Overview The show finally decides to live up to its name. Review (with Spoilers) Call this episode a last minute fix for the ho-hum nature of Twisted has just gotten violently shook up, and while some parts of the shakeup admittedly feels a little forced, and sort of campy, perhaps it can be retooled so…

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The show finally decides to live up to its name.

Review (with Spoilers)

Call this episode a last minute fix for the ho-hum nature of Twisted has just gotten violently shook up, and while some parts of the shakeup admittedly feels a little forced, and sort of campy, perhaps it can be retooled so when the 2nd season begins they can go full speed ahead. Until then though, there are a few questions left to be answered, and many moments which don’t excite as much as they lead to a raised eyebrow. Details below.

Topic 1: After the Confession – Danny [Avan Jogia]

With Danny’s confession comes a small bit of fallout. Not as much as you’d think though since Kyle keeps the whole situation under wraps, and then with Jo’s [Maddie Hasson] confession comes vindication of Danny who now just has a monitor bracelet on him. But, with Danny’s confession comes enough doubt so Jack [Ivan Sergei] could be released. And once again you see Danny and Jack share a semi-father and son moment as Danny tries to be the man Vikram [TJ Ramini] was not.

However, even with Danny doing the right thing, it seems Jo and Lacey [Kylie Bunbury] are back to warming up to him again. Jo a bit more quickly since Danny’s confession of liking her surely warmed her up. But, with the writers creating some form of chemistry between Jo and Danny, Lacey feels a little left out and awkward. Luckily though, she has Whitney [Brianne Howey] around.

Topic 2: Family Matters: Part 1 – Whitney

But, with Jack in prison for most of the episode, it seems Whitney’s mom is ready to pull her out of Green Grove and send her to a new boarding school. Lacey wants to stop this though, especially after learning about Whitney’s boyfriend hitting on her. She even confronts Whitney’s mom who retorts with accusations that Whitney is a pathological liar. Including lying how she has never been with boys when she was before, even though it was more so her using a boy for some freedom from a boarding school.

Either way, Lacey feels a bit hurt by being lied to and asks for space. Which, considering what we learn later on, maybe the best choice.

Topic 3: Family Matters: Part 2 – Charlie [Jack Falahee]

Leading to the topic of Charlie. In the episode Charlie, frankly, snaps and as he lose grips on Jo, and watches Danny get close to her again, he decides to kidnap Jo and in this moment a lot is revealed. For one, he thought he was Tara’s son, when truly he is Tess’ [Kimberly Quinn], and perhaps the most interesting part of Charlie’s saga is learning that he was in co-hoots with Jack and Whitney over something. Of which I can only assume deals with revenge on Vikram, for he did say someone was after him. But with Vikram dead, could Jack and Whitney be after Vikram’s money, one of his secrets, or perhaps they want to wipe out his gene pool and Karen?

And perhaps this episode was the defibrillator the series needed for with the devolve style of character development, and then with Regina’s [Karynn Moore] murder being solved, the show was left in a weird limbo for a few episodes. But, while I do like the whole Charlie angle because he has been a well-established weirdo since meeting him, the Whitney and Jack angle does feel a little forced. I mean, you could argue that a possible season 2 can strengthen their characters and make them a bit more sinister, but the way Whitney and Jack talked about their plans of infiltrating the Desai home, Charlie going rogue and all that just felt so campy. Which could be the angle the writers are going for, but to me a serious tone worked so much better in the past.

As for the overall season, I feel that somewhere between Lacey leaving her old friends for Danny and Charlie beginning to turn Jo against Danny, there were too many filler episodes which lacked direction. When we began we had the Regina’s murder, and Danny was perfect to me, especially with that “Socio” label which Avan played up. However, once Danny became more of a troubled, semi-bad boy, more than a possible murderer, that persona died and I think, for me anyway, a lot of the interest in the show went with it.

Then there is the issue of the love triangle. Now, while I love Dacey as a couple, and love the build to their relationship, it ended seemingly for the sole purpose of making Jo relevant. For, really since the beginning, all Jo ever did was either be Danny’s character witness or be the one to witness anything bad he did. And, at first, before the whole liking Danny thing came around, it actually seemed they were going to develop her as a character. Someone who was in her shell for so long and was blossoming. But, then they decided to water her down to a moody teenager with a taste for bad boys.

As for Lacey, she gets thrown in the pile of Black girls who get no consistent story. Lacey has hardly changed at all since meeting her. And every story she has been in basically has gotten thrown out and damn near forgotten. Sarita and company haven’t been seen much since the show returned, her family drama is barely mentioned and they virtually don’t exist, and that story with her and Whitney feels so slapped together to give her something to do that I find it insulting. But, with the actress having a contract, I guess they have to write something for her.

Perhaps the only thing I consistently liked, or loved to hate, was Rico. Which I find so strange.

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