The Stranger: Season 1 Episode 8 [Finale] – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

From what happened to Corrine, why The Stranger got involved in Adam’s life, and more, “The Stranger’s” finale is a dramatic end.

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Chris in her apartment, talking to Adam.

From what happened to Corrine, why The Stranger got involved in Adam’s life, and more, “The Stranger’s” finale is a dramatic end.

Directed By Daniel O’Hara
Written By Danny Brocklehurst
Aired (Netflix) 1/30/2020

Episode Recap

Shots Fired: Ingrid, Chris, Adam, Patrick, Johanna, Leila

So, Katz doesn’t end up killing, or doing further harm, to Johanna thanks to Leila showing up, fresh from discovering Patrick did something with Olivia. And if it wasn’t for the fact of Leila going around back, who knows what would have happened to Johanna? But, instead, as Patrick deals with Leila being nosy and seeing him have a gun to someone, Johanna makes her escape!

Unfortunately for Ingrid, however, with Patrick having Johanna’s phone and Adam telling him where Ingrid and Chris are, Patrick shows up and fires multiple shots. One that is into Ingrid’s abdomen, which kills her, and then Chris throws herself over Adam to protect him from being shot. And before another shot rings out, Johanna and the police arrive and Patrick is arrested for the murder of Heidi.

How Christine Learned The Truth: Chris, Adam, Bob

The answer is Bob – partly. You see, since Natasha left, while Martin may have gotten sympathy from outside the home, Chris went from questioning why her mom abandoned her to blaming her dad. But, when she was 18, she needed surgery and with her dad not being able to donate blood, so comes the reveal that he isn’t her father.

Fast forward nearly 11 years and months before her 30th birthday Bob hires her to look into Corinne. For with a third party whispering this idea Corinne was going to pin the whole stealing money thing on him, he had to protect himself. Leading to Chris getting hired and as she dug into Corinne, she looked into Adam, the boys, and then spotted Edgar. Someone who was in pictures with her mom, who Martin established would see other men, and through means I cannot fully understand, she was able to get Edgar’s DNA, do a test, and learned Adam is her brother and Edgar her father.

Adam and Chris talking in the hospital.

Hence why she revealed to Adam the truth rather than blackmailed him and why she joined the chain of events that led to what happened to Corinne.

What Happened To Corinne: Doug, Adam, Bob, Johanna

So, what happened to Corrine? Doug killed her. How and why? Well, remember the whole stealing from the football team thing? Doug was the person doing that, after taking on loans and debt. Corinne knew about this, so she confronted him. This led to, similar to how Olivia poisoned Daisy’s mind, Doug did this to Bob and made Bob think Corinne was going to come after him. Which, considering he did accept money he wasn’t supposed to, it made him vulnerable.

Thus leading to Chris getting involved and talking to Adam, and Corinne, with thinking Doug was coming for her, no longer giving him time but saying she was going to report him. So, with a swift hit, she was killed, put into a car trunk, and eventually buried in the woods. A place that Doug, rather boldly, brings Adam to after Adam threatens him with Katz’s gun, which Chris gave him.

This allows Adam to see his wife, as a cold, dead corpse, and in Doug making it seem if Adam goes to the cops people will think it is him, Adam decides just to unload the rest of Katz’s gun into Doug. And after a few minutes, Johanna shows up, after tracking Adam with Thomas’ phone, and so that she can get the conviction on Katz, without further complication, she wipes Adam’s prints off and takes the gun.

Doug telling Adam he has no choice but to move on for if he reports the murder, most of the evidence points right back to Adam.
Doug: You have no choice.

Now, as for what happens with Doug?

The End of The Stranger?: Chris, Johanna, Adam

The only thing that can be said is, after a 6-month time jump, Doug is Johanna and Adam’s secret. So whether he was buried next to Corinne or not, that’s up for guessing. What is fact, however, is Johanna is retired, the kids are happy, Bob still is the coach, and Thomas and Daisy are now very much a couple. As for Olivia? Let’s assume between being with her aunt, or her mom, she is with them. Ella? Well, who knows since she was just used to give Mike’s storyline some oomph. And Ryan? He is playing in top form.

And we could go on and on but, simply put, outside of Adam and Johanna not sleeping well due to their secret, things seem fine. Though, with Chris watching from a distance, on the run from authorities, who knows if this peace might last.

Review/ Commentary

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Low Point

The Disappointment

All things tying together, in the most convenient way, made for a lackluster ending. For whether you want to bring Chris being Adam’s sister, Doug doing as Olivia did, to have someone do their bidding, or Johanna never minding two murders to get justice for her friend, this all is just messy. And not in a fun, “I LIVE FOR DRAMA!” kind of way. It’s messy in the form of having a really good, and brilliant beginning, but then piling on drama to not have you point fingers at this person or that one, but to make it so everyone was going through something.

Which, in some ways, we support, for each character did have an established life. However, whether we’re talking about Ella being a 14-year-old with nude pictures that people think are hers out there or Olivia being abused by her mom, there wasn’t the time and effort required to give those storylines respect. Then when you add in Dante’s storyline, with him seemingly not saying or doing anything to Daisy, and Daisy getting away with drugging Mike, a lot was brought up, made into a thing, but never handled. I mean, there is still the question of whether or not Mike would be charged for decapitating an alpaca and leaving its corpse in a public place. After all, Mike’s loyalty is to Thomas, and Daisy is just Thomas’ off and on girlfriend.

Chris watching over her family in the distance.

But perhaps the thing that really makes me roll my eyes is, with Chris lurking in the background, it leaves room for a second season. One that hopefully doesn’t happen for with Johanna retired, and the whole Corinne thing coming to an end, let the dead remain buried, and this be the series finale.

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  1. And how did Chris conceal the gun and give it Adam in the hospital? No one noticed she had it? She’s being treated for a gun shot wound. She’s in a hospital bed. Cone on!

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