TV Series Anime Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 11 "High Spirits" – Overview/ Review (with...

Tokyo Ghoul: Season 1/ Episode 11 "High Spirits" – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

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As the CCG/ Doves go to war with the Aogiri, Kaneki deals with being tortured by Jason as he awaits the chance to escape.

Review (with Spoilers)

With there being no reason to really support the ghoul faction of Aogiri, much less the CCG, I must admit their face off really doesn’t mean anything to me. Which is a shame since most of the episode is dedicated to them facing off more so than Kaneki being saved. But, as a sort of silver lining, while the moments of the Aogiri vs. CCG are boring, at least their interaction leads to us learning the backstory of Jason/ Yamori. Perhaps one of the few positive things about the episode.

Topic 1: The CCG Attacks!

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With the 11th ward cleared of humans, and the ghouls holding up in a shopping mall, thousands of CCG members meet to face off against the Aogiri. Of which, just in their first fight, we see a lot of CCG members get killed. However, between Marude showing us why he is the leader of this task force, and Juzo flying into the shopping mall and massacring a whole room, the CCG eventually get inside. Thus leading to a series of battles, of which most feature either Shinohara or unfamiliar faces, and then one final battle against the one eyed ghoul that Mr. Mado faced off with a long time ago. A ghoul who may well be Yoshimara, in my opinion.

Topic 2: Toka’s battles – Amon, Toka, and Ayato

As Yomo, Uta, and Tsukiyama go against one of the top ghouls in Aogiri, Noro [1], Toka is trying to find Kaneki. Unfortunately for her though, who she first finds is Amon, who is ready to exact revenge for Mr. Mado, and this leads to us watching them fight. Then watching Amon face off against the S-Rated Bin Brothers, after they help Toka escape, and us getting to see Amon’s new quinque Kora. However, things for Toka don’t truly get interesting until she is on the roof and Ayato tries to hit her with a sneak attack. Something Nishiki absorbs the hit of and this leads to the beginning of their sibling battle.

Topic 3: The State of Kaneki – Kaneki, Banjo, and Yamori/ Jason

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As most of the ghouls who associate with Anteiku, minus Itori, storm the Aogiri base to look for Kaneki, he is suffering immense torture at the ends of Jason. Someone who, as mentioned earlier, we get a bit of backstory on and get to understand why he goes by 2 names. For, you see, Yamori is his birth name and the name he went by before the CCG captured and tortured him.

Now, when I say torture, I mean they poke, prodded, and did the type of stuff we can’t see due to the show being highly censored. However, from the way they talk about how he was tortured, I would probably have to put a trigger warning on the episode if we did get to see the details.

Anyway, due to the torture he went under he snapped to the point of creating the personality of Jason. Thus leading to the topic of him torturing Kaneki. As seen in the last episode, and pretty much all of them, Kaneki can take a beating. So, due to this, it seems Jason is trying to recreate how he was tortured and from the white hair we see in the final scene, it seems the process of transforming Kaneki from this loveable little guy into a possible monster is complete. For while Toka, and the rest, are on their way, and Banjo wanted to try to save him as thanks for sparing his feelings when it came to Rize dying, they all seem too late.

Things To Note

  1. Who we don’t see them fight against at all.
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