The Umbrella Academy: Season 1, Episode 4 “Man On The Moon” – Recap, Review (With Spoilers)

The Umbrella Academy Season 1, Episode 4 Man On The Moon - Title Card

What’s in Hazel’s briefcase is revealed alongside how Luther got so bulky and how Klaus’ childhood was like.

What’s in Hazel’s briefcase is revealed alongside how Luther got so bulky and how Klaus’ childhood was like.

Director(s) Ellen Kuras
Writer(s) Lauren Schmidt Hissrich
Air Date 2/15/2019

How Things Were Before: Luther, Reginald

With the look of Luther’s body in the last episode, you might be wondering: What happened? Well, up until 7 years ago, Luther was still taking orders from Reginald and doing missions. Mind you, he was doing missions alone. This led to him nearly dying and Reginald having no choice but to seemingly use on Luther the same serum that might have granted Pogo the advancements he has experienced. Hence his hairy, ape-like body.

A Good Time to Reconcile: Allison, Vanya, Leonard, Diego, Luther, Five

Vanya and Allison having a drink together.

There is something about Leonard which seems off. Not because Vanya likes him, or his woodworking job, but there is just something about him Allison doesn’t like. Yet, slowly but surely, Vanya is falling for him. So, to keep the peace, Allison leaves well enough alone. Plus, considering her marriage is ending, she doesn’t want to risk Vanya throwing that up in her face.

Speaking of people throwing things up, Five is found drunk in a library, and taken to Diego’s. During all this, Diego and Luther bicker a little. Naturally leading to low blows like Diego asking Luther if he is still a virgin and questioning why didn’t he leave when everyone else did? Low-key blaming Luther for his current state.

Yet, despite Diego picking at one of Luther’s wounds, with Luther having little to nothing to throw back at him, like with Allison and Vanya, a realization they need each other qualms the fighting. Especially as Five reveals Cha-Cha and Hazel are dangerous, the possibility the world is ending, and much more.

Never Act On Your Own: Diego, Detective Patch, Klaus, Cha-Cha, Hazel, Ben

Despite how Diego bad mouths Detective Patch doing things by the book, she ends up reaching Klaus, as well as Cha-Cha and Hazel, before him. Sadly, this leads to her death, but it also sets up a few other things. First and foremost, after who knows how long of Reginald trying to get Klaus to adjust to his powers, Ben ends up being the one who helps him breakthrough. This is what helps Klaus stall to be rescued.

But, as noted, the wrong rescuer comes, and by the time Diego gets the message Patch left him, she has been dead for maybe a half hour? Though, if it is any consolation, Klaus did get away. Mind you, he got away with Hazel’s briefcase, opened it, and seemingly disappeared, but that could be a good thing. Especially considering Cha-Cha learns about Hazel going soft and that create a small rift between the two.


The Family Getting On The Same Page

Diego entering a room.

Let’s be real, the internal drama of the Umbrella Academy doesn’t bring much interest to the show. However, them fighting together, while it didn’t bring much excitement when it came to the battle against Cha-Cha and Hazel, outside of battle, it leads to some nice moments. Take Vanya having someone to share her feelings about Leonard with. Someone who, yes, may have stolen her pills and dumped them down the drain, but he seemed nice in the beginning.

Also, when it comes to Diego and Luther, while their approach to crime fighting is different, it is still with the same goal. Perhaps explaining Diego’s connection to Detective Patch? In a way, she sort of has a Luther vibe to her. There is a tad bit of self-righteousness, but you know her heart is in the right place. Also, the way she admonishes, or rather admonished, Diego is in a similar style to how Luther would handle him. Thus showing all things are connected and why, despite Diego’s relationship with both, he still entertains them and would interact with them.

Low Point

Detective Patch Dying

Did Detective Patch just get fridged? Is she really being used to help push Diego to get back with Luther and reform the Umbrella Academy? If so, that’s some BS right there, and we better get a load of flashbacks from when she and Diego tried to date to compensate.

On The Fence

Cha-Cha & Hazel Are Starting To Become Flops

Cha-Cha noting the task they are doing is to make sure the end of the world happens.

After failing multiple times to kill Five, Klaus making their torture seem like nothing, and him getting the best of them by taking advantage of Hazel’s mercy, these two have fallen several notches. Leading you to wonder, can they recover? They lost the suitcase, Five is about to be much harder to take out so, what can be done?

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