The Time Traveler’s Wife: Season 1/ Episode 2 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Annette (Kate Siegel) performing

Prepare to cry as 28 Year Old Henry lets Clare in on a secret that she has been keeping from her for 14 years.

Prepare to cry as 28 Year Old Henry lets Clare in on a secret that she has been keeping from her for 14 years.

Aired (HBO) 5/22/2022
Directed By David Nutter
Written By Steven Moffat
Introduced This Episode
Annette Kate Siegel
Richard John Stamberg
Henry (16) Brian Altemus

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


You Are Me And I Am You – Henry

When Henry was 8, similar to when Clare was 6, he spent an exuberant amount of time with Henry. Because of this, he thought they were friends, even if the main thing Henry did was teach him bad things. However, his older counterpart tries to keep a distance. At least until he feels it is time to burst little Henry’s bubble and have him realize there isn’t a group of time travelers in existence but just him, and he is training him for the worst to come.

You Can’t Mess With Fate – Henry, Clare

You may have asked yourself, why does Henry go to certain time periods, and can he change fate? In regards to fate, no, he cannot change it. Certain things are destined, and he might be able to change minor details, but everything else is set in stone. As for why he goes to certain times? While he has no power over when he time travels, it seems he goes to places that are associated with strong memories or people in his life. Hence, he was able to travel all the way back to before he was born and his parents first met, to when Clare was 6, and even visit himself when he was 8.

But, that is Henry’s trappings. He is stuck in a certain loop. What about Clare? Well, it seems she is just as stuck. She tries to alter the timeline for a date she is having with Henry, despite him having a girlfriend, and only ends up right where she was told she would be when she was 6. However, one of the benefits of ending up where an older Henry said she would, is she finally gets to hear about Henry’s parents.

Time Traveling Has Its Sweet Moments – Henry, Clare, Annette, Richard

When it comes to Henry and his parents, he is ingrained to a rather strange degree. He seemingly gave his mother Annette a nod, which led to her meeting his violinist father, Richard. He was there when Richard proposed, around when he was only a year old, and also there when his mother was decapitated.

Yeah, Annette isn’t around because, on a snowy day, on the way to pick up Richard from the airport, a car accident left her without a head and Henry with a scar and trauma. The kind which is so powerful that it seems he has to utterly avoid seeing or talking about his mom to not end up watching his mom die or ending up at her funeral.

But wait, there’s more! While Annette was alive and performing, his older counterpart took advantage of Annette often doing a Q&A after her performance, and slipped a question Clare asked his 28-year-old self. Thus leading to Clare talking to 28-year-old Henry, revealing a question she would ask Annette, and through a cassette tape, Henry plays Annette’s response recorded decades before.

Now, as for Henry’s dad? We’re told he is still alive and aware of Henry being a time traveler after seeing his son suck his own penis. But as for why the two aren’t close now? That’s a mystery for another episode.

Things To Note

  • Unexpected Content Advisory: Violence (Blood)

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What led to Richard and Henry becoming distant? Was it just dealing with the time travel thing, or how much Henry has played a role in his life?

What Could Happen Next

  1. Learning why Henry and his dad have issues
  2. Seeing Clare as a teen
  3. Meeting Henry’s girlfriend, who Clare seems to be ignoring whenever possible
  4. Meeting Clare’s family

Collected Quote(s)

Happy people are all the same, but sad people are all different. Now, if you wanna have a good time with someone, sure, you make them happy, but if you want to know them, you find out why they’re sad.
— Henry

it is better to be happy for a little while, just a brief time, even if you know you’re going to lose it, than to be just “okay” for your whole life.
— Annette



It’s Tear Inducing

Sometimes, in the streaming age, it’s hard to remember when it was more about quality than quantity. For you can find a new romance movie nearly every week, and whether it is brand new or no longer region-locked, new romantic shows are popping up on various streaming platforms. However, most just give you something to watch, distract yourself with, or have as background noise. As for making you feel something? That is far and few between.

The Time Traveler’s Wife presented something different. Alongside developing Annette to the point you got to know her, it made the tragedy of her death all the more devastating. Especially as it relates to Henry’s powers which would force him to relive the moment over and over, alongside seeing himself just as the moment happens.

With the way the show handled the tragedy, it doesn’t feel cheap, or like it wants quick sympathy, it feels impactful on the psyche, and while it may not have you forgive how strange Clare and Henry’s relationship is, it does make you feel for Henry since he is undoubtedly cursed. And when it comes to Clare, she might be the only thing that is a guaranteed good thing amongst the trauma Henry knows is to come. Be it going back to the day his mom died to popping up places naked, vulnerable, and not always able to get away and find clothes.

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