As Zeynep makes some headway in finding the jewel piece, Hakan begins to get distracted from his would-be destiny.

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As Zeynep makes some headway in finding the jewel piece, Hakan begins to get distracted from his would-be destiny.

Director(s) Umut Aral
Writer(s) Kerim Ceylan
Air Date 12/14/2018
Introduced This Episode
Mete Batuhan Gelener

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The Search For Sinan’s Jewel: Hakan, Zeynep

From her professor sex buddy to checking out the Hagia Sophia and much more, Zeynep is putting in a lot of work to find the jewel for the ring. As for Hakan? Well, he comes along for the ride, helps when he can, but mostly leaves the search to Zeynep.


While it is clear Zeynep has a love and relationship with her dad, you have to wonder how has she felt about being put in this position. Yes, she does have some kind of life of her own, but with it being made to seem part of her life is tied to someone like Hakan, it must be frustrating. For while he pisses her off more, later on, just having to follow and protect someone who is a bit inept to how things go surely must make her feel she wasted some of her youth.

Tekan & The Briefcase: Tekan, Mazhar

Being that Tekan is a cop, him being seen, on video, shooting at people is a bad look. The kind which leads Tekan to ask Mazhar to take care of the situation. However, with failing to get the shirt, get Memo to talk, identify Memo’s friend, and perhaps other failures, Mazhar rather let Tekan fall on his ass. However, being that Tekan passively threatens Mazhar, he decides to give him 100,000, or Mr. Erdem’s money, to bribe his, Tekan’s, boss.

But, being that Tekan is stupid enough to check the briefcase, maybe to skim some money, he learns the briefcase has a bomb and dies in the explosion.


Tekan and Mazhar exchanging money.
Mazhar: Your chief will forget abotu everything once he sees the money.

How deep is Mazhar’s network is the question to ask here. He had one dirty cop, with Tekan, and surely has to have some government officials also in his payroll or who owe him favors. Yet, there is also the need to ask what did Mazhar do before he started working for Mr. Erdem? The way it seems, he came from nothing, like Hakan and Mr. Erdem, but did he really? Considering his leadership style and tactics, was he truly in the mob or a thug? Also, is he aware, as much as Mr. Erdem trusts him, he isn’t necessarily fond of his practices, including who he usually hires?

Though, for what we know, as much as Hakan may think Mazhar is the Immortal, it could be Mr. Erdem and he is trusting for he knows Mazhar can’t really do anything to him. Whether he knows it or not.

A Diverse Hero: Leyla, Mete, Mr. Erdem, Zeynep, Hakan

By the way Zeynep speaks, Hakan’s sole focus should be finding and killing the Immortal. Yet, Hakan seemingly wants to play things like a more general superhero. You know, the kind who protects kids, saves regular people from being murdered and gets the girl. Hence him choosing to take his job for Mr. Erdem seriously, and even save his life from Gokhan’s son Mete. On top of that, rather than join Zeynep to head back to the pharmacy to talk about her discovering where the jewel is, he decides to have sex with Leyla.

Which may or may not end up a bad thing since Kemal is tired up by someone and Zeynep finds herself having to fight them.


Leyla looking at Hakan with interest.

This is what I mean by Zeynep likely developing animosity towards Hakan. Yes, she has a sworn duty to him but what is she getting in return? What is the likelihood an Immortal, or their henchmen, would threaten her or her dad’s life if it wasn’t for Hakan? Maybe in the long run, if they succeeded in their plans, but considering they haven’t yet because of others, who is to say other people couldn’t have taken this role?

Also, I think there is a need to ask what happens after the last Immortal is killed. Does this mean the whole Loyal Ones network disbands? Or do they, as Hakan seemingly wants, just adapt to supporting a different kind of hero. One which handles not just potentially international issues but local ones as well?

Other Noteworthy Facts & Moments

  • Leyla was single before Hakan came into her life. Mr. Erdem is also single, but apparently due to his significant other dying.


  1. The show always finding a way to keep both the Immortal hunt side and Mr. Erdem’s business dealings interesting.

On The Fence

  1. The possibility of a love triangle between Leyla, Hakan, and Zeynep.

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