Title Card - Trinkets; s1e7

Despite the crew taking MDMA, it is a largely uneventful episode. Even when someone slips and says something they never would sober.

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Despite the crew taking MDMA, it is a largely uneventful episode. Even when someone slips and says something they never would sober.

Director(s) Hannah Macpherson
Writer(s) Jess Meyer, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith
Air Date 6/14/2019

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The Party: Sabine, Tabitha, Moe, Elodie

On the night of the homecoming dance, Elodie, Moe, and Tabitha take up Sabine’s offer to go to a house party of hers. There Tabitha plans to be someone else, get out of her skin a bit, and Moe wants to try to get Noah off her mind. As for Elodie? Well, she is trying to see if the vibes from the other night were just in her head or not.

The Drugs: Sabine, Tabitha, Moe, Elodie, Luca

Problem is with all of their plans, each one is stiff. Which for Elodie is normal, but for Moe? She is seriously questioning her mojo. So, when one of Sabine’s friends offer MDMA, after an initial refusal, Elodie gets some for her and her friends, and they all take it. This leads to Elodie becoming a little more social, Moe getting to make out with the guy she likes, and Tabitha almost following suit with Luca. However, upon discovery something is going on between Luca and Sabine, she bails. Also, she makes sure Elodie is aware so she doesn’t fall too deep so early on.

Elodie confronting Moe about how she used to judge her and Tabitha.
Elodie: You’re better than us because you don’t steal as much?

The Honesty: Tabitha, Moe, Elodie, Noah

As for how Moe feels about bailing? Honestly, she is good with it since, as she makes out with a random dude, she realizes she loves Noah. She even leaves a voice mail when she can’t tell him in person and with telling the truth comes her revealing other things. Be it she never really stole before or that she has been judging Elodie and Tabitha for a while now. Thus causing a stir since that apparently is a major thing, because the show needs drama, so Elodie and Tabitha decide to separate from Moe.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. If Moe never stole, how she hear about the meeting?

On The Fence

The Drama

Urgh, melodrama. To be honest, I assumed someone, due to the episode title, would reveal the whole Brady situation and that would play out. But, instead, Moe talks about how her opinion of Tabitha and Elodie has changed, and that’s the big issue? Honestly, at this point, I’m just left wondering what can this show offer?

Don’t get me wrong, the show has its moments but outside of some decent emotional moments and the methadone drip of information we get, there isn’t anything really stunning or notable about Trinkets. This episode’s drama is a prime example. Like many shows featuring teens, it seems to dance around going for the heart and the dance it does isn’t anything notable. The avoidance doesn’t show us the heavy soul someone is hiding behind a smile or anything like that.

Which, I know, is maybe taking this series a little too seriously, but that’s the issue with shows that seemingly want to be more than just “fun.” They either try to be light-hearted and desire to just sporadically tap into the depths of characters or they teeter-totter in a way that doesn’t seem natural. Making it so you feel the depth of characters isn’t taken seriously, the fun moments are just silly, and when things happy to test and challenge relationships, it is more for the sake of stirring the pot than addressing real issues between characters.

But what are you going to do? It’s episode 7 so why quit now?

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The Drama - 70%


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