Title Card - The Umbrella Academy Season 2 Episode 10 The End of Something

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Can the Umbrella Academy, for once, save the world and not end up causing another apocalypse in the process?

Director(s) Jeremy Webb
Writer(s) Steve Blackman
Aired (Netflix) 8/31/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Will Harlan Cause A New Apocalypse? – Harlan, Sissy, Vanya, Five, Diego, Allison, Luther, Klaus

With members of the Umbrella Academy being assumed as potential perpetrators in the death of John F. Kennedy, it is clearly time to go. However, the question is, how? With no suitcase and Five’s ability to move through time questionable, what is there to do?

Well, Vanya answers that question by pushing the family to check on Sissy, who doesn’t pick up the phone. Thus leading them to learn Harlan has some of Vanya’s powers and is seemingly is about to unless as we see Vanya do when she gets agitated. But, they come to find out Harlan is harmless considering what’s coming.

One Final Battle With The Commission – Lila, The Handler, Harlan, Sissy, Vanya, Five, Diego, Allison, Luther, Klaus

Which is The Handler, with every agent in The Commission, and Lila. A battle that, at first, seems insurmountable until Vanya kills every agent with an energy blast. But she wasn’t expecting Lila to do as she did and throw an energy blast in her direction.

Vanya killing all The Commission's agents.

Thus setting up us learning Lila was born the same day as the others, but she has copy cat powers. Which leads to her honing in on Five, since she thinks he killed her parents, with the co-sign from AJ, but he eventually breaks through and helps her realize it was The Handler.

Someone who seemingly is trying to snatch Harlan but, unlike when she took Lila, she doesn’t have Sissy killed. Rather, she just talks to Harlan until she realizes there are no thumps or bullets and decides to kill all the members of the Umbrella Academy. Then, with her love being questioned, and The Handler questioning Lila’s loyalty, she kills her too, and no sooner than that happening, the Swede kills The Handler.

But that’s not the end. Five learns to time travel just far enough to keep his family from being massacred and saves them, but the Swede still kills The Handler. This may lead you to think he would try to kill his original targets, but with Five calling for peace, it is agreed enough blood has been spilled.

The Setup For Season 3 – Lila, Harlan, Sissy, Vanya, Five, Diego, Allison, Luther, Klaus, Reginald, Herb

Reginald noting he began the Sparrow Academy, not Umbrella Academy.So what’s next? Well, Herb is head of The Commission now and plans to create a new board. Lila, after a passionate speech from Diego, she escapes, and we may see her again. As for the members of the Umbrella Academy? They return to 2019 and are shocked to find Reginald alive. Well, him and what assumingly is Ben as well.


Though, to really kick things up, they also learn that what they did changed the timeline. However, it seems the change has now wiped them in some way as now Reginald is head of the Sparrow Academy rather than the Umbrella Academy.

Leaving you to wonder, in this timeline, where do our heroes fit?

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why is it we just now see Klaus deal with dead people who aren’t Ben?
  2. Is Grace and Pogo around in this new timeline?
  3. Considering Harlan still has powers, is he dangerous? Does he survive to 2019 and, if so, without incident?
  4. Did the Swede ever learn what happened at The Commission?
  5. How, and with who did Herb repopulate the agents of The Commission with?




Lila saying "Hi"

As a whole, Lila outdid most of the established characters in season 1. She was flawed, enchanting, funny, and in this episode, she whooped major ass. Plus, with her also born on October 1st, 1989, she proves there are more than the members of the Umbrella Academy out there. This opens up so many possibilities considering it was a worldwide phenomenon. Never mind, considering where her and Diego ends, it could mean that duo could have their happy ending in season 3. Assuming she doesn’t end up sacrificing herself for him.


What can I say about Vanya that hasn’t already been said? She is the heart of the show and usually brings out the best with whoever she shares a scene with. Be it Klaus, when talking about Ben, or even Harlan, despite him barely saying much the entire season. Truly, I don’t know who gets paid what, but I hope Ellen Page is making more than enough for she has been worth every penny.

On The Fence

The Sparrow Academy

This reboot of Reginald’s team makes me feel season 3 could be the last. Granted, I don’t know if Netflix is going to keep with their usual style of up to 3 seasons for shows, 4 if we’re lucky, but this soft-reboot of the team feels like the beginning of the end. Which, I’m honestly here for since, as much as we like the show, heaven knows there were more low points and on the fence topics than highlights.


Trajectory – Plateau

It has been a long time since we binge-watched a show, never mind in such a quick amount of time. Which says a lot about “The Umbrella Academy.” Mostly that, even with our complaints, it is an entertaining show, and the strength of a select few characters more than compensates for the average to mediocre many.

Where To Watch

The Sparrow Academy - 75%
Vanya - 85%
Lila - 84%


It has been a long time since we binge-watched a show, never mind in such a quick amount of time. Which says a lot about "The Umbrella Academy." Mostly that, even with our complaints, it is an entertaining show, and the strength of a select few characters more than compensates for the average to mediocre many.

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