Miriam is back and as she helps Abe with the fact Rose is in Paris, she mourns her marriage for, perhaps, the final time.

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Miriam is back and as she helps Abe with the fact Rose is in Paris, she mourns her marriage for, perhaps, the final time.

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Director(s) Amy Sherman-Palladino
Writer(s) Amy Sherman-Palladino
Air Date 12/4/2018

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Life After Lenny Bruce: Joel, Miriam, Susie

To say the least, opening for Lenny Bruce has people interested in Miriam. Not on the level before she outed Sophie, but Philly seems willing to take a chance on her. However, as for Joel, who Miriam was connecting with, it seems things may truly be done. Considering how his life is a bit at a low point, he can’t take his wife kicking him in the guts on stage too. It’s too much.

Mind you, this isn’t to say he doesn’t think Miriam is funny. However, that’s part of the problem. He can’t take being the joke which helps his wife’s star rise and his sunset. So, while they might be able to remain friends, their marriage is over.

Joel explaining to Miriam why they can't be together.
Joel: Because for us to be together, you’d have to give it up.

You Better Be Careful Susie: Susie

Maybe my memory is bad, it has been more than a year, but for some reason not explained, Susie gets picked up by two gangsters. Two which she charms to the point of not hurting her, she actually ends up having a nice dinner with them. However, she is warned she needs to fix things with somebody for the next thugs may not be so nice.

Anything You Can Do, I Can Do More Drastically: Abe, Rose, Miriam

Perhaps inspired by her daughter finding joy in life, Rose decides to go back to the last time she was happy – in Paris when she was a student. This shocks the hell out of everyone since it seemed rather abrupt. However, can you imagine being with a man like Abe? Someone who tunes you out when uninterested in what you are saying? Who’d want to deal with that the rest of their life?

Plus, in Rose’s mind, Miriam left her husband, without much in the way of scaring, why can’t she? Mind you, divorce isn’t mentioned but clearly Rose plans to live her life in Paris and doesn’t want to go back anytime soon. So, there is a bit of an impasse. Abe is too stubborn to apologize to Rose, or move to Paris, and Rose doesn’t want to trade in this happiness she thought was lost to return to the misery she found with Abe. Leaving poor Miriam trying to bring together the one thing in her life that gave her normalcy.

Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. Moishe and Shirley were arguing about his company. What exactly is going on?

Collected Quote(s) & .Gifs

“If we can’t ever leave, then let’s figure out how to stay.” Miriam


Miriam’s Performance On The Paris Stage

Miriam closing her set.
Miriam: My name is Mrs. Maisel.

While I didn’t laugh, I must admit the scenario of Miriam, an American, hopping onto a stage, following drag performers, and using a translator to do standup was an interesting idea. But, it really pushes you to understand how much performing isn’t just an outlet for Miriam, or comedians in general. It is how they work through things. I think D.L. Hughley said that on his most recent visit to The Breakfast Club. For many comedians, the stage becomes your therapy and the reaction of the crowd helps you process what is going on in your life.

Also, while there was a translator involved, Miriam killing in a foreign country helped to show how universal her life and story was. Not to forget, how adaptable she could be since some things funny in the US, New York specifically, led to silence in Paris. Yet, being quick on her feet, she adjusted.

Rose Finding Her Bliss

As important as it is for Miriam to find her happiness, her voice, you have to also give the same opportunity to Rose. Oh, and when I say “you” I want to say I’m talking to Miriam. For while it is understood her parents gave her the backing she needed to express herself, I think Rose leaving was a showing that, she didn’t need that. At a young age, she found herself and like many women, she set that person aside to fit into someone else’s life.

However, now she wants to live in her truth and have it where either she can bring herself wherever she goes or you can leave. Not to say compromise is now a dirty word but more so, the playing field has to be equal. You can expect Rose to do acrobatic tricks while all you offer is stuff she can have on her own. Granted, maybe not as fancy, name brand, and what have you. Yet, it seems Rose has grown past that. Now she wants functional over showy. Consistency in affection and passion instead of consistency simply being routine. For after a while, routine is simply something comfortable and who wants to be with someone who looks at them the same way they do a couch?

Rose calling out Miriam's hypocrisy.
Rose: Well, look who’s talking.

Joel Is Allowed to Be Human

While Joel can be seen as a piece of work, especially in the first season, what you have to appreciate is he is allowed to be human. He loves Midge, thinks she is hilarious, but who would really want their dirty laundry made into fodder? Yeah, you can say to get a tough skin. However, let’s not forget Midge has records of her comedy out there. She had Lenny Bruce introducing her. There eventually would come a point where Joel wouldn’t be some local joke but Midge going on a major stage, maybe television, talking about Joel’s affair or something else he did. Making it where, as he too searches for himself, he’d just be a laughing stock. Perhaps stunted in ways that would make it so he couldn’t be a man. Not because of what his wife said but because of everyone’s reaction.

So, what is he to do but take himself out of the equation? Mind you, not by giving an ultimatum either. There is no posturing of her picking stand up or him. It is told she has that choice, but you can tell he doesn’t have Abe’s ego when it comes to the thought. He’d rather Midge take advantage of finding her voice than silence it just to be with him.

On The Fence

Why Is Susie In Trouble Again?

Maybe I need to watch the recap to remember but, what did Susie do? Is it because she worked again, after her supposedly being blackballed? Don’t get me wrong, I love and am invested in Susie, her waking up and ready to curse someone out was the funniest part of the episode. It just feels like it has been way too long without planting a reminder in the episode.

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