berlin as Yanky and Moishe hunt her down and harass Leah.

Directed By Maria Schrader
Written By Anna Winger, Alexa Karolinski
Aired (Netflix) 3/26/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.

Everyone & Your Mother In The Bedroom: Miriam, Yanky, Malka, Esty

One of the first major issues Esty seemed to have with Yanky is that he is a mother’s boy. How bad? Well, let’s just say, when Yanky and Esty are having difficulties having sex, they don’t bring in the woman who helped Esty understand the expectations of being with an ultraorthodox man, Miriam was sent in. And what did she do/ say? Well, Miriam blames Esty for all of the troubles. To which, when Esty talked to Yanky, she was upset about that and brought up how, in the Talmud, he is supposed to think about her pleasure.

Yeah, that didn’t go over well since, apparently, women aren’t supposed to read that. Showing this is a deeply patriarchal religious sect, and God help a woman who cares about getting an orgasm. Though, considering Esty’s own aunt didn’t want to be of any help, maybe Esty needed God to intervene since everyone was more worried about Miriam or others would say vs. anything Esty said to advocate for herself.

The Search for Esty: Moishe, Leah, Yanky

With Leah being their main, if not only, lead, Moishe naturally sees her as the one to continue investigating. But, while he investigates Leah’s home, Yanky decides to see her directly and bug the heck out of her at work. Leading to you realizing how ignorant Yanky is about what Esty went through, if not so self-absorbed he doesn’t realize how unhappy Esty, if not women in general, might be in the community.

Which to prove this point, he notes how Leah could have, would have, been taken care of, yet she reminds him she had a drunk for a husband, and nothing was done to help her then. So why would Yanky think something would change? Who does he think would have made the situation better? And with losing that battle, he refocuses on the war, which is getting his wife back home. A topic that, just to get him out of her face, Leah says she’ll help with despite having not a lick of a desire to.

As for Moishe? Well, outside of further establishing he has a gambling problem, and trying to have Yanky sleep with a sex worker, he breaks into Leah’s apartment. There he finds the notice Esty plans to audition for the conservatory, and with that, he has what he needs and leaves evidence he was there so that Leah gets the message.

Never Knew A Feeling Like This Before: Robert, Dasia, Esty

Esty looking at Robert, who has his hands on her shoulders.

While Moishe stalks her, even takes pictures of her having fun, Esty is reconnecting with Robert and Dasia. Which, for a moment, creates awkward situations for Esty. After all, she rushed out of the dorm the night before and has avoided contact since. However, both try to make it clear Yael didn’t mean to be as harsh as she seemed, and while Esty thinks she did, she eventually moves on.

But, with realizing she very well may not get the scholarship, originally, she was going to just drop out from trying. However, between the secretary making her feel guilty and loving spending time with Robert and Dasia, it seems she will at least try. Plus, with her making out, maybe having sex with, Robert, she has all the motivation she needs to get that scholarship so she can stay.


Esty About To Get It In

Considering Vaginisums isn’t just a thing to make Esty feel guilty, but is very much legit, it was even brought up in season one of “Sex Education,” it’s going to be fun to see if she struggles with Robert. Also, whether there will be any guilt involved, considering she is still married and is under the impression she is likely pregnant.

Understanding Why Esty and Leah Left

Though with that said, her sex scene with Yanky damn near looked like rape and was the most uncomfortable thing to watch – even with them both covered up. Yet, it further shows you why she and Leah felt the need to leave. For Leah, there was no support. She was expected to do as her man wanted or faced the criticism and isolation. Something that we’re slowly but surely seeing with Esty who has everyone in her sex life, her aunt refusing to be of any assistance, and there being no discussion or negotiation about what is good for her. She’s just expected to drop everything, including her draws, for the sake of making Yanky happy. For he is the king, and she isn’t so much the queen as the servant.

Esty and Yanky in bed.

On The Fence

Is Moishe Really As Dangerous As He Wants To Seem?

Right now, Moishe seems dangerous only due to him being desperate. As for the gun, and hanging with sleazy types, he doesn’t necessarily inspire much in the way of fear. I’d even say, if Robert caught him, he’d probably knock him out. Plus, what’s the plan to get Esty back to America anyway? Beyond using the child and a court of law, how else would they force the issue? Heck, considering Esty has German citizenship, there is a further need to ask how they would find a way to force her back?

Not to say I know the law in regards to custody, but depending on the judge, Esty has a way better case that Yanky right now.

Will We Get To See Esty and Her Mother Talk?

While the abandonment likely still burns, surely Esty has to speak to Leah in the finale, right? Be it at the audition or sometime before or after? It just seems they need to have a moment addressing Esty coming to terms with what happened because she now understands why it happened. Much less, a thank you since those citizenship papers are what likely is making things far easier for Esty than trying to be in Germany undocumented.

Will We Get To See Esty and Her Mother Talk? - 75%
Is Moishe Really As Dangerous As He Wants To Seem? - 70%
Understanding Why Esty and Leah Left - 86%
Esty About To Get It In - 85%


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