Reggie (Sterling K. Brown) laying down the law with Susie.
Reggie (Sterling K. Brown): I run things. You get me

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As Miriam and Joel divorce, and she spends some time with Imogene, it hits her harder and harder that things are changing for her, and nearly everyone around her.

Directed By Dan Attias
Written By Daniel Palladino
Air Date (Amazon Prime) 12/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Oscar Paul Adelstein
Reggie Sterling K. Brown


Meanwhile In Providence… Oklahoma: Oscar, Rose

As has been established, Rose comes from a well to do family. However, what wasn’t necessarily put in detail is her family comes from oil money in Oklahoma and that the company that made the family rich was started by her grandmother. Someone who, somehow, ended up the only woman on the board and as for Rose? Well, she has no board privileges. She just gets money from a trust fund.

But to really add insult to injury, when she asks for the opportunity to join the board, her family laugh her off – including a minor who solely is on the board since there was an opening and he was a male. So, in protest, Rose tells her brother Oscar, and the board, she wants no more of their money or to be part of their family since they will not allow her board rights. Especially considering all she has seen Oscar do is greet people and even she can do that!

Times Are Changing, And You Better Get Used To It: Susie, Miriam, Imogene, Rose, Abe, Joel, Mei

Midge is still very much mad at Susie about taking on Sophie as a client, for she is used to having all of her attention and time. Also, after a scandalous picture from the USO circulates, she feels Susie’s divided time may leave her vulnerable. However, after talking to Imogene, during their usual exercise class, she begins to realize how much Susie is probably struggling by devoting her attention solely to Midge rather than acquiring new clients.

But, Imogene isn’t the only one delivering reality checks. As Miriam and Joel try to finalize their divorce, amicably, it leads to questions from the judge presiding as to why? They get along, he supports her, even to the point of watching the children, and it seems they need time to sort their issues more than a divorce. However, neither seem willing to give things another go, so the axe is dropped, and things end.

Thus making that the easiest part of Joel’s day, even if he is a little emotionally worn down by it. For with another meeting with Mei, and the true owners of the property, he finds himself at a loss. Mainly due to them, the owners, swearing he is going to fail and being ready to pay him off to keep his mouth shut. Which he refuses to do because he doesn’t want to be involved with them, but with the property coming so cheap, he decides it would be best just to prove them wrong and hold steady.

The Loudest Isn’t The Strongest, The White Man Isn’t Always The Boss, And You Got To Keep Your Head From Out Of Your Ass: Reggie, Susie, Miriam

Despite being introduced to Lou in the last episode, from what we’re told, that is Shy’s white manager who speaks on behalf of Shy when Reggie, his day to day manager, isn’t allowed to step in. Why? Well, because he is Black, aggressive, and lacks the same connections Lou has. But, despite how people try to hold him back, he asserts himself, and Shy keeps him around. Now, as for whether it is in the capacity he states to Susie, who he lays down the law with, that is unknown.

What is clear though, is after all that has happened, and her conversation with Imogene, Miriam is now willing to forego some of Susie’s time so she can grow just like she is. In return, Susie recommits to Miriam and notes she’ll still be her number 1.

Now, whether that holds true once she really is Susie’s manager and is forced to see what it means to work for someone who is on the A-List, that remains to be seen.



Rose’s Struggle With Becoming An Autonomous and Independent Woman

Rose is in a very weird place, and it seems, rather than wilt and just be Abe’s financer, she is reinventing herself. Now, as for what she will now that she doesn’t have a trust fund backing her? That’s hard to say. The only thing which we know for sure is she and Abe now have no cash flow and the only one with any money in the house is Miriam. Someone who doesn’t really make enough to support her lifestyle.

So, keeping that in mind, watching everyone downsize is going to be a mix of hilarious and wonderful drama.

Midge Realizing How Selfish She Was Being

Miriam, while kind and funny, is privileged, and while I wouldn’t say she looks down on Susie, I would say she treats her akin to Zelda. Meaning, she respects what she does, since she can’t or won’t do it on a regular basis, but she also has high expectations and demands. The kind which, when it comes to Susie, doesn’t convey the feelings that they are in a partnership. More so, she expects a service and wants it done in such a way where she can put her hands up.

However, it seems she is finally realizing she doesn’t own Susie, and Susie isn’t like her seamstress, maid, or what have you. While she is providing a service, she isn’t a server or servant.

Susie’s Next Chapter

We saw Susie’s family last season, and to say they don’t have much going for them is an understatement. However, with an up and coming act and one of the biggest comedians out there, it means a monstrous change for Susie. One which, considering how much Sophie is about appearances, it pushes you to wonder if she won’t only have Susie upgrade where she lives, but how she looks, how she works, and how Susie will react. Will she rise to the occasion or note this is how she is, take it or leave it? The potential for growth is exciting.

Low Point

Abe’s Visitors

Abe’s mid-life crisis continues and is barely worth mentioning beyond hoping we don’t see none of those kids again.

On The Fence

Joel, Mei, and The Precarious Agreement

The benefit of Mei is like the benefit of Reggie and Shy, it makes the show a bit more diverse and inclusive. However, while Shy and Reggie are attached to Miriam, and are smooth sailing, I can’t say Mei is able to do as well since she is playing off of Joel. For one, Joel is a wonderful attachment to Miriam, but isn’t necessarily someone who can support other, or even new, characters on their own. So with that, while Mei is spunky and ready for a good back and forth, she is playing off Joel who is dry and isn’t the best scene partner for her character.

Yet, who knows, Mei could evolve to compensate for what Joel lacks and use her sass to liven him up a bit. Just hopefully not in the form of being a girlfriend.

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