It all comes to a head, and it seems time for everyone to face the music. Question is, is the finale good enough for this to not end up Trinket’s swan song?

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It all comes to a head, and it seems time for everyone to face the music. Question is, is the finale good enough for this to not end up Trinket’s swan song?

Director(s) Sara St. Onge
Writer(s) Amy Andelson, Emily Meyer, Kirsten “Kiwi” Smith
Air Date 6/14/2019

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Daddy Wasn’t There: Moe, Vicky

With Moe having a weak relationship with her dad, rarely, if ever, seeing him, she is naturally hesitant about meeting him. So, she asks her mom’s opinion, and Vicky struggles with what to say. This is mostly due to Vicky trying to separate her relationship with Danny from Moe’s with her dad. So while she warns that Danny is a wild card, she also notes Moe has his humor and charm.

Unfortunately though, despite Moe setting up a meeting, and being quite nervous, not to mention Danny reaching out, he doesn’t show up, and we don’t learn the reason why.

The Truth Comes Out: Brady, Tabitha, Lori, Moe, Elodie, Doug, Spencer, Noah

Brady outright accuses Tabitha and to protect the girls, she gets back with Brady, temporarily. As that happens, Lori gets back with her husband and Tabitha questions it. However, all she says, as a mother would, is she and Whit were together 18 years, and things are far more complicated than perhaps Tabitha can comprehend. But, while Lori’s situation is no longer discussed, Tabitha’s is, and with Brady coercing her into a relationship Elodie reveals she stole the car and Moe punches him in the face. This leads to her getting suspended and losing that trip to Korea. That puts her in such a state that when Noah consoles her, she doesn’t even hide what they have.

She isn’t the only one who meets the rooster though. Thanks to Spencer, Doug learns Elodie was involved with the car theft and with him also finding her stash, he is ready to send her to some inpatient facility in Seattle. However, that does not happen.

Elodie in Sabine's van getting ready to hightail it.

For Better Or Worse: Moe, Tabitha, Sabine, Elodie, Doug, Lori, Brady

Instead, Moe and Tabitha help Elodie sneak out and go on tour with Sabine. After that, Tabitha reveals all to Lori, and that effectively ends Brady getting into that 50+ member Stanford dinner. Which triggers him calling the cops. As for Moe? After her helping Elodie, she goes to get herself a bottle of liquor – her first steal – rather than maybe hanging out with Noah and dealing with her feelings.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Nearly any you can think of when it comes to Danny from why he went in, what led to his relationship with Vicky being what it is, and why did he not show up?


Brady Continued Being The Ass You Expected Him To Be

At this point, perhaps we should be glad Brady was just a straight-up villain than a three-dimensional person? Imagine how much work it would take to humanize him enough to feel something beyond vitriol hatred. So him not getting into that dinner and calling the cops, he did what needed to be done so that he could continue to be the douche we love to hate.

You Get Mad For Moe

Is Moe a saint by any means? No. But while Elodie had a sob story thanks to her mom dying, there was something about the way Moe was written and performed that seemed less about creating a character and more about developing something resembling a person. So between losing her chance to go to Korea and her dad not showing up, because of the journey we’ve been on with her, it’s easier to get upset about that than maybe anything else that has happened in the show.

But, at the very least, while she might be suspended, she did give Brady a black eye, Noah may spread how terrible of a person Brady is, and she may actually get to date. Of course now she is a thief like the others but considering how little Tabitha stole, maybe this could be a one-time thing? That is compared to Elodie who used stealing as a coping mechanism.

Moe looking over her shoulder after taking a bottle of alcohol.

On The Fence

Lori Improved – To A Point

While Lori’s past remains unknown, even how she met Whit and under what circumstances, at least now there seems more to her than meets the eye. That and she gave Brady the once over and kept it moving – which was hilarious.

Elodie Running Away

Being someone who doesn’t like Sabine, since she pushed Elodie to steal, and due to Luka’s warning, there are major red flags raised when it comes to her. And while she calls Elodie surprising now, since she learns she sings, there is the fear that she may get jealous if people like her voice too much or she’ll get bored. After all, the woman outright said she wants groupies, and her idea for Elodie is to be the head. So, with that put out into the universe, and her issues with labels, you know she is going to break Elodie’s heart.

Tabitha Putting The Crew Before Herself

You have to admire, to protect Moe and Elodie, Tabitha got back with Brady. However, considering she has the abuse, him posting that picture, and who knows what else, it makes you question why didn’t she use any of that ammunition she had? Is it just lack of pictures and other proof? Fear that she would be shamed and he would be made the victim? Hell, all things considered, why didn’t she try to negotiate so the dinner would be it and he’d leave her alone?

And that leads to the whole other part which is missing here: What makes Tabitha so special? Brady is a star soccer player, comes from money, so outside of an easy ride to Stanford, what is it about Tabitha that makes him try to coerce her back into a relationship? I get they were together two years, perhaps each other’s first, but he seems like the kind of douche that was likely cheating on her and would explore an entire ho phase once truly single. At least, due to not truly getting to know him, that is what I’m getting anyway.

Brady sitting in his car after being rejected from the Stanford dinner at Tabitha's house.

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Brady Continued Being The Ass You Expected Him To Be - 80%
You Get Mad For Moe - 81%
Lori Improved – To A Point - 75%
Elodie Running Away - 74%
Tabitha Putting The Crew Before Herself - 76%


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