TV Series Anime Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 9 "Birdcage" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 9 "Birdcage" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As those of the 11th ward prep for war, the 20th ward members enjoy the calm before the storm.

Review (with Spoilers)

With Mr. Mado dead, it does present the worry that perhaps Amon would become the new head villain, or maybe Tsukiyama would return. However, instead of that, we are presented the idea that not only will the 20th ward be invaded, but so will Anteiku in the search for Rize. Leading too many familiar, and new, faces returning as it seems the ghouls prep for a war against the doves. Something which both sides seem ready for.

Topic 1: Family Matters – Toka & Mr. Mado

It has been a little over a month since Mr. Mado death and things have grown strangely calm. In fact, Hinami has seemingly begun to move past her parents’ death and is now living with Toka who has moved out of Anteiku. So with these moments of peace come the ability to just sit and reflect. Something which leads to perhaps some sense of guilt in Toka for with her knowing Mr. Mado had a family, it does make her wonder how they are handling his death. Though, from what it seems, his nut case of a daughter is doing quite fine (1).

Focusing on Toka though, a bit of the mystery behind her past is cleared up with us learning that she has a younger brother, Ayato, and once did have a father. As for her mother, it seems she passed away before Toka was even in her teens and not much is said on the how and whys. However, it seems that outside of not having a mother, Toka lived a regular life.

Topic 2: The Doves Prep for War – Amon

With the death of Mr. Mado comes a dramatic increase in dove/ investigator presence in the 11th and 20th wards. Leading to the introduction of Hoji; Shinohara, Amon’s new partner as a special task force agent; and Takizawa. Hoji and Takizawa are taking Amon and Mr. Mado’s place within the 20th ward, and as for Amon’s promotion, all we learn is that they are going to the 11th ward. The place where ghouls are murdering investigators left and right. As for the reason? Well, I can’t say it is because of Hinami’s parents. For while the doctor seemed prominent, we are lead to believe that the ghouls of the 11th ward were never really as organized as those in the 20th. However, from what we see, something is leading to many of them banding together.

Topic 3: The Ghouls Prep for War – Kaneki

And amongst the reasons the ghouls are grouping up is Rize. Someone who Kaneki, once more, is trying to learn more about. Unfortunately for him, though, Itori seems unable to provide any information besides directing Kaneki to go to the 11th ward where Rize came from. Though with everyone from the 11th ward on their way to Anteiku in the 20th ward, it seems he may not have to go far for answers.

But with Ayato, Jason, and someone named Mr. Banjo, seemingly not thinking much of Yoshimara’s ways of keeping the 20th ward peaceful, it seems they aren’t likely to just look for any remnants of Rize and leave peacefully. No, they are also going to cause havoc. Something which hopefully may mean Kaneki getting stronger, maybe seeing Yomo and Yoshimara’s kagune, and the promises of war bringing out some really great drama and action! Though, I must admit I do fear that with war may come a few causalities. Of which Hide and Yoshimara are likely candidates.

Things To Note

  1. The one who I assume is Mr. Mado’s daughter comes across Amon and Kaneki and may have identified Kaneki as a ghoul since she decided to pickpocket him.
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