Elodie comes out to Tabitha and Moe, but between the three girls, despite each opening up, there remain huge secrets.

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Elodie comes out to Tabitha and Moe, but between the three girls, despite each opening up, there remain huge secrets.

Director(s) Sara St. Onge
Writer(s) Linda Gase
Air Date 6/14/2019
Introduced This Episode
Luca Henry Zaga

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The Girl Left Behind: Elodie

With no real friends, since she is stuck with people who either won’t talk to her at school or see being her friend as a favor, Elodie is feeling lonely. Making her best friend Zoey’s birthday seem like the perfect excuse to visit home but that costs $300. Which Elodie doesn’t have, her dad doesn’t want to give, since it is a last-minute request, and because it seems he wants her more settled into Portland.

Play It Down: Noah, Rachelle, Moe

Noah and Moe talking in bed.
Noah: I know. I’m your dirty little secret.

Remember Elodie’s fake friend Rachelle? It seems to attract that boy she ditched Elodie for, she is trying to dumb herself down. It isn’t working too well, because of her ego and intelligence, but she is trying to make him feel better about himself.

And sharing in her pursuit of putting on a ruse is Moe. Someone who we learn is really interested in STEM, has good grades, and her only issue seems to be an attendance issue. Leading you to wonder, why is she trying to seem like she doesn’t care and is a floater? Unlike Rachelle’s situation, Noah doesn’t care about how smart she is, he actually likes it. So, is this just a social survival thing so she can maintain this group she frequents? Especially after Tabitha’s abandonment?

You Got A Friend In Me: Brady, Noah, Moe, Tabitha, Luca, Elodie

With Tabitha and Moe so much about appearances, it makes Luca’s offer to hang out at the Paper Tiger something both pass on – originally. However, with Tabitha wanting to get away from Brady, and Moe’s mom picking up another shift, both get freed up and join Luca at the club. Though, when it comes to Elodie, things were a bit more elaborate over her reason for going.

For one, she needed to sell the jacket Tabitha gave her for plane money. Two, while she likes her dad and little brother is nice, there is still this “Other” vibe she can’t get past. Then, three, her favorite, well her best friend’s favorite band is playing. Oh, and Luca seems cool for someone in his twenties trying to hang out with teenagers. Never mind chat up Tabitha like he doesn’t know she is a minor. But, who knows, maybe he isn’t a creep?

Luka (Henry Zaga) talking to Tabitha.
Luca (Henry Zaga)

That is, as opposed to Brady who, when the night is over, is jealous Tabitha was hanging out with someone who wasn’t him. Which is the opposite response of Noah who, since Moe doesn’t want to go public, seems okay – for now – keeping what they have private. As for Elodie? Well, while she doesn’t make that $300, and in fact her jacket gets stolen, Tabitha and Moe open up and make it seem Elodie may finally have some friends. Thus allowing her to let Zoey go since it seems, while she is comfortable in her sexuality, she was never comfortable enough to ask Zoey out. Even though she lies to Moe and Tabitha about Zoey being her girlfriend. Perhaps just to test how liberal Portland, and those two, really are.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. How old is Luca?


What Is Noah To Moe?

There is something about their relationship I just don’t get. Noah doesn’t seem like a f*** boy or someone just interested in sex with Moe. So is it one of those, “The example my father set makes it so I don’t want to date or get hurt” type of situations or she simply doesn’t want the distraction of a relationship? Because it seems they talk beyond booty calls and sex. So, what’s the issue here? I mean, the dude even talks about meeting her mom, and it didn’t seem to be in jest.


Heading In The Right Direction

I feel like this might be a slow burner type of show. One which isn’t trying to be flashy, always competing with the last episode to maintain your attention, but take you on a nice long journey. One with sweet moments, like the girls being there for Elodie, or seeing Moe and Noah be cute in her bed. Yet, also show Brady as a grade A douche who may get seriously violent with Tabitha. Much less, also show Tabitha, despite the money and all that, doesn’t necessarily have the best life.

Tabitha chatting in her, Moe, and Elodie's group chat.

Which, admittedly, I hope they beef up a bit, but only because the social influencer mom and straight-laced dad make things seem like a forced point. That is, that money doesn’t guarantee happiness, for now, it gives you other things to worry about. Like, for example, it seems Tabitha’s mom makes her self-conscious. An issue that, I bet you, Brady has been more than happy to take advantage of. So between fleshing out her relationships and really working past the façade she has, she can be made to be more than some poor little rich girl.

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