Bobby is seen live and in person as Colter helps him rescue a friend in a bad situation.

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Plot Recap

A Personal Favor – Bobby, Sun, Colter, Apple

Since “Tracker” started, Bobby and Colter haven’t been in the same place, never mind the same state. But when Bobby’s friend Sun goes missing, Colter makes his way to Chicago to help out and meets with Sun’s mother, Apple, to learn about their immigrant situation and how one con man set into play their situation.

An Immigration Issue – Reenie, Apple, George (aka Marv), Colter, Bobby, Sun

The story goes, Sun and Apple are Vietnam immigrants, and it seemed their status as Americans was supposed to be handled through Apple falling in love and marrying an American. That man died and left Sun and Apple in limbo.

So, a man named George, whose real name is Marv, was recommended to Sun, an up-and-coming fighter by the way, to solve her problem. However, George is expensive, would push people like Sun towards loan sharks, and lead to them being in debt with no services provided. Colter helps find George, then Sun, who has been fighting to pay off her debt since she was kidnapped.

As Colter handles that, Reenie works her magic on Sun and Apple’s immigration case and Bobby? Alongside hacking, he tries to get involved, but being that Bobby is alternatively mobile, Colter doesn’t want him to get into a situation that could make him a liability.

Paying The Price – Art, Reenie, Apple, Colter, Bobby, Sun, George

Ultimately, we learn a man named Art, who owns the gym Sun was training at, works with George and has put Sun into debt because he wanted to profit from her talent. Colter and Sun fight him and his minions, and despite Colter’s warnings, Bobby gets involved and saves them.

This leads to Reenie tagging in and making sure Art and George are charged for their crimes and committing to finishing up what Apple and Sun need for their citizenship.

This leaves Bobby wanting to thank Colter, for he knows the cost of him being away from his work, but Colter refuses. In fact, he doesn’t even let Bobby buy him breakfast, even if Reenie would join them. This leads to Reenie and Bobby talking, and some of Colter’s business is shared. However, with Bobby not hacking friends, it seems even socially hacking information makes him uncomfortable.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What exactly did Colter do for Bobby, regarding that Russian mob, to lead to their partnership?



Bobby’s Life Outside Of Colter Featured

With the show barely touching upon Colter’s family, at least letting us see and experience them in the flesh, I’ve been waiting and hoping that meant fleshing out his team. Reenie, we’ve gotten to know a bit, mainly through her telling us rather than showing us, since she seems to be on the road as much as Colter, but as for Bobby, Velma, and Teddy, they are stationary. Heck, have we even seen Velma and Teddy leave their house?

So, while we only got a hint as to how Bobby and Colter met, at the very least, we got to peer at what Bobby’s life is like when he isn’t working for Colter. Whether it is him trying to get in shape, having a crush on Sun, or knowing he has an interest outside of computers. It’s not much, but it feels like far more than this show has given us since the series premiere.

Background Information

Episode Title Chicago
Release Date March 31, 2024
Network CBS
Director(s) Aprill Winney
Writer(s) Ben H. Winters, Jai Franklin Sarki
Previous Episode Season 1/ Episode 6
Series Page Tracker
Character Guide Tracker Cast and Character Guide
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Cast Guide

Character’s Name Actor’s Name
Bobby Eric Graise
Colter Justin Hartley
Apple Elyse Dinh
Reenie Fiona Rene
George aka Marv Byron Noble
Art Danny Wattley
Sun Dianne Doan

New Character Description(s)

Dianne Doan as Sun
“Dianne Doan as Sun,” Tracker: Season 1 Episode 7, directed by Aprill Winney, 2024, (CBS)

Sun is an up-and-coming fighter in the Chicago area and is a friend and crush of Bobby.

Elyse Dinh as Apple
“Elyse Dinh as Apple,” Tracker: Season 1 Episode 7, directed by Aprill Winney, 2024, (CBS)

Apple is Sun’s mother, a Vietnamese immigrant.

Danny Wattley as Art
“Danny Wattley as Art,” Tracker: Season 1 Episode 7, directed by Aprill Winney, 2024, (CBS)

Art is the owner of a gym that recognizes Sun’s value.

George aka Marv

Byron Noble as George aka Marv
“Byron Noble as George aka Marv,” Tracker: Season 1 Episode 7, directed by Aprill Winney, 2024, (CBS)

George, real name Marv, is a con man who often exploits the vulnerability of people whose visa/immigration status is murky. 

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Tracker: Season 1 Episode 7 - Review


What I need “Tracker” to do is get personal. Understandably, Colter doesn’t like to talk about his family, and there are issues there; however, I need something to connect with beyond acknowledging that Colter’s actor is the guy from “This Is Us.”

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  • Bobby’s Life Outside Of Colter Featured


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