The Resort: Season 1/ Episode 7 “La Pubertad del Matrimonio” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Balatasar noting they finally made it to Pasaje

Emma and company come ever closer to Pasaje, but there remains no sign of Sam or Violet’s whereabouts.

Emma and company come ever closer to Pasaje, but there remains no sign of Sam or Violet’s whereabouts.

Aired (Peacock) 8/25/2022
Director(s) Ariel Kleiman
Writer(s) Joey Siara

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Emma has found Pasaje and calls Murray, Violet’s dad, guiding him to where it is. Everyone, from Baltasar to Noah, is glad she did this as she left without telling them a thing. Which, when they meet up with her, naturally leads to some issues. Mainly Noah questioning their relationship as he increasingly wonders what’s to come? She doesn’t seem happy with life, their marriage, and he isn’t sure if there is anything he can do anymore besides hope this suffering is short-term.

Murray arriving in Emma and Noah's room
“Murray arriving in Emma and Noah’s room,” The Resort, ” La Pubertad del Matrimonio,” directed by Ariel Kleiman, 2022, (Peacock)

As for how Murray is? He’s a bit disheveled, but okay. He’s had time so he can process and talk about his wife dying from metastasized breast cancer and even has the capacity to listen to Emma talk about her regrets about not seeing her daughter after she died. However, he draws the line at creating any sense of hope of seeing Violet again because that just opens old wounds.

In terms of how everyone else is doing? Baltasar and Luna are as they always are. Baltasar is inquisitive and nosy, and Luna, while she loves him, knows her presence is needed just in case he ever needs to be reined in. But, when Emma wakes up with an infected tooth, Luna runs off to get a dentist, and with Emma having no desire to end her quest, she just has Noah pull the tooth.

Good thing, too, since Murray, within the same day, finds the entrance to Pasaje and a rope going down a deep hole. One that maybe, long ago, Violet and Sam went down.

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Could it be that Violet and Sam died in that hole because they couldn’t get up the rope, or that the rope broke off halfway?
  2. What could be down that hole?
  3. Did Murray stay in Mexico, or did he come back when Emma called the hotline?
  4. Did Murray notify Sam’s parents, assuming he knows them?

What Could Happen Next

  1. With the next episode appearing to be the last, hopefully, answers

Collected Quote(s)

The highs are never as high again, but the lows just keep getting lower.
— Emma



Emmq Opening Up

As noted in the last recap, the penultimate episode had the difficult task of not feeling like filler since not a lot of networks are okay with odd-numbered seasons. Sadly, most of the episode was filler and featured either characters we haven’t seen since earlier in the season, barely worth noting, or a handful of shots of Sam and Violet that didn’t really go anywhere.

Well, that’s not completely true. Considering how their relationship seems to be exiting the honeymoon period, that might be something worth noting. But, the main highlight was just Emma finally opening up to someone on her terms. Be it because Murray understands losing a daughter or Baltasar chipping away at her wall, and Emma figuring she minas well break it down? Either way, it is clear she needed to talk about the regret of not seeing her child with someone, which may have led to Noah’s long-awaited opening to reconnect with his wife.

This won’t make up for a terrible conclusion to Sam and Violet’s story, but it can be considered a consolation prize.

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