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Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Dove” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As our knowledge of the ghoul community grows, so does the threat to their existence.

Review (with Spoilers)

By the end of the episode, there is one question which lingered in my thoughts: How does one become a ghoul? With Kaneki the process was getting Rize’s organs, but how did an elderly man and a child become ghouls? That thought aside, the episode really does expand the universe of Tokyo Ghoul and provides us with a peek into the ghoul community which is comprised of the ones who have chosen to adapt to human culture and those who hide in the shadows. Then, on the opposing end, we are introduced to those known as the Box carriers, also known as the CCG, who wish to commit ghoul genocide.

Topic 1: The Ghoul Community – Kaneki

With Kaneki finding a job, and possibly a home, within Anteiku, he becomes exposed to the ghoul community beyond Toka and Sir, whose name we learn is Yoshimara. But the really intriguing part to me was that ghouls aren’t solely stuck between seeming like homeless people or on Yoshimara’s level. We meet one who seems like they are straight out of a Final Fantasy game who collects bodies for the poor to eat; we find out that ghouls have, and can be doctors, and we even meet a goth ghoul named Uta who makes masks.

Topic 2: Finding a Purpose – Kaneki

Leading to part of the main story which deals with local ghoul doctor, Mr. Fueguchi, whose life gets threatened by this Jason looking being. Someone so worrisome that Mr. Fueguchi’s wife and daughter, Ryoko, and Hinami, are forced to take refuge with Yoshimara at Anteiku. Further establishing Anteiku as the home base for 20th ward ghouls. But even with Anteiku being charitable, it doesn’t mean you can simply stay and not contribute.

So, with that in mind, Kaneki is tasked with finding his purpose. His first opportunity comes with helping Yomo, the Final Fantasy like guy, but it seems he is incapable of helping him. So, he is tasked with just trying to help ease the burden of Toka’s duties for now. Which, thankfully, he does through little Hinami. For as you can imagine, some ghouls are more capable of living amongst humans than others. Like Toka and Nishio are capable of going to school amongst humans, but Hinami can’t for reasons not explained. So while Kaneki may not be able to help with getting bodies to feed on or anything seriously ghoul related, he can be a tutor or teacher so that young ghouls like Hinami can learn to read, spell, and possibly more.

Topic 3: On the Hunt – Amon & Mado

As the CCG decides to ramp up operations, Amon gets commended for the work he has done thus far and, with Mado, is given control of the 20th ward. With this, we get to see Mado in action, without restraint, and if you thought Rize and the Jason were creepy or terrifying, you may find Mado worse. For one, Mado comes off like he is a Rank S ghoul and takes way too much pleasure in his work. And while you understand the CCG’s main purpose is ghoul genocide, I did find it unfortunate how some genuinely nice ghouls were being treated. But with Amon and Mado almost playing a good cop/ bad cop routine as they try to find the Jason who is the owner of the wrench Mado found, it means lots of dead ghouls in alleyways.

Things To Note

  1. The purpose of Uta in the ghoul community is to make masks which hide ghouls faces since, for reasons not really explained, you don’t want CCG members called doves, amongst many other aliases, to see your face.
  2. Names for CCG members: Doves, for reasons unknown or Box carriers since they carry metal suitcase like cases with them.
  3. The person who leads Ryoko and Hinami to hide away from Mr. Fueguchi’s practice looks like a Jason, if not the Jason currently missing his wrench. It seems Mr. Fueguchi made the wrench.
  4. Ghoul Categories: Gourmet, assumingly the regular ghouls; Binge Eater and S-Class, like Rize; and Jason.
  5. We see Hide in the episode, recovered from the “accident” and Toka warns Kaneki not to reveal he is a ghoul to him or she will kill Hide. Though her killing someone seems to be her threat of choice.
  6. Yomo is the Final Fantasy looking guy who collects bodies for Anteiku, and with his introduction, we learn that ghouls don’t necessarily have to feed on the living. Just humans in general.
  7. Amon, we learn, was at the top of his academy’s graduating class. As for Mado, he seems to be a veteran in the CCG who has enough clout to be rude to his superior and it not leading to him being reprimanded or anything.
  8. A lot of ghouls, including Hinami, seem to be taken by Kaneki’s smell.
  9. A man comes into Anteiku, the name of Yoshimara’s coffee shop it seems, who maybe Toka’s brother. Which I am assuming solely based on hair color.
  10. Nishio is still in the hospital thanks to Kaneki. We aren’t informed though if he is in a regular hospital or perhaps one which accommodates ghouls.

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