Title Card - Trinkets S1e5

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As Brady does the unthinkable, the ladies decide to hit him where it hurts – but it goes further than they originally planned.

Director(s) Shewin Shilati
Writer(s) Matt Shire
Air Date 6/14/2019

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A Bastard Is A Bastard: AJ, Tabitha, Brady

Because he is such a useless turd, can’t even be used as manure for crops, Brady posts a picture of Tabitha in her underwear on Instagram. Then, to make matters worse, it is done in such a way to make it look like she did it because he broke up with her. After the initial embarrassment, Tabitha doesn’t care she just wants her grandfather’s watch. However, to add insult to injury, Brady pretends he doesn’t know what she is talking about.

Though, what also doesn’t help is a lot of people think Tabitha is the kind of girl to post a picture like that. Well, outside good ole AJ who makes a surprise appearance.

Revenge Is Best Done By Going Too Far: Elodie, Moe, Tabitha

So, what is a girl to do when the one thing of true value is held hostage by a douchebag ex? Well, get into his car using her knowledge of his locket and lock combination. Which leads to the girls getting the watch but then Moe decides it is time for a joy ride. Why? Well, one, for some odd reason, they all decide to jump into the car despite only needing to get into the glove box. Two, a woman needs the handicap space that Brady took so Moe felt obligated to go and then, three, revenge.

Now, initially the idea was just to drop the car off at a rival school but with Elodie being coerced to take the wheel, and clearly uncomfortable, they get into an accident. Not a major, everyone ends up in the hospital, and someone is calling the cops, kind of accident, just a cosmetic one. Which, for some reason, Moe thinks her brother’s friend, a mechanic, could help with. Even though all the car needed was to be buffed and painted.

Moe, Tabitha, Elodie thinking about what to do with Brady's car.

No Connection, No Evidence: Tabitha, Elodie, Moe

Considering Tabitha’s dad has a hook up with a judge, you may think doing external damage and stealing Brady’s car wouldn’t be seen as a big deal. Especially considering he put out a semi-nude picture of her on a public platform. However, it is treated as something her dad can’t just whisk away. Leading to her deciding to just bust out a window and have Moe and Elodie help her push it into a river. For with them believing very few, if any, people saw them together in or around the car, they should be scot-free. The only problem is Elodie kept the keyless remote of Brady’s BMW for a keepsake.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Was where they dumped the car the same place we saw in Insatiable?


Bad Teenage Relationship Representation

Tabitha’s relationship with Brady allows for a representation of abuse often reserved for older women. One which is controlling, abusive, and while Tabitha tries to downplay and justify Brady’s actions, you have to appreciate Elodie and Moe repeatedly shutting that down. For while Tabitha thinks spilled coffee and other nonsense, like him once being really nice, can be a valid excuse, you have to love Elodie, and Moe’s that was then, this is now way of approaching the situation.

On The Fence

Did They Really Need To Take Things That Far?

Granted, the show hasn’t really made the whole klepto thing that exciting and increasingly has given us a bit of a ho-hum daily life of three girls. However, this pushing a car into a river thing seems a bit much. Like, I get we are halfway through the first season, and I’m sure they want a second, so something has to happen to kick things up a bit. Yet, surely there are so many other things that could be done, right?

With Tabitha, there is her dad’s affair and her mom seeming like she knows, and it has happened before. That is, alongside dealing with Brady, reconnecting with Moe, as well as us getting to learn more about this grandpa. Someone who could be alive but with dementia or in a hospice – if they want some drama.

Then with Moe, we have to Noah situation, and his ex, also her often spoken of, yet not seen, brother. On top of that, there is her relationship with her mom, the possibility of her dad popping up, and the crew she hangs around with. We have yet to learn a single one of their names and whether they, like her, are more than meets the eye or are burnouts.

Moe, Tabitha, Elodie after sending Brady's car into a river.

Lastly, with Elodie, her mom died, and considering the flashbacks she had in the car, there could be more to her mom’s death than we know. Never mind they could venture down her and Sam becoming a thing, a possible crush on Moe – I can’t be the only one who sees it – and her building a relationship with Doug, her brother, even Jenna. But I guess a shared secret about an expensive car being pushed into a lake seemed to be more engaging to the writers.

Here is hoping they were right and the episode title doesn’t become fitting.

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Bad Teenage Relationship Representation - 80%
Did They Really Need To Take Things That Far? - 75%


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