As we watch the relationship between Violet and Sam begin, Emma and Noah come upon the place where they may have last been seen.

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As we watch the relationship between Violet and Sam begin, Emma and Noah come upon the place where they may have last been seen.

Aired (Peacock) 7/28/2022
Director(s) Ben Sinclair
Writer(s) Vivian Barnes
Introduced This Episode
Murray Nick Offerman

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


Murray (Nick Offerman) drinking alone, saddened that his daughter doesn't want to spend time with him
“Murray (Nick Offerman) drinking alone, saddened that his daughter doesn’t want to spend time with him,” The Resort, ” Tempus Exhaurire,” directed by Ben Sinclair, 2022, (Peacock)

Hanging out with his parents and cheating girlfriend wasn’t a fun time. Sam was miserable, but he wasn’t alone. Murray, Violet’s dad, too, was a bit miserable. You see, he took his daughter to a foreign country for Christmas, yet she doesn’t really want to spend time with him. She’d rather chat up the staff, random boys like Sam, while her dad is left to entertain himself, which means drinking alone.

But, unlike Murray, Sam is able to finagle some time with Violet, especially after he explains the situation with Hanna, and Violet believes him. This leads to them hanging out, going to the staff Christmas party, and assuming one of the staff members who have access to the penthouse may have Sam’s skateboard. So they snatch his access card, go up there, and barely look for the skateboard.

So, what do they do? Make out and were on the road to having sex until someone comes up and they are forced to hide. But with Violet leaving her bookbag, with her mother’s book, in a place it could be spotted, we’re left fearing the worst.

This is also how we’re left when it comes to Emma and Noah. They make their way to the Oceana and to Balastar’s penthouse suite and discover a room that seems to just be dusty despite no real maintenance and the water damage you’d expect. But, their investigation goes south as Noah questions Emma about losing a tooth and how far she is going with this investigation, and then Balastar shows up, gets Emma’s phone with Sam’s sim card, and she chases and knocks him out.

Which is bad enough, injuring a Frias, but then the phone falls down the elevator shaft and leaves us wondering how bad are things about to become for Noah and Emma?

Things To Note

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. What was the significance of that skateboard to go through all of this?
  2. What did Santa do when not in costume? Was he a janitor? Why did he have a key to the Penthouse suites?
  3. Why didn’t the Frias family tear down and rebuild the Oceana?
  4. Why was potential evidence left in the building for all these years?

What Could Happen Next

  1. The Frias family coming down on Emma and Noah for snooping and assaulting one of their own
  2. Us learning Baltasar had nothing to do with Sam and Violet’s disappearance



Desperate To Know What’s Next

So at this point, we’ve caught up to where Sam and Violet were last known to be alive, roughly, and someone found them hiding. On top of that, Emma and Noah just knocked out Baltasar and lost their key evidence. So what’s next?

That’s the question that is hard to answer, and considering this season is only 8 episodes, and we’re almost at the halfway mark? You have to wonder how much more this can escalate before it potentially focuses on solving the mystery and either ending the story or setting up a new one.

Violet and Sam

Sam and Violet dancing together and sharing a moment
“Sam and Violet dancing together and sharing a moment,” The Resort, ” Tempus Exhaurire,” directed by Ben Sinclair, 2022, (Peacock)

There are times when I wish that this season was just about them, and then season two followed up on what happened to them, featuring Noah and Emma. Sam and Violet’s relationship, the young love mixed with trauma, creates the kind of story that pulls you in and makes seeing Noah and Emma often feel like the moment the record scratches.

On The Fence


Murray being a widow who just wants to spend time with his daughter is a storyline that feels like, in any other show, it would be more central to the story. Especially if his wife dies one year and his daughter goes missing the following year. So it seems weird that he is absent, and we get no mention of him, even if you consider it has been more than a decade since Violet disappeared.

Noah and Emma’s Relationship

The back and forth between seeing them heal their relationship and being reminded how they became friends to Noah trying to rush the process is frustrating. For as much as Noah pushes the idea of how he is tagging along because of love, there is the need to question if it is something more?

Emma and Noah during their investigation
“Emma and Noah during their investigation,” The Resort, ” Tempus Exhaurire,” directed by Ben Sinclair, 2022, (Peacock)

What we mean by that is, what is it that is keeping these two together? Is there a fear of loneliness, or is it a financial thing? The mystery might be the selling point of “The Resort,” but the romance is an integral part and is part of the package. But without really pushing it as they perhaps should, it leaves Noah picking, prodding, and trying to force conversations to be an annoying part of the show.

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Emma and Noah riding their bikes to the Oceana
The Resort: Season 1/ Episode 3 “Tempus Exhaurire” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)
“The Resort,” thanks to Sam and Violet, makes you want more as you hope their fate isn’t them dying but perhaps running off together and being in bliss.
Desperate To Know What’s Next
Violet and Sam
Noah and Emma’s Relationship

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