The Stranger: Season 3 Episode 3 – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

A new episode, a new target, but also the beginning of a dive into “The Stranger” and how they are the catalyst for everything seen.

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The Stranger, out of her usual outfit, looking towards Edgar.

A new episode, a new target, but also the beginning of a dive into “The Stranger” and how they are the catalyst for everything seen.

Directed By Daniel O’Hare
Written By Karla Crome
Aired (Netflix) 1/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Michaela Ritu Arya
Doug Shaun Dooley

Episode Recap

It Was Revenge: Daisy, Tom, Mike, Johanna

Mike being loopy and ending up with an alpaca head is all thanks to Daisy. You see, Daisy is 100% sure Mike is the one who uploaded nude photos of her 14-year-old sister or at least made them appear to be her sister’s. So, to get back at him, she laced what he was smoking with dust. This whole idea, that Mike would manufacture nudes of Daisy’s sister, is preposterous to Tom. At least due to him being friends with Mike since he was 2 and not thinking he is capable. However, Daisy holds steady and doesn’t relent.

Things You May Not Understand: Adam, Suzanne, Michaela, The Stranger

The Stranger’s newest victim is Michaela, a bride to be who is told her soon to be husband broke up her past relationship using a private XXX video. This, for Michaela, isn’t a big deal, and this confuses both The Stranger and Adam, who comes across her while trying to track The Stranger. Now, as for why it isn’t a big deal? Well, because Michaela romanticized it. In her mind, her future husband doing so much to win her is a romantic gesture.

But while Michaela gets the experience Adam did, Suzanne did not. She was blackmailed, and she tells Adam, who hunts her down, Corinne was the only one who understood. For with Suzanne’s husband, who we met in the last episode, being abusive and controlling, she doesn’t really have the opportunity to make friends and connections. So pretending to be pregnant, which she can’t biologically do, is her only escape.

The Girl: Ingrid, Martin, Adam

While The Stranger’s face and voice is known, her partner, Ingrid, is not. Thus leading to Adam doing a bit of a dive on her and learning, through Martin, she was an administrative assistant at a startup focused on user data and privacy. Perhaps explaining how The Stranger knows what she does, but not why and when the two hooked up.

I Didn’t Know She Was Your Friend: Katz, Heidi

Katz killed Heidi. Why? Well, perhaps for knowing too much? Granted, it isn’t like Ingrid, and The Stranger are exposing federal secrets, but perhaps Katz has one of his own he is trying to keep on the hush-hush? Leaving you to wonder, as he does his investigation as Adam does, will that mean more people being killed to keep those in the know minimal?

How Did You Get Involved?: Adam, Doug

Adam’s overall goal here isn’t so much discovering who Ingrid is or The Stranger, but what is happening to his wife and why has she done all she has – which includes, allegedly, stealing from the football team’s account. Which, considering The Stranger already snitched, seems like a too little too late action. But, since Adam isn’t trying to cooperate with the cops, he does the minor work he can do on his own and discovers, of all people, before Corinne left she talked to Doug, Mike’s dad. Thus bringing in an unexpected addition to this drama.

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

You didn’t reveal a secret. You just created another one.
— Michaela

Review/ Commentary

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The Police Investigation

As Johanna and Wesley dive deeper into what happened at the party, it is starting to trigger a stronger interest in the teen storyline. For if it isn’t Mike sharing nudes of a child, for reasons currently unknown, it is Daisy dosing him or Dante, so we learn, having a rather strange obsession with Corinne. Then when you add Katz doing his rogue investigation, which has left one dead, the few worries from episode 1 and two begin to dissipate.

What Adam Is Uncovering

Ingrid walking somewhere.

That is alongside Adam’s investigation which isn’t doing any favors for his father’s storyline but is drawing in Doug now and really keeping the pressure on the Corinne storyline. Plus, it is making Ingrid a person of interest, despite formerly just seeming like The Stranger’s driver and backup in case anyone ever got rough with her.

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