Tasked with preventing an international incident, while protecting Dia, Lugh seemingly will follow in his father’s footsteps for love.

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Tasked with preventing an international incident, while protecting Dia, Lugh seemingly will follow in his father’s footsteps for love.

Aired 12/15/2021
Network VRV
Directed By Masahiro Hosoda
Written By Katsuhiko Takayama


You’re Not The First To Go Against Tradition – Cian, Esri, Lugh

So, fun fact, Esri, Lugh’s mother, is related Dia. In fact, Dia is Lugh’s cousin through his mom. This is why the idea of killing her is jarring on multiple levels. However, the way it is explained to us, while the civil war might have been based on an insult, it seems Count Viekone, Dia’s father, gave up land and wealth to squash that problem. But, what came next was the proposal of Dia being married off, and with the Vassals under Viekone not accepting this, it meant them killing envoys and creating the situation we currently see.

Hence the idea that, if it appears Dia was killed, and she got to escape, yes, she may no longer have the place she so cherished, but she will have her life. So Lugh accepts this task in hopes of saving the love of his life.

What You Reject I’ll Gladly Accept – Tarte, Lugh

Now, naturally, Tarte wants to help for while she would love for Lugh to see her as a lover, she knows that will never be the case. But, while he has an aversion to being seen as a tool, she can accept being his as long as she is used and can make herself useful.

So Tarte runs with Lugh part of the way to the Sqiogel kingdom, thus allowing Lugh to conserve his mana.

The Things I Do For Love – Dia, Lugh

When Lugh arrives, Dia’s home is surrounded, and it seems the only thing that keeps her and her people alive are the guns she and Lugh would make, alongside their enemies’ formation not being threateningly aggressive. But, with Lugh picking off the enemies’ magic users, he is able to get into the castle and reunite with Dia. This doesn’t answer though, will she decide to leave, as she could have before, or will she fight with her countrymen to the very end?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Did Dia even want this marriage?
  2. What’s the full story of Esri and Cian, considering he had to break some rules and traditions to be with Esri?

What Could Happen Next

Maha noting she has information for her brother

  1. With so few episodes left, I would assume Maha has found something notable about the hero so that Lugh can handle that situation – but whether or not it gets handled this season? I’m leaning towards it won’t.
  2. Considering she knew what was coming, I think Dia isn’t going to abandon her home.



Fully Getting To Understand Tarte’s Mental State

The most interesting thing to come from this episode is to hear how Dia feels about her position. In a previous episode, Maha detailed it for Lugh, but it’s different hearing this from Dia. Her talking about being Lugh’s tool while mentioning how much he hates that idea for himself helps you realize that she hasn’t really grown as a person. Unlike Maha, who has bettered herself and wants to be Lugh’s equal to attract him, Tarte remains that vulnerable girl Lugh found, and she, in a sad and sort of twisted way, is comfortable with that.

Tarte watching Lugh run off to save Dia

Which leads you to wonder, considering Lugh’s commitment to Dia, how long will Tarte be able to be content as long as Lugh is happy? Also, will Lugh ever encourage her to be more than his assistant? After the hero is dead, will he pressure her to find hobbies, maybe a business, if not find a way to give her a title, some land, or something which is her own? For as unfortunate as it is to hear Tarte talk about herself like an object, it isn’t like Lugh has put in the work to have it where she sees herself as something more.

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Fully Getting To Understand Tarte’s Mental State

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