Trinkets: Season 1, Episode 6 “Rearview Mirror” – Recap, Review (with Spoilers)

How Elodie’s mom, Mara, died is revealed. As well as what may have happened to Moe’s dad.

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Title Card - Trinkets s1e6

How Elodie’s mom, Mara, died is revealed. As well as what may have happened to Moe’s dad.

Director(s) Sherwin Shilati
Writer(s) Stephanie Coggins
Air Date 6/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Mara Lynn Adrianna
Sabine Katrina Cunningham
Vicky October Moore

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How Things Were Before: Mara, Elodie

Mara (Lynn Adrianna) in a picture with Elodine.
Mara (Lynn Adrianna)

Before she died, Mara and Elodie were close. Perhaps of a similar ilk to Moe and her mother, Vicky. However, thanks to a drunk driver, one who had more than one DUI, Mara was killed, the driver left the accident without a scratch, and Elodie got scared for life. In fact, driving Brady’s care was perhaps the first time, in a long time, she was in the driver’s seat of a car. Not to imply she was driving when Mara died, in case you didn’t watch the episode, but just being in the front of a car it seems, much less driving, is triggering.

Stuck Between Two Rivers: Tabitha, Noah, Moe

Tabitha is trying to deal with the car situation and being single for the first time in two years. Something which is easy because the alternative is being with Brady, but hard since it seems she might be a serial monogamous. But, her issues with being single don’t compare to Moe’s day which has Noah pushing them to become something, even securing a date, only for him to disappear when Moe’s dad Danny tries to call from prison. Leaving her, when he sees Noah with his ex, to throw her hands up and cancel their date.

Sometimes You Can’t Escape, But At Least You Can Find a Distraction: Moe, Vicky, Sabine, Luca, Elodie, Tabitha

With the situation with Noah blowing Moe’s mind, she takes advantage of her mom having a night off to chat about him, her dad, and just snuggle. Especially after Elodie talking about her mom dying during Shoplifters Anonymous. And while she hangs with her mom, Tabitha and Elodie head to their favorite spot, the Paper Tiger, where Tabitha hangs with Luca, and Elodie, who has been stealing up a storm, tries to steal some merch. However, the artist, Sabine, catches her and chats her up. Also, it is revealed Sabine is Luca’s roommate but with roommate not being synonymous with girlfriend, it leads Elodie to maybe develop a crush. At least, taking note of how she smiles during the performance, you can tell Elodie is definitely doing more than being polite.

Vicky (October Moore) sitting on the couch talking to Moe.
Vicky (October Moore)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What did Danny, Moe’s dad, go to prison for?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Elodie’s address is 1380 Lake Forest Drive, Lake Oswego Oregon 97038.


Elodie’s Dopey Smile During Sabine’s Performance

I just want to see Elodie happy, with a girlfriend, and Sabine seems like the one. For at this point, Hildebrand has us hook, line, and ready for the grill thanks to her performance. One which, I’ll admit, can be a little robotic at times but I write that off as her dealing with trying to be social enough to make friends while wanting to just be in her room and cry. Balancing those two emotions, in my mind, is why sometimes Elodie seems a bit off.

Yet, like Moe said in the past episode, part of Elodie’s charm is that she is a bit of a weirdo.

Sabine (Katrina Cunnigham) smiling at Elodie.
Sabine (Katrina Cunnigham)

We Got A Decent Amount Of Information

I’m not the only one who just assumed Mara died of cancer right? It’s the usual go-to for shows like this and while I appreciate the performances, let’s not pretend Trinkets has the best writing out there. It’s good enough for what needs to be done, but isn’t moving me to tears or giving what these actresses may need to really drive a scene home.

With that said, between finally learning why Mara died and that Moe’s dad is in prison, we’re making progress. Elodie isn’t the only one who has let us into their lives and helped us understand why they are how they are.

The Car Theft Isn’t Dominating The Storyline

While Elodie is shook, and Tabitha feeling some guilt, I’m glad they aren’t going Pretty Little Liars with this car thing. It’s just something that happened, like a prank, which surely won’t go away but isn’t going to be all they talk about every other scene.

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Elodie’s Dopey Smile During Sabine’s Performance - 85%
We Got A Decent Amount Of Information - 84%
The Car Theft Isn’t Dominating The Storyline - 83%


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