The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Season 2/ Episode 8 “Someday…” – Recap/ Review (with Spoilers)

Mrs. Maisel heads out for a short local tour and well… it’s a s*** show.

Mrs. Maisel heads out for a short local tour and well… it’s a s*** show.

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Director(s) Jamie Babbit
Writer(s) Kate Fodor
Air Date 12/4/2018

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The Eisenhower Penis Tour: Susie, Miriam, Joel

The unofficial name of Miriam’s first tour henceforth shall be the Eisenhower Penis Tour based on a joke Miriam was working on. Something I would make a joke over, as a segue, but let’s not and say we did. Long story short, the tour started off okay in DC, even though there was a fire, but got progressively worse. Why? Well, it is a multipronged issue.

First and foremost, Susie wasn’t working by contracts but just being told Miriam was booked. This leads to a money issue Joel has to get involved in. Following that, there is the general issue which comes with touring – sleeping arrangements. Well, the fact Miriam is accustomed to certain sleeping arrangements and Susie looks for what she can afford. That causes her to sleep somewhere which gives her an STD looking rash on her cheek and them both having to sleep in Susie’s mother’s car one night.

But, despite cursing each other out, and Miriam undermining Susie a tad, with the Joel thing, it wasn’t too bad for the first time.

The People Left Behind: Imogene, Miriam, Rose, Abe

While Miriam no longer lives a secret life, it doesn’t mean her trying to balance stand up and her old life has become that much easier. She still has Imogene’s baby shower, and their relationship to handle. Also, she has Abe whose ego is still a bit bruised and Rose? Well, she doesn’t say much really. It isn’t clear if she is ashamed, still in shock, doesn’t care, or supports her daughter being happy. All we know is, when Miriam misses Imogene’s baby shower, she leaves the mess for Miriam to clean. Something you know is a big deal since Rose has always kept a tidy house. So for her to let it be messy for more than a day, she might be pissed. Maybe not just about the impromptu baby shower either.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Why would Miriam, on the passenger side, need to lift herself up for Susie’s car to start?
  2. What did Susie ever do with the guys selling the Mrs. X records? Did she get any money off them, talk to Miriam about making that something more official?


This Is A Man’s World

While Susie does have ways about her which can be defined as masculine, unfortunately, there is only but so much she knows and can do. It’s multifold. First and foremost, because she wasn’t raised a dude she wasn’t made privy to how business is handled. Well, because she wasn’t raised a dude and because she grew up working class. Following that, while she can huff and puff, as we saw at that NYC club, even a guy half her size can shove her into a closet and keep her locked there. Thus leading to a guy like Joel being necessary.

Miriam joking about Susie being trapped in a closet.
Miriam: No, you were a damsel in di-closet.

But, to my surprise, she didn’t make as big of a deal about being made a damsel in distress or feeling undermined. I wonder if it is because that was one of the rare moments a guy came to her rescue. Granted, more so for Miriam than her but think about how this season has been thus far – Miriam has been exposing Susie to a lot. If not allowing her to live vicariously.

Take the vacation in the Catskills. Through all that, Susie got to see how the other side lives, what it was like to have people truly worry about you, and not because you owe them money. Also, it is through Miriam that Susie is getting a taste of success. Miriam, technically, could do well without being a stand-up and could possibly find another manager. Mind you, didn’t work that well in the first season, but it’s an option. Yet, instead, she critiques, vents, and sticks with Susie. Allowing her on a ride which soon maybe on autopilot.

Reconciling The Two Sides Won’t Be Easy

You have to appreciate that Miriam’s secret life being made common knowledge didn’t change things overnight. Imogene, who may or may not know, is still adjusting, Abe is in his feelings, and Rose definitely isn’t babying Miriam anymore. Also, we’re seeing Miriam forced to make sacrifices. Before, stand up was her love but it didn’t cost her, her life. Yet, seemingly after the events of the last episode, it is clear she is going to learn she can’t have it all.

You wanna be big? Well, you have to tour and that means Ethan and Esther not seeing you much. Dealing with the guilt all parents, especially mothers, have. You want to be vulgar and act grown up? Well, for your more traditional, maybe conservative to a point, friends and family, it means them being cautious, dismissive, even critical of the way you talk on or off stage. Something Miriam long feared and it seems we’re going to be seeing if she can handle. Especially long term.

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