Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 4 “Supper” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)


As our knowledge of the ghoul community expands, so does the number of threats Kaneki may face.

Review (with Spoilers)

With every ghoul introduced you are forced to wonder if they are friend or foe for, as we learned with Rize, the friendliest of ghouls can have the vilest intentions. But questions about who is on which side isn’t the only thing “Supper” holds as an episode. There is also a continued exploration into ghoul culture, as well as Rize’s past. Making for an episode which is a bit more twisted than the ones we have seen thus far but, because of that, it makes the series a bit more interesting.

Topic 1: You have to Diversify – Toka & Kaneki

As mentioned an episode or so ago, Toka is in school and we even learn she has human friends! A slight surprise since Toka, thus far, seemingly just worked, studied, and acted as a 20th ward watchdog. But while we see a different side to her, Kaneki is shown a different side to Yomo. The side that matters for this topic though is Yomo as a trainer who, since Kaneki has no control over his kagune, tries to toughen Kaneki up for with doves around, and there also being the issue of other ghouls, he can’t rely on waiting for Rize’s survival instincts.

But being that Kaneki is like the majority of anime protagonist, thrust into a world they have no comprehension of, he only seem able to dodge to a strangely high degree. So, Yomo tells him that after work, for now on, he is to come to the basement and train. Possibly foreshadowing not just what we see later in this episode, but also perhaps him taking a more prominent role in the 20th ward. Be it helping Toka police the ward, fighting the doves or other ghouls, if not maybe him ultimately becoming leader of the ward if Yoshimara ever decides to retire.

Topic 2: The Community Expands – Kaneki

As noted in topic 1, Yomo training Kaneki is but just one side revealed of him. The other side deals with us being introduced to a new ghoul, Itori, who owns a bar which assumingly caters to humans like Yoshimara’s Anteiku café. Though for this night, it seems to just be a get together to meet this new half ghoul. Something Itori seems quite interested in, if just because how rare half-ghouls are. You see, as I pondered about last week, ghouls seem capable of producing other ghouls through birth, but it seems human and ghouls can’t mix for a multitude of reasons not gone into that deeply. So finding a half-breed like Kaneki is rare for not just the novelty, but also because of how powerful they are supposed to be. Making Yomo’s training even more important for imagine what could happen as other wards learn of Kaneki and perhaps fear his power, or want it them for themselves. Something which becomes an issue for Kaneki upon trying to befriend Tsukiyama.

Topic 3: It Was All a Misunderstanding – Kaneki & Tsukiyama

Now, despite having a good friend in Hide, I can only assume Kaneki went along with Tsukiyama wanting to be friends because he seemed genuine. Though, from what I can tell, and Toka warns, Tsukuyama is anything but a genuine person. He is a gourmet ghoul, those of which only eat the best of human meat, and his interest in Kaneki is so uncomfortable to watch. Even to the point of wondering if Kaneki is naïve or stupid for Tsukiyama can barely contain himself when he is around Kaneki.

However, with Toka threatening Hide’s life if he finds out he is a ghoul, and really no ghoul around who has similar interest as Kaneki, you can see why he wanted to give Tsukiyama a chance. Plus, Tsukiyama knew who Rize was and with Rize’s organs, and a bit of her person, in Kaneki, you can understand why he would let Tsukiyama’s troubling actions slide for he knows something Kaneki wants to.

But, once the cat is out of the bag you can see that all that was said between Yomo and Itori was foreshadowing, as well as what Toka said. For with Kaneki’s smell which seems to enchant every last ghoul he comes across, he becomes too delectable for Tsukiyama, and other gourmet ghouls, to pass up. So they prep him to be slaughtered. Not realizing he was a half-breed whose powers were stronger than the brute of their executioner. Leaving us, in the end, seeing Tsukiyama try to save his relationship with Kaneki for with the discovery that Kaneki is a rare half-breed, oh! He decides he is worth too much for sharing.

Things To Note

The basement of Anteiku, where Yomo plans to train Kaneki, looks friggin huge. Like a giant sewage system.

From what we hear from Itori, Yomo used to be a problematic ghoul. Also, he and Uta have history. One which seems to be a bit complex, but currently more stable now.

Yomo’s name may perhaps be a nickname he chose to put away his past as Ren, which seems to be his real name.

With the establishment that ghouls can perhaps have children, it makes me wonder if they age normally like humans? For we have seen them in various age groups, from Yoshimara to Hinami, but with them being an “other” it does make me wonder how human are they and where the line is truly drawn?

Tsukiyama, originally, seems just as much interested in Kaneki because of his smell as his association with Rize for Rize was one of the few to deny membership into Tsukiyama, aka Mr. MM, gourmet ghoul club. As for Rize’s reason why she denied them? Portions and the ridiculousness of being a ghoul who is selective.

From the conversation between Kaneki and Tsukiyama, you are given the impression there aren’t too many ghouls really into literature. Be it they have Hinami’s problem of not really having teachers, or just aren’t interested, is unknown.

Tsukiyama mentions Savarin, which I’m not sure if that is the name of his club or perhaps the one who introduced him to gourmet dining.

We are introduced to a new type of ghoul, known as either a scrapper or walker, known as Taro. He is the one trying to kill Kaneki for his masters who wish to eat him. He ends up dying because of Tsukiyama though when he decides he wants Kaneki for himself.

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