As The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns, Miriam finds herself dealing with a world that is not only changing to her benefit but shifting the foundation she has long enjoyed.

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As The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel returns, Miriam finds herself dealing with a world that is not only changing to her benefit but shifting the foundation she has long enjoyed.

Directed By Amy Sherman-Palladino
Written By Amy Sherman-Palladino
Air Date (Amazon Prime) 12/6/2019
Introduced This Episode
Lou Rabinowitz Ned Eisenberg
Mei Stephanie Hsu


The Real Breadwinner: Rose, Abe, Miriam

After Abe’s wakeup call last season, and now unemployment, it has led to conversations about money being required. Which, of course, when it comes to Miriam, deals with her living in the apartment, having a room dedicated to her dresses, and it being clear her moving out is on the agenda.

But, it isn’t just Miriam in the crosshairs. Abe too, since he is not bringing in income, and now learns, for a long time, Rose’s trust fund has been supporting their lifestyle. This, somehow, comes as a shock for him since he thought his salary was supporting them. In truth, it was chump change, and if it wasn’t for the university giving them the apartment, they would not be living the lifestyle they did.

So with the university ready to kick them out, the realization of all their expenses are starting to hit hard.

The Learning Curve: Susie, Miriam, Shy, Lou, Mei, Joel, Archie

With that said, this information makes it so Miriam has to really take this opportunity with Shy serious. Also, for Susie, while she isn’t aware that the show is about to drop for Miriam, it puts additional pressure on her working with Shy’s manager Lou and making sure she doesn’t shortchange Miriam or talk her out of a good thing.

Which is also an issue for Joel. When it comes to his relationship with Miriam, it is in a weird place. He could talk himself back into a marriage or talk himself out of it, and this could be said with Miriam as well. But with them both playing chicken, it seems Joel is going to proceed with the divorce.

Mei (Stephanie Hsu) talking to Joel.
Mei (Stephanie Hsu)

Something that may play a role in Joel purchasing a club for himself. A task he was going to do with Archie, but then Joel comes to learn that there is an illegal gambling ring in the basement. To which the representative of the gamblers, Mei, says there should be no issues between them – as along as Joel minds his business. Leading to Archie leaving for as much as having a piece of the club, or having influence rather, was of interest, that was before he learned of the liability.

You Gotta Understand, This Is What I Do: Susie, Lenny, Miriam, Abe, Sophie

Part of the reason Abe and Miriam have such a conflict about money, is because he sees Miriam’s job as a comic as a gobby. One that she’ll quit like piano, and so many other things she once did. Also, taking note he looks down on comedy, it pushes Miriam to bring up what Lenny does and this, strangely, leads to Abe to check him out. Also, he, as Lenny gets arrested, as usual, Abe joins him and strikes up a conversation.

Well, at least he tries. It doesn’t really work that well, since it seems Miriam and Abe see more of what Lenny does than he does. However, when Abe gets bailed out, he makes sure Lenny does and considering what happened with Miriam, this could be the start of a beautiful friendship. A friendship that may grow as Miriam’s friendship with Susie disintegrates. Especially since Susie, considering she wants to grow like Miriam, takes on Sophie as a client. A decision that, naturally, upsets Miriam, but what can she do? Granted, there isn’t some binding contract to lock her in place, but there is a certain amount of trust and exclusivity Miriam has enjoyed that seemingly is at its end now.



Miriam Was Really Funny

When this show started, I really didn’t find Miriam that funny but as the seasons went on, and her act got better, things changed. Now we’re at the point where, as she was doing jokes at the USO, even her dick jokes to a point, they were genuinely funny. There is no warm-up, her figuring things out, she knows what she is comfortable with, is a bit able to adapt to her audience, and is no longer a housewife venting but a professional.

Susie’s Career Progressing Like Miriam’s

Susie has been sort of stuck and riding Miriam’s coattails more so than growing with her. That seems to be changing, and with Sophie now going to be an avid part of her business, so comes the question of how will Susie adapt? She can’t be riding with Miriam here there and everywhere, and with Miriam just now hitting the big leagues, she kind of needs that. Making how their dynamic is bound to change something of great interest as they will find themselves separating.

A New Chapter For Abe

With Abe having a growing appreciation for what Miriam does, this makes you take an interest in his next move. For example, could he end up working with Susie? Maybe even try to manage Lenny or be part of his entourage? There is a lot Abe can do, and while it isn’t the most interesting storyline right now, it has potential.

On The Fence

After Rose’s Venture In Season 2, Where To From Here?

That, unfortunately, can’t be said for Rose, who no longer has the same energy she did at the beginning of the last season. Once more, she comes off as just being Abe’s wife and Miriam’s mother once more. Granted, now she has the breadwinner title, but I can’t necessarily say how her life will change, with likely losing the apartment, inspires ideas and interest. If anything, she is at that crossroad of really taking hold of her life, and making it something worth paying real attention to, or she may end up just someone who continues to be an accessory to Abe.

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Miriam Was Really Funny - 90%
Susie’s Career Progressing Like Miriam’s - 85%
A New Chapter For Abe - 80%
After Rose’s Venture In Season 2, Where To From Here? - 79%


Trajectory – Upward: With the shakeup that is pending in Miriam’s life, and Susie also being prepped for major changes, our leads have serious reasons to keep you focus. As for the supporting stars? Honestly, things could go either way. Joel’s club could be a bust, even with it bringing an Asian presence on a predominately white show. Also, Abe and Rose, whether connected or with individual storylines, as Miriam needs and interacts with them less, so comes the question of what can they bring without her? All of which we’ll see as the show goes on.

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