The Quad: Season 1/ Episode 3 “The Invisible Man” – Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers) As The Quad trudges on, so comes the question if perhaps it needs to slim down its featured cast members. For while each one, from Eva to Noni and Cedric are likable, arguably the limited time and dedication given to each puts them at a slight handicap. Yet, as a whole,…

Overview/ Review (with Spoilers)

As The Quad trudges on, so comes the question if perhaps it needs to slim down its featured cast members. For while each one, from Eva to Noni and Cedric are likable, arguably the limited time and dedication given to each puts them at a slight handicap. Yet, as a whole, the show still works and perhaps, over the likely multiple seasons this show will be on, they can build these characters up. Hopefully to the point, the most unique thing about this show won’t be that it takes place on a college campus and predominately features Black characters and culture.

Topic 1: Out of Jail (Cedric)

With insufficient evidence, Cedric is released and all he wants to do is head back to Chicago but his mom, Loretta, isn’t having that. Especially since Dr. Fletcher held his spot, kept his dorm assignment, and has been very supportive. But with memories of Chantel’s death haunting him, nevermind what could be public opinion, Cedric stays but with a chip on his shoulder.


Though Bryce was welcoming, we can’t forget that Cedric was publicly taken into custody and there is no new public suspect. So with there being those who questioned whether or not he did it before, it should be interesting to see if he is capable of going back to how things were. Especially considering he was becoming an up and coming local rapper. Well, at least it seemed that way.

Topic 2: Trying To Be Something Better (Noni, Mr. Briggs, and Eva)

With Noni making the leap from 4th chair to 1st, the pressure is on and with her unable to do one dance step, she ends up demoted. However, despite the demotion, she keeps practicing and practicing to earn back her position. Though, by the end of the episode, it seems she hasn’t gotten it yet.

Switching to Mr. Briggs, with his foot in the door at GAMU, he is now trying to get more out of them than they can get from him. He has two of his dancers enrolled, on a full scholarship, from his business, and asks Eva to push his bid to handle the food at GAMU. Something she doesn’t have full control over, in terms of making decisions, but with his food impressing her, she says she’ll help. Though it is hard to say if this is but one of many requests Mr. Briggs will have.


A strong part of me wishes that Cedric and Sydney were cut and Noni was Eva’s daughter. Someone trying to get from under her mother’s shadow and make a name for herself in Diamond’s marching band. Only because, Cedric to me is just another attractive actor paired with a boring storyline which neither challenges the actor or your perspective. There is nothing new or interesting about him. Same goes for Sydney. However, Noni I can appreciate. When Eboni left she traded in that friendship and comradery for the spot she wanted, one she was qualified for. Then, with her being an excellent player, but not the best dancer, we are shown an area she can improve, something to root for as she looks for Diamond, and the other dude’s approval. Strangely making her the most developed despite probably being the least seen since the beginning of this show.

As for Eva and Mr. Briggs, I don’t see much of interest there. Mr. Briggs may make a play for Eva, especially since she was served with divorce papers , but I don’t think Eva is going to start playing the field and mess around with Jason , Mr. Briggs, maybe Coach Hardwick, and get that kind of reputation. The majority of the men on that campus give her enough trouble.

Topic 3: Don’t Call It a Comeback (BoJohn, Coach Hardwick, and Eva)

With BoJohn having a scandal in his past, and Eva hoping to get some sort of network deal to help get more funds into the school, Coach Hardwick is pressed to start that boy. Something BoJohn’s father wouldn’t mind since he wants his boy redeemed so he can transfer to a better school, make some money, and for him to profit off that. However, Coach Hardwick goes against the financial gain and presses for the win with the tried and trusted Terrence. Which ends up being a better decision since BoJohn causes a fumble which almost led to the game being lost.


Let me revise my former statement about cutting characters, if anything, this show needs to do something similar to how most shows handle their cast. Have a handful of leads and then their supporting characters. For this show, it would be Eva, Diamond, and Coach Hardwick. Under them would be Sydney and Jason for Eva; Noni for Diamond; and then BoJohn for Coach. Since, with the way this show is, trying to really split up the time as if all characters have been created and developed equally isn’t working. BoJohn’s story of football redemption isn’t that interesting and he still very much feels like a token. Plus, I felt, considering the rank and win/loss record of GAMU’s football team, this should have been more about the coach that BoJohn. He is Eva’s established ally, and the only one we see since Jasmine Guy’s character is rare to find. So, after an episode he revealed his single fatherhood, it would have been nice if they continued to build off him to maybe make him the middle man to care about these kids rather than act as if BoJohn is worth an independent storyline.

Things to Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Derek officially has filed for divorce and Eva is royally pissed. To the point, she is ready to lawyer up to make sure Derek is in the poor house. She is so pissed that when she sees Sydney, who is still showing her behind, Eva threatens to lay her hands on her to get her together.
  2. Before being served with the divorce paperwork, Eva was trying to really end it with Jason who seemed to be so sure of his position in Eva’s life. However, once those papers arrived, even if Eva doesn’t necessarily believe Jason will love her forever, him just loving her, and making love to her, right now is all she wants.

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