Adam looking for The Stranger.

The Stranger’s identity, her real name, is revealed, and Johanna comes across a major bit of information.

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The Stranger’s identity, her real name, is revealed, and Johanna comes across a major bit of information.

Directed By Daniel O’Hara
Written By Danny Brocklehurst
Aired (Netflix) 1/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Max Robert Ewens

Episode Recap

What Happened That Night: Dante, Johanna, Max, Daisy

So what happened that led Dante to being naked in the woods? Oh, that’s simple. See, as Max figured, Dante had a thing for Daisy and decided to go on a walk with her. This went well until he talked about going for a swim and decided to strip naked. Daisy, deciding to prank a boy who though exposing his penis would be a good idea, took her clothes, and ran.

But, as he chased her, he came across Max, who works at the football club, who got in trouble because of Dante saying Max was messing with the cameras. Add in Max having an axe, to chop wood, and it led to Dante running for his life and eventually tripping, falling, and being found where he was.

Also, Max is the figure Daisy saw in the woods when the alpaca head was being buried.

Max (Robert Ewens) being interrogated.

How It Began: Johanna, Adam, Edgar

With it being determined Corinne didn’t go on a plane and fly off somewhere, and that there aren’t any peculiarities with Adam or Corinne’s account, they are pretty much at square one. Thus leading to Adam opening up a bit, furthering the appearance of innocence, as he talks about meeting Corinne at a bar, when he was hoping just to have a one night stand, but Corinne being different. In fact, all they did was have sex the night they met. Then, with their second meeting being at a charity thing, volunteering in Johannesburg, they found themselves sharing a room since there weren’t enough available. This led to more conversation and then sex.

Which may push you to wonder what happened? Why did Adam have an affair? Well, his affair wasn’t as hot and heavy as it was made to appear. The way he explains things to Edgar, he kissed the woman, but they didn’t have sex. It was just a lapse in judgement.

The Things We Do For Our Children: Wes, Johanna, Patrick, Olivia, Thomas

Okay, so Thomas gets caught in Patrick’s backseat but doesn’t harm him. After all, he knows whose son he is, and considering he is trying to pin a murder on Corinne, her son showing up dead isn’t a good look. So, instead, they talk, about Olivia, and Thomas accusing Olivia’s mom of poisoning her, it clicks in Patrick’s head.

In fact, it sends him flying off, down the road, leaving Thomas to wait for his friends to get him, and with Patrick discovering the rat poison and medicine, he thinks Leila has Factitious disorder imposed on another. Thus leading to him taking Olivia to her aunt’s, him prepping to flip out on his ex-wife, and then Johanna pops up.

What does she want? Well, with recognizing how Heidi’s case is making her, she wants to talk to Patrick about how she reacted, and this just flares up emotions for Patrick since Johanna just has terrible timing. But, it is in him expressing himself about Olivia, and what is happening, you see a pattern forming in men who have done horrible things hiding behind a cloak of sympathy.

However, that is short-lived. For with Wes learning that Patrick was caught on a CCTV near Heidi’s café, at the night of the murder, and Johanna allowing him to hear everything on speakerphone – it ends up on like Donkey Kong. Leading to Johanna fighting for her life and us left to wonder if Wes, and reinforcements, may get there in time.

Hello Love: Chris, Martin

A picture of Chris, The Stranger, and her father Martin.

Remember Martin raising a child on their own? The child’s name was said to be Chris, and, naturally, the assumption was Chris is a boy. However, Chris is a girl and said girl is The Stranger.

Review/ Commentary


Johanna v. Patrick

Is it bad or sad that the fight scene feels like the most interesting thing to happen in this show for a long time? Don’t get me wrong, learning why Olivia is sick, and Adam recounting how he met his wife was okay. However, being that Chris and Ingrid aren’t getting caught by no one, seeing Patrick get into a tussle, and Johanna really holds her own, was definitely a highlight. One that may precede being on the fence about him killing her but, what a twist would it be for Patrick to get away with this?

On The Fence

Martin Being Chris’ Dad

You ever watch a movie or show where, by the time it sends, it just does everything it possibly can to make things connect? Chris being Martin’s daughter, that is the kind of unnecessary maneuver which makes you question, why? Why is it Chris, The Stranger, is the daughter of a character who just revealed he killed Chris’ mom? Is this supposed to setup why Chris is how she is, the reason she wants to get so far away? I mean, all things considered, knowing what her dad is going through, why didn’t she blackmail Adam and Edgar so she could help him? Why go after all these other people to make enough for a beach bar of all things?

Here is hoping this reveal doesn’t fall flat but really helps pick things up.

Dante’s Case

I’m not the only one who thought that was anti-climatic, right? You got this kid in a coma, with the idea of a murder investigation being put into the ethos if he dies, and when he wakes up, he tells a story of a girl stealing his clothes. One which does include being chased by someone who he thought wanted to kill him, but with the explanation Max gave, it is like everything involved with Dante’s case got dosed with water, sand, salt, and a fire extinguisher just to make sure anything hot about the case went cold. Thus pushing the idea that “The Stranger,” as a whole, had very brilliant setups, but didn’t know how to execute the majority of its storylines. At least in terms of keeping the same energy throughout.

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