Trinkets: Season 2/ Episode 7, 8, 9 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Elodie stealing something for Jillian.

As we come upon the series finale, the girls’ relationships are rocked at Thanksgiving, but by Christmas, they are far more worried about expulsion.

As we come upon the series finale, the girls’ relationships are rocked at Thanksgiving, but by Christmas, they are far more worried about expulsion.

Director(s) Megan Griffiths, Sara St. Onge
Writer(s) Crystal Ferreiro, Emily Ryan Lerner, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith, Alex Blagg
Aired (Netflix) 8/25/2020
Introduced In These Episodes
Danny Andrew Keegan

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Episode 7 “Same Time Last Year”

Title Card - Trinkets Season 2 Episode 7

It’s Thanksgiving, and with that, Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha find themselves reminiscing on the year that went by. For Elodie, it is thinking about her mom and her sweet potatoes and marshmallow concoction. Tabitha? Well, having Thanksgiving with Brady’s family and getting a scar after he has a tantrum. And when it comes to Moe? It’s a combination of Danny, her dad, disappointing her, and the beginning of things with Noah.

Which may make you wonder, is this year better? Well, for Tabitha – HELL YEAH! Lori is off doing some retreat, so she gets 3 days alone, and rather than do something reckless, she, at Moe’s suggestion, has a Friendsgiving that Moe’s parents and Elodie’s are invited to with Ben doing the cooking. Leading to a nice night, at first, until Danny shows up.

Mind you, Danny doesn’t act a fool or anything, but he and Moe haven’t reconciled, and with her having an audience, she puts him on blast. And while he is ready to mend old bridges, she is still holding him at arm’s length for now. Though what doesn’t help her mood is learning Tabitha and Ben are a thing, despite her forewarning Tabitha about her brother and that being made forbidden.

Episode 8 “Black Friday”

Title Card - Trinkets Season 2 Episode 8

The aftermath of Thanksgiving leaves a lot of damaged relationships. Some of which heal, like Moe with Tabitha, and her brother Ben. Also, despite revealing she knew, Elodie finds a way to reconcile with Moe. However, others find their relationships souring.

For example, with Elodie caught stealing by Spence, he decides he can and should too, and so he gets Elodie something in case she gets sent away. This, as you can imagine, is likely to flare up her guilt and feelings that she ruins everything. Though Spence ends up the least of her problems since, at the showcase, where she was selected to sing, she flops until Sabine shows up, and Jillian sees their chemistry. With that, she decides to break up with Elodie.

But it doesn’t end there! Whit confronts Tabitha about his Amex card having over $10,000 on it, and while Lori defends her, there remains the question of what to do about that bill? Oh, and with Moe? Yes, the trio is back together, and she makes up with Ben, but with Noah snitching on Brady about the test, he reveals to Noah that Moe kissed Chase. Thus, he is DONE! No more awkward, but worth it, it’s over.

Episode 9 “Aren’t You Going To Say Something?”

Title Card - Trinkets Season 2 Episode 9

Things are getting a bit dramatic as the search for who stole the test begins to pick up. Thus Chase tries to get with Moe to clear their names, but by the end of the episode, Chase ends up being the one taken and accused. Leaving Moe left to question if she should just turn herself in since someone innocent is about to go down for something she did.

Sadly, she isn’t the only one of the trio with an unfortunate situation. Elodie learns that Sabine stole her song for her upcoming EP, and when she tries to win back Jillian with the truth, it backfires. For with Jillian having a sister who lies to cover her addiction, even with understanding why Elodie steals, she can’t deal with that. So, like Noah and Moe, there might be the possibility of friendship down the line but, in terms of romance? They’re over.

Leaving Tabitha. She encounters Luca while hanging out with Elodie and Sabine and learns he is the one who scammed her father, and her, out of the watch, electronics, and up to 10K worth of stuff. Which he admits, but also uses the excuse of them meeting at SA and trying to shift the responsibility to her.

