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As Tabitha experiences the beginning of a personal breakthrough, there is also one in the friendship between Moe and Elodie.

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As Tabitha experiences the beginning of a personal breakthrough, there is also one in the friendship between Moe and Elodie.

Director(s) Clare Kilner
Writer(s) Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer
Air Date 6/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lori Joy Bryant
Sam Caitlin Michael Riley

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Some Quality Time: Moe, Elodie, Sam, Doug

With Tabitha skipping the klepto meeting for her birthday, this leaves Moe and Elodie on their own. Something Moe decides to take advantage of so she can see how Elodie’s living. This leads to them talking about why they steal what they do, Moe meeting Elodie’s dad Doug, and opening up about their relationships with their father. Like, for Moe, her father is pretty non-existent. As for Elodie? Well, after her mom and dad divorced when she was six, he floundered a bit before he moved to Portland and then suddenly became the person his mom wanted, and she needed. Leading to seeing him so good with her little brother being bothersome. Even though he and Jenna are trying to give her love and affection.

Which, as you can imagine, is a bit of a downer conversation for them both. So, being that Moe is a local, she takes Elodie to hang with some of her associates. One of which, Sam, takes a liking to Elodie and while Elodie accidentally curves her, she has a good time. No word on whether Sam was Elodie’s first kiss or not, however.

American Psycho Jr.: Brady, Tabitha, Whit, Lori

Brady is a little psycho in the making. You know how I know? He gets her an Apple Watch so she has no reason not to see his text, and probably to track her. When they argue on a yacht, which is where Tabitha’s 17th birthday is, he pushes her to the point where, if she was clumsy, and this show dramatic, she could have went overboard. But you know what the real kicker here is? Neither Whit nor Tabitha’s mother Lori seem to support her. Lori makes it seem like Tabitha and Brady just have teen drama, and it will work itself out. Then, with Whit, Tabitha wants to open up and trust him, but with him being a cheater and liar, it’s hard.

Thus explaining why Tabitha was so close to her grandpa since it seems he might have been not only the only honest person in her life but also the most attentive. Never mind someone who isn’t into the look of things but what’s going on beyond the surface.

Sometimes Looking At The Big Picture Is Dumb: Tabitha, Moe, Elodie

With grandpa long gone, Moe reaching out to Tabitha is a God-send since she isn’t like the members of her family, and neither is Elodie. They both think Brady is trash, don’t support getting back together with him, and refute the changes in their relationship being Tabitha’s fault. Plus, when the bastard texts, likely threatening Tabitha’s grandpa’s watch she left in his car, they prep for battle.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Is Tabitha’s favorite grandpa her maternal or paternal grandpa? Also, where is grandma?
  2. Was anyone of Lori’s family at that birthday party?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

People, places, they come and go, but objects stay, you know?
— Elodie


Elodie Is So Adorable

There is something so cute about, not just Doug assuming Moe is Elodie’s girlfriend, and how that played out, but also Elodie’s interaction with Sam. It reminds you how universal it is to have an awkward conversation and even kiss with someone – even if Elodie is 16. But what you have to also appreciate is how Elodie’s awkwardness comes from a certain openness or vulnerability. One which, despite her mother’s death, hasn’t been walled up, chained, and pushed to be forgotten. She is still able to open up and trust people and feel rewarded for doing so. Maybe uncomfortable with said reward, hence her shaking hands with Sam after their kiss, but it doesn’t take away from her having a moment.

Sam (Caitlin Michael Riley) chatting up Elodie.
Sam (Caitlin Michael Riley)

Moe Opened Up

While we have gotten a slight peek beyond the veil with Moe, for the most part, she has been as aloof with us like most of the world. However, between going out of her way to hang with Elodie, talking about her parents, noting her brother Ben, and praising her mom, we got to see a different side to her. Also, it proved that it’s not that she is distant period and doesn’t want to form close bonds, but she is picky. Hence, in my mind, her wanting to see Elodie’s world, check if she is willing to be honest with her, before letting her in.

Tabitha Against The World

You have to feel for someone whose mom is all about the visual, dad is barely around by choice, and whose boyfriend is probably a few spats away from violence. All the while, with the mindset she is presenting to us, it seems like Tabitha blames herself. That she sort of dug herself into this hole and while she does break up with Brady this episode, she also puts it out there they have been in a cycle for a while.

And while it is clear Elodie and Moe will help her break it, you have to also take interest in her friend group enabling that cycle to continue. Especially since Noah is part of it and even shows up at her party. So you have to wonder why, possibly knowing about Brady and Tabitha’s tumultuous relationship, if he ever said anything? Though, taking into consideration how he acted when his ex and Moe were having a row, if he shies away from confrontations. Maybe due to his currently unknown home life.

Moe, Elodie, Tabitha discovering Brady put a semi-nude pic of Tabitha up on Instagram.

Moe Calling Out Elodie & Them Hanging Out

Like most shows, Trinkets features a rather privileged cast. Tabitha’s family is rich and has two parents, Elodie may not have her mom but has her dad who, with Jenna, are awesome parents in a home that has more than enough space for everyone. Moe, on the other hand, has a home which doesn’t have the best amenities, her mom has to work extra shifts to make ends meet, and she doesn’t feel comfortable telling her mom about her college pursuits due to the money factor. Making her calling out Elodie such a prize moment. Not just for the dad thing, but trying to push her, by talking about her own life, to learn she should be more appreciative than she is without trying to shame her in the process.

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Elodie Is So Adorable - 85%
Moe Opened Up - 86%
Tabitha Against The World - 84%
Moe Calling Out Elodie & Them Hanging Out - 83%


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