Colter takes a trip up to Maine to help a woman find, hopefully alive, her missing fiancé.

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Plot Recap

A Tiger Doesn’t Change Its Stripes – Ethan, Daniela, Colter

With her wedding in weeks and fiancé Ethan missing, Daniela is worried. What doesn’t help is everyone knows Ethan’s troubled past as a kid, so they push the idea that he has given into temptation, as so many in the small town of Camden, Maine, and got into the fentanyl business. She doesn’t believe this is true, so she is offering Colter $10,000 to find her fiancé.

This leads to Colter getting involved in a small town that has seen better days, and with Camden, Maine being a port town, it means illegal items get in. So, with Ethan, aka Sully, having a job at a warehouse, we learn many wanted to use him and his employer to house and distribute fentanyl, amongst many other things.

So, when Ethan didn’t go along, they faked his death, killed his ex, who was making something for Daniela, and got Ethan to comply, as it was made clear Daniela would be next. However, once Colter tracks him down, we learn he hasn’t been as helpful as they wanted or needed, and Colter was already setting everything up to be shut down.

Unfortunately, with Ethan going through so much, he almost shot the person who killed his ex and threatened his fiancée. Thankfully, Colter talks him out of it, and that person runs right into several local authorities, who arrest him and shut down the operation.

Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Ethan Anthony Konechny
Daniela Nicole Muñoz
Colter Justin Hartley

New Character Description(s)


Anthony Konechny as Ethan Tracker Season 1 Episode 8 directed by Bethany Rooney 2024 CBS scaled
Anthony Konechny as Ethan

While troubled as a kid and teenager, Ethan turned himself around. While pursuing his radiology degree and living straight and narrow, he met Daniela, and his life has been better ever since.


Nicole Munoz as Daniela Tracker Season 1 Episode 8 directed by Bethany Rooney 2024 CBS scaled
Nicole Munoz as Daniela

Daniela works with her parents at a restaurant and seems to be the only one who believes Ethan has changed for the better.


On The Fence

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

In the last episode, we got to see Bobby in the flesh, and get to know his life when he was away from a computer. Yet, now we’re back to Colter heading off to faraway places to do cases that ultimately don’t feel like they matter.

I gotta admit, it is something different that I’m having a hard time with. In “Tracker,” all you do is watch the lead do their job, and guest stars aren’t used to push their storyline forward; they just have their little self-contained stories, and then Colter drives far away from them, likely to never be seen again.

It’s weird, and again, I think I would like it if the characters were engaging to the point you feel like this actor or that actor shined. I’m talking, Googling them to find out who they are and what else they will be in, but “Tracker” doesn’t produce those types of characters. Heck, they barely make Colter and his friends worth investing in.

Yet, I get the appeal. This is truly a “Jump in when you wish” type series where, you can likely walk away and miss whole parts between commercial breaks, then recommit to watching and barely miss a thing. It’s wild when you think about it.

Background Information

Episode Title Camden
Release Date April 14, 2024
Network CBS
Director(s) Bethany Rooney
Writer(s) Travis Donnelly, Tegan Shohet
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 7
Series Page Tracker
Character Guide Tracker Cast and Character Guide

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Tracker: Season 1 Episode 8 - Review


It’s another episode you can skip and feel like you didn’t miss a single thing, for there are no anecdotes or hints of what is going on in the lives of any series regular, just another open-and-shut case.

  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back - 74%
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  • One Step Forward, Two Steps Back

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