She doesn’t accept this but does see it as a lesson. One that has her put the breaks on her and Ben’s relationship since, as Moe said, she is a serial monogamous person and add in she becomes what the guy wants and needs, she feels like she has lost herself. So, she needs time to figure out who she is so that she isn’t stuck in a sordid position again.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Episode 8 “Black Friday”

  1. So considering all the people who likely heard Brady, he just assumes it was Noah as if he hasn’t pissed off anyone else?
  2. Taking note we rarely ever see Spence not with either his mom or dad on either side of him, when did he get the chance to steal anything? Much less, since he hasn’t really gotten to watch Elodie in action, how did he know to remove anything that could set off an alarm?

Episode 9 “Aren’t You Going To Say Something?”

  1. Ben got into culinary school, and to pay tuition, he is going to cook in their kitchen. Though considering we never heard about him getting his degree, GED that is, how did he get in?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

Moe questioning how she feels.
Moe: Wow, is this what healthy people feel like?



Danny and Moe’s Relationship

While we only see them talk in episode 7, and he doesn’t appear in 8 or 9, you have to appreciate them touching upon that relationship and presenting hope. Granted, often hope is met with disappointment and a touch of drama for the ladies, but parents usually show more effort on this show, and consistency, than partners.

Elodie Hugging Jenny

Considering Jenny was once, “That woman” in Elodie’s mind, the fact she won her over and Elodie was willing to embrace, her, unprompted, says a lot. Note, it isn’t clear how much of the work was done off-screen, but you do have to recognize this is growth.

Tabitha’s Dad Trying To Reconcile

The same can be said for Tabitha’s dad. We don’t know if he is going to therapy, taking into account how empty his life is or what, but him reaching out and trying to salvage his relationship with his daughter is a meaningful gesture that seems authentic. Add in him working with Lori when it comes to the credit card issue and not fighting her when she says she believes Tabitha, you can see there is effort there. Add in Tabitha showing reciprocity, and while a lot of things may not be perfect, you can see people trying to make it as good as it can get.

The Setup For The Finale

Will someone get expelled? Do the girls of Trinkets truly get away with sinking someone’s car and Brady with abusing Tabitha and getting into his dream school? Heck, will we see a show end with all of its leads single? Stay tuned.

Tabitha Wanting To Be Single For A Bit

Tabitha looking at Ben.

Oh, and on that note, let’s separate the fact Tabitha chose to be single. She, likely after Moe calling her out, and some reflection, realized how wrapped up she gets in her relationships. Heck, reflecting on last Thanksgiving, and how much she covered for Brady, how small she made herself to the benefit of her boyfriend likely also was a factor.

However, that was then, this is now, and when you add in Luca to her bad track record, it makes it so, with Ben, she wants to be at her best rather than jumping from guy to guy just because having someone is a nice feeling.

On The Fence

Trying To Humanize Brady

Showing how much pressure he is under, and how he is the black sheep of his family doesn’t do much for Brady. It’s like adding sprinkles on dog crap. The only thing that changes is the superficial look. Otherwise, it’s still a heap of waste that smells and needs to be discarded.

Plus, one moment compared to all the others which show him as an utter ass**** doesn’t balance the scales. He still deserved to get punched by Noah, lose his acceptance to Stanford, and be disowned and left to sell himself on the streets.

Sabine Drama

Sabine laying on a couch.

Do we appreciate Sabine and Elodie’s chemistry? Yes. However, are we fond of how Sabine clearly manipulates Elodie’s feelings for her personal gain? Absolutely not. And with her taking a song from her, despite Elodie’s struggle to be on stage or express herself, that was a trash move. Never mind assuming the song was about her.

Yet, it is like Elodie said, Sabine never made an effort to know her and truly be with her. She just liked the attention from someone who could be a consistent face on the day to day, on top of her adoring fans. Leading you to wonder, what’s going on in Sabine’s household? How are things with her family, truly, beyond whatever story she came up within her head?

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