Din and Baby Yoda after Din was ambushed

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As Din continues to seek out fellow Mandalorians, he comes across a new lead who claims to know where some are.

Director(s) Peyton Reed
Writer(s) Jon Favreau
Aired (Disney+) 11/6/2020

This content contains pertinent spoilers.


So You Vouch For These People? – Peli, Din

After being ambushed traveling back from Mos Pelgo, Din is ready to get out of Tatooine and continue his search for other Mandalorians. However, as to where to go? Thanks to Peli, he secures a new lead, but with the said lead being only speaking Frog and having to take them somewhere – without light speed, the task is difficult.

What doesn’t help is by going sublight, it means getting followed by the New Republic who, with the Razor Crest being old and without much in the way of tech, sets off all kinds of red flags. Add in all Din did in Chapter 6: The Prison, and he finds himself trying to outfly New Republic starfighters.

Spiders & The New Republic – Din, The Child

This leads to him having to borderline crash land on a nearby planet, which works to hide from the starfighters, at first. However, with the layer of ice the ship was sitting on breaking, Din, The Child, and the Frog Lady drop a few stories, and that leaves the Razor Crest damaged – but not beyond repair.

But that isn’t Din’s only issue. The Child, who loves to eat amphibians, has been eating the Frog Lady’s eggs that are key to saving her lineage. Now, luckily, in this episode, she doesn’t realize The Child has been eating her children. However, thanks to The Child’s appetite, Din and the Frog Lady are forced to run as spiders attach them.

The Child looking at the Frog Lady's children like they are candy

Luckily, the two starfighter soldiers kill them off and note they are just as aware of Din’s good deeds as his warrant for arrest. But, they decide to let it go. However, it is made clear that Din will likely need to update his ship or maintain light speed if he wishes to avoid trouble with the New Republic.

Things To Note | Question(s) Left Unanswered

  1. If you got arachnophobia, this might not be the episode for you.
  2. Did the Frog Lady realize she had fewer babies at all?


On The Fence

On Loop [75]

The Mandalorian, even in season 1, had a bit of a problem of feeling aimless. Yes, we know the long term goal of finding where “The Child” comes from but in the short term? It is a loop of going here, meeting random beings, fighting something, often what we’d label a monster, and repeat.

Now, do we realize this is an action show, so an adversary of the week scenario is what makes the most sense? Yes. However, there are times when The Mandalorian presents itself as a show that you can skip multiple episodes of and not miss much since there rarely if ever, is any form of development.

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On Loop - 75%


While The Mandalorian remains one of the premier shows on Disney Plus, it slowly slips away from being a must-see as it presents few reasons for non-Star Wars fanatics to not wait until the whole season is available.

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