After the fight in the last episode, the trio is split up, and you come to realize they are stronger together than they are apart.

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After the fight in the last episode, the trio is split up, and you come to realize they are stronger together than they are apart.

Director(s) Hannah Macpherson
Writer(s) Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer
Air Date 6/14/2019

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Things Can Never Be Smooth & Easy: Moe, Noah

After Moe’s voicemail confession, it is only natural Noah would want to talk to her. However, with PSATs that morning, and Moe being the genius she is, she finishes early, receives news about a summer abroad in Korea, and then there is a wait. One which eventually ends at a skate park where the two lock eyes and no sooner than that happening Noah nearly injures his arm.

Which you, originally, want to assume is just him screwing around, but then they end up in the hospital so it seems like it could be serious. Luckily, he should recover in a few weeks, and while that may damper his college ambitions, it does create some time to get close to Moe. Someone who, while sober, reiterates she does love Noah, but then you realize that love was still a bit shaky.

Why? Well, with Noah revealing he hooked up with his ex, before having sex with Moe, she gets upset and kicks Noah out. Questioning not only why he told her but also whether, if they have a small fight, does that mean he’d keep running back to his ex.

Does She Like Me Or Is She Bored?: Sabine, Doug, Elodie

Sabine and Elodie kissing.

On the day Elodie is supposed to meet up with Doug, do the PSAT, and speak to the lawyers about her mom’s case, she ditches that to hang with Sabine. Someone who, at first, she seems like a cute match with. However, as Sabine pushes Elodie to steal from a small business, seemingly for her amusement, she begins to raise a red flag.

Same Ole Mistakes: Tabitha, Lori, Luca, Brady

One that gets raised even higher as we get Luca’s side to their relationship, which helps explain why she flipped out on him. Long story short, she is manipulative, and when she isn’t in control or doesn’t have you wrapped around her finger, that’s a problem. Especially if you are done with her before she is done with you.

All of which he says to Tabitha who seemingly takes that information as possibly being enough to have something with Luca. For after a fun day of taking photographs, that attraction from before returns. Unfortunately though, rather than fate let her keep that high, Brady shows up. Hold up, let me revise, Brady is sitting in Tabitha’s living with, with Lori hosting him, and pushing Tabitha to reconcile.

Tabitha laying down some boundaries with Brady.
Tabitha: You can’t walk into my house like this. Look, I’m not your girlfriend anymore.

Now, granted, who knows if Lori is aware of the bruises or any of the abusive situations. However, if your daughter broke up with a guy, you’d think it would be for a good reason. So her, Lori, trying to push them back together seemed inappropriate and was rightfully infuriating to Tabitha. Hence why, in lashing out, she brings up Whit’s affair and throws it in her mother’s face.

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Moe reveals her dad is getting out of jail soon.
  • Sabine notes she moved 10 times by the time she was 15.
  • Luca has been going to SA meetings a long time. Originally it was court ordered, but now it is for legitimate support to break the habit.


Tabitha Addressing Lori and Brady’s Behavior

I don’t get what Lori’s problem is, but I’m glad Tabitha addressed how uncool it was for her to host an ex and pretty much trap her into talking with him. That and reminding Brady they aren’t together anymore since it seems he was under the impression that despite the picture and watch incident, she just needed time. Leading you to wonder, will her grandfather’s watch be the thing that tips him off into knowing she did something and what will her response be?

On The Fence

Sabine’s Future

With Sabine appearing to be a female version of Brady, just minus the bruising, for now, so comes the question of what will be her future purpose? Considering Elodie is green behind the ears, wet behind the ears, however the saying goes, does this mean she’ll fall for Sabine despite her negative influence? Especially considering, with the trio in a bit of disarray, she is too prideful to reconcile with Moe who has been more in her corner than Tabitha ever was.

Moe’s Drama

Moe crying as Noah reveals he hooked up with his ex the previous night - before hearing Moe's voicemail.

With the show splitting up the girls, you are forced to realize none of them really have a strong enough storyline to stand on their own. Moe, however, might be the weakest one. Which I know is arguable since Elodie’s pretty much is between her talking about her mom or Sabine, which doesn’t fire up too much in the way of interest. But, with Elodie being the lead, and Tabitha’s situation involving her parents, ex, a reemerging interest in photography and Luca, there is a lot going on there. Which potentially could clash with Elodie due to them liking people who used to be a couple.

As for Moe, she is separate, and while she has her father drama, outside of that is only Noah. She doesn’t have issues with Vicky, her brother is away so he can’t add anything, so all she has is Noah, and they are so hot and cold that it is like, just as you begin to get into their relationship, something happens. An issue Elodie has as well, with Sabine, and even Sam in her single episode appearance, but it is more chronic with Moe.

Thus pushing the need to hope she’ll have more to life than worrying what is going on with Moe. Like, for example, her mother finally learning how smart she is and the opportunities being offered to her. Since not playing up her financial status has been one thing this show has neglected that could have bolstered this character.

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Tabitha Addressing Lori and Brady’s Behavior - 80%
Sabine’s Future - 71%
Moe’s Drama - 70%


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