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Between Spencer and Brady, one of the two are likely to blow the girls cover. Which one will get to do so first?

Director(s) Sara St. Onge
Writer(s) Linda Gase
Air Date 6/14/2019

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Daddy Issues: Tabitha, Moe, Whit, Lori

Moe learns her dad is out and with the girls still not talking to her, and her not talking to Noah, she decides to try to face him on her own. However, he ends up not being home so she’ll have to wait. She does say “Hi” to an uncle she never mentioned before though.

As for Tabitha? Well, her dad moves out temporarily, and she apologizes to her mom about what happened. But, she ends up finding out Lori been knew but, for the sake of preserving family, she kept it to herself. Perhaps not the best reason but the reason we are going to get.

The Guilt Is Strong: Spencer, Elodie, Doug

With Elodie being grounded, she is also punished with watching Spencer. Someone who isn’t as big of a bother as you’d expect a little brother to be. At least until he gets lost. But, don’t threat, he is found, Doug yells at Elodie, and this leads to her revealing she blames herself for her mom dying. Why? Well, because if she didn’t want to leave a party early, then her mom wouldn’t have been driving at the time of the accident.

The Calm Before The Bull****: Spencer, Brady, Elodie, Noah, Tabitha, Moe, Vicky, Doug, Luca

At this point with Brady’s former car, the school has become involved, alongside the cops, and all parents know about it thanks to an e-mail sent. Leading to Elodie talking like she knows something because she acts low-key sketchy, but he doesn’t pick up on it. However, Brady, as he sees the girls together may think something is going on. In fact, considering he sees them together, Tabitha still not wanting to reconcile, and he sees her with Luka, he may just accuse her for revenge. Especially since she is getting in the way of him getting into Stanford since she wants to block him from being at a dinner at her house. One which will include a recruiter.

But, Brady drama aside, with Moe and Tabitha helping Elodie find Spencer, it seems things should be cool now. Plus, with Moe revealing the reason she was in SA was to cover for one of her brother’s friends, maybe the mechanic she mentioned before, it seems the healing has truly begun.

Moe and Noah kissing.

Though, for Moe, it isn’t just things with Elodie and Tabitha which have gotten better. Vicky learns about Korea and is perfectly fine with it. Also, Noah decides to set up a very romantic situation at Paula’s Pies which may or may not have been a date. We know for sure he involved the owner Paula, but what isn’t clear is what happened after them making out.

Which unfortunately leads to how Spencer may ruin all of this joy. Earlier in the season it was noted Spencer likely goes into Elodie’s things. Well, he discovers her stash, and this includes Brady’s remote key for his car. So, between dry snitching, if not one of his parents finding her stash, something may go down soon. Leaving you to wonder if they would force Elodie to tell the truth?

Collected Quote(s)

“Just because you’re good at something doesn’t mean it’s good for you.”


Noah and Moe Are Cute

While their back and forth are tiresome, you cannot deny the chemistry of the actors. They are honestly cute enough to the point I’d love to see them have a rom-com. Which, considering Netflix is very much into synergy with its young actors, I expect it by fall 2020.

On The Fence

Was It Wrong To Hope For Some Family Bonding?

We haven’t seen a lot of Lori and Tabitha just talking throughout this season. At least in a way that didn’t make Lori seem like a toxic person. So is it wrong to hope they would have done something to humanize her beyond making her this woman cheated on? Like, maybe have her talk about herself a bit? Explain that the reason she stayed is because she came up in a dysfunctional home or something? What I’m saying is, this was the perfect opportunity to get to know Lori, and it just passed us right on by.

Lori talking to Tabitha about knowing Whit was cheating.
Lori: We deserve better

Same goes for Elodie and Spencer. I get he is 8, and she is twice his age, but it seems she has some fondness for him, right? It would have been nice if we got to see that their relationship isn’t as weird as it is with the rest of the family. After all, while she lived in New Mexico, it did seem she did visit. So it would have been cool to see more of that excitement Spencer showed earlier on in spending time with Elodie and having her attention.


Are they trying to make us feel sympathy for this boy? I’m just saying, if his family can afford him a BMW, then hand him another car to drive, what is him getting into Stanford or not supposed to be to us? Much less him seeming heartbroken and mad Tabitha is moving on? Like Lori, we don’t really know Brady and what we do know makes him come off like someone who will eventually end up in prison. So, can he and his car drama just go away or be promptly handled?

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Noah and Moe Are Cute - 85%
Was It Wrong To Hope For Some Family Bonding? - 70%
Brady - 75%


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