The Stranger exposes someone new, as Adam tries to figure out what happened with Corinne.

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The Stranger exposes someone new, as Adam tries to figure out what happened with Corinne.

Directed By Daniel O’Hara
Written By Mick Ford
Aired (Netflix) 1/30/2020
Introduced This Episode
Patrick Katz Paul Kaye
Kimberly Callie Cooke
Edgar Anthony Head
Martin Stephen Rea
Suzanne Aretha Ayeh
Ingrid Lily Loveless
Stuart Jony Ansah
Martin Stephen Rea
Vicky Jade Harrison

Episode Recap

Baby’s Little Secret: Heidi, Kimberly, Patrick Katz, The Stranger, Ingrid

The Stranger and Ingrid, her partner, approach Heidi and with them talking about sugar daddies and so much more, Heidi expects the worse. However, what she didn’t expect was her daughter, Kimberly, being a sugar baby and that she’d be blackmailed 10,000 pounds so that Kimberly, aka Kitty, wouldn’t have her information spread online.

This, as you can imagine, rocks Heidi and ruins her plans for a Thelma and Louise trip with Johanna. But, bad turns worse when Heidi encounters Patrick Katz. He is a man who works with Johanna, allegedly on cybercrime, but considering his conversation with Heidi leads to her getting knocked out by him and entrapment, it might be best to consider him a wild card.

Dear Old Dad: Edgar, Martin, Adam

Edgar (Anthony Head)
Edgar (Anthony Head)

We learn Adam’s dad, Edgar, is rich, owns a multitude of companies, and is trying to put Martin out of his home. However, Adam is fighting tooth and nail to keep him from doing so, and this causes a minor strain in their relationship. Mostly due to the big strain that is Edgar having a second family and expecting Adam to make an effort to get to know his half-siblings and their partners. Which he doesn’t, but Corinne did keep Edgar up to date on her and Adam’s boys.

The Search For Corinne: Vicky, Adam, Martin, Suzanne

Speaking of Corinne, she has up and disappeared and seemingly caused some trouble in her whirlwind exit. In terms of minor things, she left Daisy’s mom Vicky having to cover for her at work, which is a normal thing. However, the big to-do is she stole money from the football club before she disappeared. On top of that, Adam looks into Suzanne Hope, who supposedly gave Corinne the idea to fake a pregnancy, and Adam gets to meet Suzanne’s real husband. Someone who Adam tracks down using Martin’s network and is rewarded with a beatdown from Stuart, Suzanna’s husband. A person that doesn’t take fondly to hearing Corinne’s name so he assaults Adam.

Oh, and just to add some icing to this cake, Vicky notes Corinne has been talking about problems between her and Adam. Perhaps setting up some sort of “Gone Girl” situation, in terms of her disappearance.

Just Blame Satan: Johanna, Wes, Daisy, Mike, Tom, Dante

With Mike, thanks to a mix of MDMA, weed, and Vodka, which is why Dante was in a coma, having a alpaca head hidden in Tom’s closet, things become difficult. Luckily, Daisy, unlike the boys, has a good idea – why not bury the head in the forest where the occult used to meet? That’s a good idea, right?

Wrong. You see, Daisy, Mike, and Tom visit Dante and while there they run across Johanna and Wes, and Johanna asks them the kind of questions which makes them seem guilty. Later, she accidently trails them and as they get spooked by members of a possible cult, Tom hits a branch and gets knocked out, Daisy ends up who knows where, and Mike gets caught by Johanna and Wes with the bag they moved the alpaca’s head in.

So, now we’ll learn is Mike is a snitch or not.

Review/ Commentary


The Strangers Have Multiple Targets, And One Specific Hunter

Ingrid (Lily Loveless)
Ingrid (Lily Loveless)

It isn’t clear if “The Strange” and Ingrid are just out here trying to make money off of people and, perhaps, Corinne didn’t pay. However, between the curiousity of who they may go after next and Patrick hunting them, it’s going to be fun to see this all unravel.

On The Fence

The Family/Teen Drama

With that said, the Edgar and Adam family drama hopefully doesn’t become a big thing here. For as much as there is the vaguest of interest as to why Edgar left Adam’s mom, there is so many other things which are for more interesting, that it makes me hope this doesn’t become a distraction.

The same goes for the alpaca head situation. While the case is needed to show Johanna and Wes on the job, and make the introduction of Patrick a bit more impactful, these kids don’t bring much to the show.


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