Amy Schumer (The Leather Special) – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

65.77% (2)

I’d like to think I enjoy vulgar comedy. After all, the majority of comedians I like can’t do a complete stand-up performance without some mention of bodily fluids, sex, or cursing. Much less, I’m a fan of the people Judd Apatow made famous. Yet, while I loved Trainwreck, I felt reminded why I have never watched Amy Schumer’s comedy show.

The Introduction

No matter how famous Amy gets, she is still just a girl from Long Island with a dream. One which gets on stage and talks about blacking out from drinking, dealing with her and her boyfriend’s bodily fluids, as well as various aspects of her body, but specifically her vagina. All the while, getting paid for it. I mean, what more could a girl want right?


It Included Pictures For Reference

Something I kind of wish more comedians would do when telling jokes, is include pictures. A lot of the time they got these huge ass screens for the people in the back and they just show their image. They aren’t used to accentuate a joke or put it over the edge. For Amy though, when making fun of how magazines embellish on her and her sister’s style, among other things, she uses those screens to try to make you laugh.

Low Points

It’s A Prime Example Of How Vulgar Does Not Equal Funny

Talking about how her vagina smells is likely a relatable topic, as well as when her boyfriend takes too long to cum or asks where to cum. However, there isn’t a joke amongst this or even a compelling story. Instead, it is a bunch of awkward moments strung together with a few whiny voices for some attempt at comedic effect. Plus, I don’t think it was even me who didn’t find it funny. The audience seemed dead and the camera shots of people laughing just seemed about trying to make you feel weird about not laughing.

But perhaps the real problem here isn’t the topics, but it seeming Amy believes they have shock value. For honestly, there were moments it seemed she thought a joke would have led to a laugh and she got silence. So she just gathered herself up and moved on. Hoping that the next joke, be it dealing with her blackouts, how she got food poisoning, or her going to the Peabody awards and Inside Amy Schumer being nominated alongside Malala and Ebola fighters, maybe something may stick. Maybe there will be one joke she can revisit for when the audience gets quiet and she can be like “Remember that joke 5 minutes ago? Yeah, good times.”

Overall: Negative (Don’t Watch)

With Netflix heavily investing into comedy specials, to the point there is going to be at least one a month, I do hope they aren’t looking for quantity over quality. Much less, not focusing on name recognition vs. being the hosts for potential classics. For if this special, and even Trevor’s to a point, are supposed to be a sign of things to come, Comedy Central and HBO have nothing to worry about in terms of not having these big name acts.

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